My boyfriend of two years suddenly left me

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Updated On: March 19, 2024
boyfriend left her

Question: My boyfriend broke up with me after two years of being together saying that he doesn’t love me. He did not get physical in the past nine months; other than that everything else was quite good between us. He would take care of me and give me all the love and attention all day as we were living in together. He didn’t give me proper closure. We are not in touch these days do you think he will come back ever?

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Answer– I don’t know if he will ever come back. I am not equipped to answer this question. But, he has made it quite clear that he doesn’t love you anymore and doesn’t want to be with you.

I can understand that it is sad when breakups happen. Sometimes we don’t know what to do when the break up isn’t mutual. We look for some kind of closure. Practically speaking, when someone breaks up with you, that is the closure. There is nothing more to be done because the person is out of one’s life. The more we try and latch onto the past the longer the hurt continues. What you are going through is very normal and common.

I suggest you take counselling to enable you to move on from your past. All the best.


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