6 Things To Remember When Dating A Sensitive Man

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Updated On: May 26, 2022

Dating a sensitive man could feel like having too much responsibility, but it might also be one of the deepest soul connections you experience. A sensitive man has an air of calmness and exhibits a sense of self-assurance and confidence. He knows how to value and respect the feelings of others because he understands his own. One of the many advantages of dating an emotional man is that he is not afraid of showing emotions which makes you feel secure when you show yours. You’re absolutely certain that there wouldn’t be any judgments or critical thinking about it.

We’re sure that having an emotional man in your life makes conversations, dates, and everything else about a relationship much easier. There would always exist a sense of clarity and he would never keep you second-guessing anything. While it must already be great having a sensitive man by your side, you need to know that there are certain tips that can make help you have the best experience with a sensitive man. But before we go there, let us know what makes sensitive men so desirable.

Why should you date a sensitive man? To begin with, he knows the importance of feeling things. He wouldn’t shun your emotions or be negligent about them. He would take time and have the patience to understand your emotional baggage. Only when he understands his emotions, can he understand yours. Ladies, always remember that.

What really are the sensitive guy traits? Well, they would be emotional, and touchy but extremely caring and loving. So what are the characteristics of a sensitive man? Read on.

What Makes Sensitive Men So Desirable?

While many women feel attracted to those macho alpha men who are outgoing with charismatic personalities, it is the sensitive men to whom you can pour your heart out without any inhibitions. Someone who could listen to you endlessly, someone who makes you feel so comfortable that you feel like opening up to them – that is your sensitive man.

Reminds you of your high school or college friends? Well, yes, the kind of men who would listen to your stories and be patient with you on your worst days. The guys who seemed to care less about winning and losing and more about peace and compromise to end an argument. That is the kind of man you should be dating, right? So you got the drift about sensitive guy traits? If you are looking for the right person to date then a sensitive man could be the one for you.

dating a sensitive man
Sensitive, caring men can be lovely to be around

Characteristics Of A Sensitive Man

Sensitive men have this innate quality of going over little things like body language, tone of voice, mood swings, and the like. They would notice that small furrow on your forehead and know something is troubling you or they would know you are a different person when you are PMSing. Men often accuse women of being too emotional and feeling things more deeply than others. When men understand where you are coming from and are more supportive of your inhibitions or anxiety triggers, life becomes much simpler.

They seem to guess how their partner is just by looking at them. It is more like a biological trait that shapes up in early childhood. You don’t have to say, they just understand by looking at your eyes and that’s why they are so desirable to women. Basically, they’re exactly what you’ve been hoping for. They swoop in, not with the sharpest sword but with the kindest heart that’s made of gold. If you’ve got them, keep them. If you think you’re acquainted with a sensitive man around you, or just want to get to know them better, then here are the four characteristics of a sensitive man that make him stand apart from the rest.

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1. He remembers it all

Everything you’ve said before, he can recollect. He is a careful listener and you will always be pleased when he can make references to earlier conversations. There’s nothing sexier, is there? Dating a sensitive man is full of pleasant surprises.

2. He chooses to be humble

He seems to have very little or no ego issues at all. Since he understands emotions and is sensitive toward the feelings of others, his emotional quotient tends to be higher which makes him accept his mistakes quicker than anyone else. One thing we can assure you of when dating a sensitive man is that he will never be emotionally unavailable to you.

3. He is not afraid to show that he cares

He is more interested in what you do, and what you are like when you are alone. Your sensitive man is interested in you and will always give you signs to let you know that he means everything he says. After all, it is all about the little thing, isn’t it? Let his actions do the talking and don’t be afraid to trust him just a bit.

4. He is sexier when he is sensitive

Sensitive men are also more appealing, in the sense that they seem to have high morals and principles. They have well-defined boundaries when it comes to their emotions and they respect yours as well. He will often show his love and appreciation to you, through subtle gestures and words. Occasionally, a thoughtful gift may come your way. He will never shy away from showering love on your family or close friends too. Sounds nice, eh?

However, dating a sensitive man comes with its own set of challenges, since sometimes he may appear disconnected and restless all at once. How do you handle an emotional boyfriend? These tips will help you make the most of your time with a man who is this delicate mix of good and bad things.

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6 Practical Tips That Come In Handy When Dating A Sensitive Man

A man who is tuned to his sensitive side can be a tough bet, because he may not be an effective communicator. He may be something else to the world, but if you are the one for him, he will be the most caring man on earth. He will share his heart with you, and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. And this is why you need to know these practical tips when dating a sensitive man. This is how you can handle your emotional boyfriend.

