15 Things To Know When Dating A Taurus Woman

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Updated On: December 18, 2023
Dating A Taurus Woman

Dating a Taurus woman can be a little daunting owing to their stubborn and ambitious nature. But they have their share of good traits as well, such as their level-headedness, the ability to stick to their words and promises, and most of all, their intelligence. I have seen and admired all of these qualities in my best friend. 

Taurus is the second astrological sign on the zodiac list. It is an earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine sexuality which is represented by the bull, hence explaining their stubborn nature. It is said that Taurean women are quite compatible with all the other sun signs.

What Is It Like Dating A Taurus Woman?

Here’s what it is like to date a Taurean woman: The first thing you need to know about dating a Taurus woman is they are very reliable and they do not belong to the list of unfaithful female zodiac signs. Even while facing the worst of times with their partner, they will stay by their partner’s side unflinchingly. 

This is what it’s like to date a Taurus lady:

  • They are honest, trustworthy, and won’t leave your side easily
  • They hate being lied to. They won’t tolerate infidelity of any kind
  • They love romantic dinner dates and spending time with the ones they are madly in love with
  • When you pour words of affirmation on a Taurean, it makes her feel special, appreciated, and valued
  • Love languages matter the most to them. Find out your Taurean’s love language and make the most of it by tapping into each other’s language every once in a while
  • Make them your priority and they will stand by you through all your ups and downs
  • It can be a little difficult to a date a Taurus woman because of their level-headedness, but with a lot of patience and empathy, you will soon fall head over heels in love with them and won’t be able to imagine your life without them

They are clear about their choices. The Taurus female is loyal and dependable. If you ever risk losing her trust, you are in for a world full of trouble. This list will tell you everything you should know about dating a Taurus girl. 

Basics Of Taurus

Birthday: 19th April – 20th May 

Type: One of the fixed earth signs

Keywords: Ambitious, stubborn, intelligent, calm, brave, romantic, sensual, hard-working

Love anthem: Drunk in love by Beyoncé 

Famous Taurus women: Adele, Lizzo, Jessica Alba, Gal Gadot, Gigi Hadid, Megan Fox, Queen Elizabeth II

15 Things To Know When Dating A Taurus Woman

Sensual, beautiful, and sometimes hedonistic, Taurus women are said to be the embodiment of goddess Hestia, known as the humble protectress of home. They are simply enchanting. Born under the sign of the Bull, they are loaded with brilliant traits such as resilience, femininity, and sensuality. 

Taurus is both an Earth sign and a Fixed sign. They tend to embrace the finer things in life. They are the most practical and logical individuals you will come across. They are determined women and they stick to tradition. They often tend to be hostile to change. If you are thinking of dating a Taurus, be prepared by knowing a few Taurus women secrets.

1. Taurus women are feminine and sexual

What is special about a Taurus? They regard sex as the greatest art form and are deeply sensual beings. Not surprising really, when you realize that their ruling planet is Venus, named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. Venus represents sensuality and femininity. Natives of this sign are passionate and intense in their sexual activities and they have a pocket full of hidden seductive moves. 

One of the tips for dating a Taurus girl is that they love a good, raunchy bout of foreplay. Learn a few foreplay tricks and use them to your advantage with a Taurus. Boys who like to indulge in booty calls can throw away their hopes of one-night stands and episodes of wham-bam-thank you-ma’am. They want to have tender sexual experiences with someone they feel for, someone whom they love. 

2. Their shatter-the-glass-ceiling personality

A Taurus possesses great emotional strength and carves her own destiny. She is an independent woman. Throw a Taurus in a maze and you will see her at the exit, finding her way out of even the messiest of situations. Taureans have self-control that is unmatchable. Of course, there are both good and bad sides to every being on earth. And Taureans are no different. Here are a few bad things about dating them.

They are extremely stubborn. As much as they love to accomplish their goals and are driven to achieve them, they are more often than not hesitant to change their mind. While dating a Taurean, you should know that they can be the scariest zodiac sign when angry. Their bull-headedness can cause a hindrance to the relationship’s growth. However, their focus and drive are so admirable that their streak of stubbornness will pale in comparison. It’s a flaw, yes, but a flaw you can live with. And remember, it’s that same flaw that will help her shatter that glass ceiling.

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3. They are good cooks

Just as Taurus women love to explore their sensual side, they also love to indulge in gastronomic adventures every now and then. They love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. A Taurus really knows her food and their culinary skills are well-known. Everyone enjoys eating at her place. They can ace balancing work and family.

