25 Most Romantic Gestures For Him

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most Romantic Gestures for him

It is easy to fall in love but harder to stay in love. Perhaps, that’s the reason you need to continuously pay attention to your love life, nurturing it with energy, humor and dollops of romantic gestures for him to keep the spark alive.

They say women are more romantic than men but nothing could be further from the truth. The way they show love may be different, but both men or women feel great when their partners go out of their way to treat them to something special.

So, don’t pass the onus of keeping the spark alive in the relationship to your boyfriend or husband solely. Instead, make the right romantic gestures that will make him fall in love over and over again.

25 Most Romantic Gestures For Him

He might be the best guy you have met and maybe nuts about you but unless you invest in the relationship, it won’t grow. Take time out, make each moment you spend together special, plan random romantic gestures for him, and let him know how much you care for him.

These are just some tips for you to ensure that your relationship remains young forever. But if you still need some ideas to up the zing in your love life, here are some tips.

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1. Send him love notes

Simple romantic gestures for him done with sass and spunk can drive him crazy. Sending love notes is one such way. Place sticky notes with cute messages at places he’d least expect.

Send him a flirty SMS or WhatsApp at work. Let him come home to an unexpected note on the table hinting at a surprise at night. Anything sporadic and unexpected will do the trick and your man will surely start looking forward to these heartfelt notes in no time.

2. Whip up his favorite dish

This age-old trick never fails. Whenever you get the chance, take time out and make his favorite dish. It may be something he has recently tried and has been raving about or a simple pasta that brings back memories of home.

Make an effort to cook his favorite meal and watch him drool – over the dish and you! Don’t worry about your culinary expertise or lack thereof. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Besides, with so many online tutorials available today, even a complete novice can pull off certain basic dishes.

3. Praise his work

We all need validation from people we love. So compliment his work every now and then whenever he does well in his career. Praise him genuinely, it will certainly add to his sense of pride.

At times, small romantic gestures for him like a bit of appreciation is what he needs to be reassured of your support for him through thick and thin.

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4. Plan romantic gestures for him on his birthday

If you want to make grand romantic gestures for him, there is no better occasion than his birthday. Whisk him off to a surprise staycation, throw a party inviting his closest friends over, get him a gadget as a gift or anything beautiful that he has been eyeing for a while.

Whatever you plan, ensure it takes his breath away and comes as a huge surprise.

5. Take him out on a surprise date

Just because you are in a committed relationship does not mean that life has to be mundane. Usually, the onus of planning a date lies on a guy.

Take the burden off him for a change. Plan a date night either as a dinner at his favorite restaurant or a movie night at home with you making the popcorn. Let him relax without any stress of having to organize a date.

6. Wear his favourite dress or perfume

romantic gestures for him
Couple having romantic dinner

Wearing his favorite dress on a special occasion or using the perfume he has got for you may sound like no big deal but it’s one of those sweet romantic gestures for him that shows your sensitive side.

Men love it when their partners value the gifts they receive and what better way to show that than by wearing what he likes and showing him that he made his girlfriend happy?

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7. Be interested in what he is interested in

For him, a Man U match is the most important issue facing the world while you couldn’t care less about what Ronaldo or Messi does next.

How about giving him a pleasant shock by actually showing interest in his passion? Brush up your soccer knowledge and give him company in his next game and enjoy his shock. If he is into basketball, gift him stuff for his game and he will love you to the moon and back

8. Give him an unexpected gift

It does not matter how much you spend or how grand it is but if you want to thrill your man with a big romantic gesture for him, buy him something he really wants when he is least expecting it.

Say, a concert ticket or a ticket to his favorite game. It need not be any special occasion but give him something he really values when he needs it.

9. Respect his family

The warring mother-in-law and daughter-in-law/girlfriend is a soap opera cliché but if you buck the trend and befriend his family, especially his mom, he will be a fan for life. Appreciate his core family values and make it clear to him that you do.

Send a gift across to his near and dear ones, wish them on their birthdays, do NOT frown when he wants to spend time with them… and voila, you have a foolproof way to win his respect. This is undoubtedly among the romantic gestures that will make him fall in love with you, all over again.

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10. Share secrets

You revealing a secret to him – something that no one else knows – can be a big deal for a man. It might not be considered a usual romantic gesture for him but it can certainly play a role in cementing your bond.

Sharing a secret indicates a certain amount of trust you are willing to invest and that will go a long way in making your relationship strong. Letting him see the skeletons in your closet counts among the big romantic gestures for him, even if it may not seem that way in the moment.

big romantic gestures for him
Building trust is vital

11. Indulge in a bit of PDA

Your man may proclaim to be a ‘mama’s boy’ or the strong silent type, however, there is no way he won’t enjoy a bit of PDA.

Hold his hands while walking in a mall or on the beach. Or give a little casual peck while in a group of friends. Such simple romantic gestures for him can make him feel like a million bucks.

12. Make breakfast in bed

Though it may sound old-fashioned, there is something insanely romantic about making your partner breakfast in bed, especially after a night of passion. Even if it’s a simple coffee and toast, volunteer to do it for him and serve it with love.