1. Give him your time and attention

Men who are sensitive crave attention and time. Listen to what he has to say, and when we say ‘listen’, it is not about planning to respond the moment your turn comes – just listen to everything he says, and everything he does not. Give him the attention he deserves; after all, he notices every single thing about you too.

Sensitive men put in a lot of thought when they talk, each word has been carefully selected to convey the message. And they deserve to be listened to, with all the attention. Don’t rush him to finish, because he will be slow. Just be there for him, understand what he is trying to convey, and instill in him the trust that you care.

2. Do not be impatient with him

Sensitive men are not the best men to make quick decisions. That means even the simplest of things like what to eat or which movie to watch can set off a whole thought process into action. They will analyze and think, and think and think. Life is too much fast-paced and it may seem like taking forever for everything. They might tend to micromanage things around you but they’re only doing it to ensure you have all the perfect things in the world.

Be patient with him, do not rush him, and don’t pressurize him. If he is already fatigued with all the loud voices in his head, allow him the comfort to relax around you. Emotions can be overwhelming sometimes and you would need to become his safe space. He is under more stress than he lets on!

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3. Give him his space and time

With the increasing complexity of every relationship, it becomes necessary to give each other some ‘me’ time. This allows you to contemplate and conclude a lot about your own self which has a direct positive impact on the relationship. It is nice to be together and be there for each other, but there are times when we must be apart too.

All of us need time and space in a relationship to breathe and process our thoughts; do our own thing and take stock of our own challenges and aspirations in life. No matter how much you want to be there for each other, there are times when we all need to solve our own problems.

Sensitive people need their time and space – much more than we. If you are dating an emotional man, you must know that.

4. Acknowledge his needs and communicate yours clearly

Just as important as it is to acknowledge his needs, it is equally important to clearly communicate yours. Just as you are taking baby steps to make sure you have the best time loving him, give him the same opportunity and make the relationship a beautiful connection.

No one, not even this thoughtful man, is a mind reader. While a sensitive man always seems to read between the lines, do not assume he will know what you feel without telling him. Be vocal about your thoughts and expectations, do not just sit there and wait for him to ask. Do the talking yourself, that is key to improving communication in a relationship.

You must have to express yourself clearly to have a healthy and fruitful relationship. Start with something like ‘I need….’ to garner his attention. And wait for him to reciprocate – being sensitive does not mean he has to have it all and you have to walk on eggshells all the time!

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5. Do not force him to talk about his triggers

All of us have some ‘soft spots’. Sensitive men have many instances of emotional vulnerabilities which may have stemmed from early in their lives. These are the things that can generate powerfully, and often unexpected responses from your otherwise thoughtful man. To stay away from giving rise to these intense feelings, learn about his soft spots and avoid them at all costs. Show him you love and care for him, and understand him better so as not to trigger anything that sets him off.

Sensitive men are emotionally quite vulnerable, and these weaknesses, when magnified, can make them feel inadequate and shameful. If you want to know how you should handle your emotional boyfriend then our advice would be to stay away from the triggers.

6. Express your love unconditionally

The male ego is quite a fragile thing – men have been proved to be just as insecure as women. Just like women, they worry about everything – from their looks to their cars and the size of their manhood. And just like us women, they need to be admired, validated, and appreciated, more often than we think. But they are not much into masculine sensitivity.

That was about men in general. For your sensitive man, it holds a lot of importance to be expressive about your feelings for him. Put your feelings into action – an appreciative text, a love you note, holding his hands in public, rewarding him during intimate moments, and so on.

Sensitive men do not have a macho image to maintain, and they can be very affectionate. They will feel loved when you walk hand-in-hand in public, and will most likely demonstrate their affection with some sweet nothing too! Give unconditional love to your sensitive man.

A sensitive man in love will go beyond the ordinary to make you happy and feel loved. All you need to do is meet him halfway to have a beautiful, magical and healthy relationship. Having a strong and sensitive man in your life is a boon. Sensitive men are wired to process the subtlest signs and act accordingly which makes them perfect for women who are looking for a kind, compassionate and understanding partner.

However, relationships are always two-way streets. While it is nice of you to accommodate his needs and moods, your man too needs to reciprocate. Someone who is too much into himself may not make the best partner for you. Sometimes, two people are just not meant to be together, and in such a case, it is best to call it quits.


1. Why you should date a sensitive guy?

A sensitive guy will understand you completely even if you do not utter a single word. they are very affectionate and caring, that’s why dating them feels wonderful.

2. Is being sensitive a weakness?

Not at all. Men can be strong and sensitive and have masculine sensitivity. Being understanding and caring is not a weakness. It is much rather, quite a strength.

3. How do you know if a guy is sensitive?

You would know a guy is sensitive when he listens to you, prioritizes you, immediately understands if you had a bad day, and always shows his love and appreciation to you.

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