This list, curated especially for those looking for Taurus woman secrets, will tell you what is special about dating them. It’s how they are aware of their senses and how they use their sense of smell, taste, sight, and touch to their advantage when they’re cooking. Their love for flavor, beauty, and indulgence help make Taureans incredible cooks.

4. Taureans have their feet planted firmly on the ground

A Taurean’s stable and grounded nature will draw you toward them. They have the basic common sense of being calm. They are extremely inviting people. But don’t poke the sleeping lioness in them. Because when they get furious, they will explode with a volcanic rage and the lioness will be very difficult to tame. Here are some things to keep in mind while dating a Taurean:

  • Never try to play games or pull a fast one on them as they value honesty above everything else
  • If you are going through a crisis, they are sure to help a friend through tough times

They often mingle well with other Earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn, as they share similar vibes. These three signs are 100% reliable and always keep it real. 

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5. They don’t shy away from hard work

If you’re dating a Taurus, you must know that they are really hardworking people. They work hard toward realizing their dreams and ambitions. They are very focused on their goals and work with complete dedication to reach them. Among all the zodiac signs who are most likely to be wealthy and rich, Taurus stands third.

They will work hard till they achieve what they set their eyes on. They can succeed in almost every activity they take part in once they’ve put their mind to it. But laziness is one of the bad things you should know about them if you want to date a Taurus woman. Their lethargy can sometimes come in the way of their dreams and can also ruin their reputation of being hardworking. 

6. Impossible to change the mind of Taureans

Taureans are famous for being aggressively immovable and stubborn. If you are dating a Taurus, you need to learn some tricks to deal with them. There are a few things that can tick them off the wrong way. But they are also one of the most caring zodiac signs who will always be there for you.

Don’t tell a Taurus that they are clingy. Taureans love to show their love and if you call the love that they pour over you as clinginess, then you will face their wrath. And you will regret it. Take this seriously – it is one of our most important tips for dating a Taurus.

A Taurus Woman

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7. They are scared of change

Change is quite scary, isn’t it? You don’t know what’s on the other side of the mountain. You don’t know what you will unearth when you’re digging for something. You don’t know what kind of an unknown wilderness change might throw us into. Taureans are no different here.

One of the scary things about Taurus is that they are terrified of change. They like to stick to their daily routine and lifestyle. They get anxious when change strikes. They can even have a breakdown when faced with a shift and can hardly handle their emotions. They take time to accept the new situation and adjust accordingly. With time, they gradually do, but not without some tears and resistance in the beginning. 

8. No harm in being a little materialistic

Who doesn’t like to get a little indulgent from time to time? We can’t blame a Taurus woman for enjoying her ability to spend. But it’s one thing to be materialistic, and another to be proud about it. Taureans are proud that they are materialistic. They want a nice car, a good house, and good clothes to wear. They spend lavishly on handbags and shoes as it makes them feel good.

As mentioned above, a Taurus woman is hardworking, and so, they are of the mindset that they deserve to spend some of their hard-earned dough on themselves. So, if you are trying to attract Taurus woman with texting, it may not take you anywhere except the friend zone!

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9. What turns them on

So, this cute Taurus native has got you swooning and now you want to know everything about dating a Taurus lady, including how to turn them on, right? Firstly, get rid of the notion that you can attract a Taurus woman with texting. Learn a few romantic gestures. Take them out to fancy dinners. They love to wine and dine. That doesn’t mean you will have to spend extravagantly on them. Just don’t be too stingy about it.

And when you do want to splurge, then champagne on ice will do wonders and totally elevate your experience of dating a Taurus lady. Here are some things to know if you are looking to turn on a Taurean woman:

  • Wear a sexy cologne 
  • Try new sex positions with them. They are sensual and love experimenting in bed
  • Be consistent with her
  • Don’t take her for granted 

Pssst … here’s another great tip for dating a Taurus – they love to be touched and caressed. Be soft. Be gentle. Kiss their neck. Whisper sweet nothings in their ears. And most importantly, the post-sex cuddling and spooning are big turns-on for a Taurus woman. This is one of the Taurus woman secrets you should be aware of – they are incredibly sensual beings, so all this will work magic on your ‘dating a Taurus’ experience.

10. Things that drive them away

If you are dating a Taurus, you must know how to compliment them. You may not want to micromanage them or tell them what to do. It pisses them off. They hate being told what to do. They will smell your low self-esteem even if you are miles away and know if you’re trying to attract a Taurus woman with texting and sweet, sugary words. Don’t play mind games with them.