The mood for the rest of the day will be different for him (and you!). If you’re looking for romantic gestures for him with no money, know that it is these small but thoughtful efforts that can leave a big impact.

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13. Take care of him when he is unwell

Playing Florence Nightingale when your man is under the weather can be counted among the big romantic gestures for him.

Every man, no matter how independent, loves to be pampered and fussed over. Don’t be stingy when it comes to showing how much you care when he needs it. Take his temperature, get him his meds, make him soup and serve it in bed.

No man ever complained when his girl acted like his mother!

14. Say the small words often

Small words can have a big impact. Use terms like ‘Thank you’, ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, and other terms of endearment, in your conversations often.

It shows you don’t take each other for granted, something that happens to most couples after a period of dating. These sweet romantic gestures for him can make all the difference in making your partner feel cherished and valued in the relationship.

15. Make him a drink

Want to impress your man like none other? Learn some bartending skills! You may be an awful cook but learn to mix your man’s favorite drink or two, just the way he likes it, and watch him be floored.

Cocktails or mocktails, coffee or beer – served with a flourish by his girlfriend is what every man dreams of. There is no way he won’t come, asking for more.

16. Talk with him

A great conversation can be one of the most romantic gestures for him. There are times when just a quiet night with a simple meal and a long chat sitting by the fireside can be more romantic than any grand party or outing.

These are part of the simple joys of life that go a long way in deepening your love. There are things to talk about with your man that can be really enjoyable and interesting.

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17. Praise him in front of his friends or coworkers

Never hesitate to show your pride and love for your man in front of others. Don’t embarrass him too much, but complimenting him or accepting compliments on his behalf can be a really wonderful romantic gesture for him.

It also sends a message to the world that you are one unit and share everything together.

18. Learn the art of massaging

You don’t have to be an expert masseuse to make your guy feel special. When your partner comes home tired after work, give him a relaxing back massage.

Rub his shoulders, run your hand through his hair and knead his shoulders. It’s a comforting, romantic gesture that every man absolutely loves and sets him up in the mood for more.

gesture for him
Give him a massage when he gets home

19. Spice up your sex life

Sizzling sex life is an important ingredient of a rollicking romance. No matter how deep you are in the relationship, keep your sex life active by thinking up of creative, naughty ideas to lure him.

Begin with random romantic gestures for him and then move on to something hotter and bolder like trying out new sex positions. It will drive him insane.

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20. Cuddle up after sex

Off-the-charts sex is great but to add more meaning to your love life, what happens after sex is also important. It’s not just women but even men love to be cuddled after sex so make an effort to do something romantic in bed.

Wrap him in your arms or feel him up gently, in a soft caring manner. Build up the warmth and the camaraderie after all the heat.

21. Give him undivided attention

One of the biggest complaints men have against women is that they don’t listen. Prove him wrong. Pay him your undivided attention, not being disturbed by phone calls, messages or filing your nails, when they share something important.

Make eye contact, smile a lot and show that you are genuinely interested in what he is saying to you.

22. Confide in him

Confiding in your man may not be among the grand romantic gestures for him but it definitely counts as one of those little, thoughtful actions that can cement the bond between you and your beau. When you let your guard down and lay your heart bare to your man, you’re telling him that you trust him.

So, confide in your partner about things big and small, lean on him for , indulge in those heart-to-heart.

23. Make him comfortable

One of the romantic gestures that will make him fall in love with you all over again is to always be mindful of his feelings, needs, likes and dislikes. Be it something as small as factoring in his preferences when booking tickets to a movie or swallowing your anger because you can see that he isn’t in the headspace for an argument, putting his needs first is a sure-fire way to make your man feel loved.

24. Hug him for no reason

Can you make romantic gestures for him with no money? Well, turns out you can because a hug costs nothing but definitely makes a big impact. Don’t wait for special moments to hug your boyfriend or spouse. Instead, just reach out and hold him in your embrace whenever you desire to be close to him or when he does something that makes your heart melt.

Pause when you cross each other in the hallway and just give him a giant, bear hug. Or when he is doing the dishes. Or when he is engrossed with work. Steal moments from the mundane and make them special with your warmth.

25. Dedicate a day to him

Looking for big romantic gestures for him to make your significant other feel special? Why not dedicate an entire day to him. Declare the next Sunday Boyfriend Day or Husband Day, and make him feel like the king of the world. Start off by getting him breakfast in bed, and then fill the rest of the day with his favorite activities.

Seal it off by putting on your most knock-out ensemble, stripping for him and showing him a great time in the bedroom. You could also throw in some DIY decorations to crank things up a notch. This is also one of the great romantic gestures for him during lockdown when going out isn’t an option and the monotony of being confined indoors can trigger bouts of boredom in the relationship.

A relationship is all about nurturing and continuing to invest in all that you share. What may seem like small romantic gestures for him, can actually be the things that add to strengthening your relationship with each other for a long time to come.

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