Here is one of the most useful Taurus woman secrets – they are allergic to bullshit. If you are dating a Taurus, then stop complaining about every little thing. They don’t like drama queens. Don’t lie to them. A Taurus woman is all about loyalty. They can’t stand cheaters and backstabbers.

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11. Music, movies, museums they are all about art

As I like to think, where there is art, there is beauty and vice versa. A Taurus woman loves both art and beauty as their ruling planet is Venus, which embodies love, harmony, art, and beauty.

They use their natural sense of beauty and sensuality to manifest their dreams while inspiring others to do the same. As they belong to an Earth sign, they are often associated with beauty that is natural and environmental, like the oceanic breeze or the vast mountains that have been existing long before humans. 

12. Yes, they are hopeless romantics

Taureans love to love and be loved in return. They don’t do casual dating as they are hopeless romantics. Compliment a Taurus woman and watch her cheeks turn pink. When they are in love, their senses will be on fire and their sexuality will be at their peak. 

From long walks on the beach to romantic candlelight dinners, they love everything. Roses, strawberries, chocolates, they love it all. And more than flirting, a Taurus woman prefers an honest conversation rather than laughing at your pickup lines. 

13. They are family-oriented

They will always choose family over friends, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be there for their friends. A Taurus woman can be incredibly nurturing. A Taurus woman loves spending time with family – hanging out with her parents at home, cooking for them, or playing board games with them. 

Taureans always make wonderful parents. They will provide everything their children will need, and more. They will make sure their children understand affection and love in the way that children are meant to be adored and nurtured. 

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14. Their strengths

If you are dating a Taurus, then you will need to know their strengths. They are extremely reliable. They are extremely cool and down-to-earth people. They take their time to enjoy the moment. They hate being rushed and avoid getting stressed over trivial things. And they are one of the most powerful zodiac signs. Their strengths include:

  • Taurus natives are strong-minded people 
  • They are trustworthy and they won’t break your trust easily
  • They are determined about achieving their goals

They have strong moral values, and that one thing is enough for you to know about dating a Taurus. They know what they want from you, from themselves, and from the relationship. 

15. A Taurus woman’s best and worst matches

Virgo is said to be a Taurus’ perfect match as they share many personality traits. Both the signs love loyalty and hate being lied to. A Taurus woman compatibility is also perfect with:

  • A Pisces man
  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn

Well, like the famous saying goes, opposites do attract. All you have to do is make her feel perfect and she is all yours. A Taurus woman will clash with two signs: Leo and Aquarius. Leo loves to be the center of attention which can get on a Taurean woman’s nerves as they are super grounded in nature. As for Aquarians, well, Taureans will find their unpredictability a little mysterious.

A Taurus Woman, The Empress Of Love

A Taurus woman has a strong sense of self. Their beliefs are unshakeable and they have innate core values which they live by. Don’t try to figure out what a Taurus woman wants and don’t ever take her for granted. This Earth sign senses when you are not being your true self, and for them, nothing is more of a turn-off than hypocrisy and phoniness.

Key Pointers

  • Taureans are reliable and trustworthy. They will be honest with you unless you give them a reason to act otherwise
  • They are scared of change. They like to go about life the way it is and are hesitant to accept new changes
  • They love art, dinner dates, and compliments, and are allergic to bullshit. They are hopeless romantics and would commit to you if they are madly in love

So there you have it – 15 things to know when dating a Taurus, from her personality to her turn-ons and turn-offs. Good luck with your lady love – we hope the sparks fly!

This article has been updated in December 2022.


1. What is special about a Taurus woman?

Her unique personality, resilience, and brave nature are some of the things that are always admired by other zodiac signs. She is known for her loyalty and dependability. The more you get to know the Taurean, the more you will be in awe of them.

2. What does a Taurus woman want in a relationship?

They seek stability and affection. That doesn’t mean they don’t love to be treated like a queen. If you are trying to charm a Taurean, the best way to do it is by being romantic. They love a gold, old romance. Long walks on the beach, a car ride with romantic songs playing in the background, and snuggling every morning. 

3. Is it hard to date a Taurus woman?

Just as hard as it is to date any other woman. You just need a lot of patience if you’re dating a Taurean. They can be a little difficult sometimes but with patience, love, passion, and intimacy, you can win her over steadily. 

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