35 Cute Ways To Say I Like You Over Text

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Updated On: May 2, 2024
cute ways to say i like you over text

Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world, don’t you agree? It’s a pity that people are so frequent and eloquent about their other emotions such as anger, sorrow, and HATRED (yes in capitals!). But when it comes to love, a mysterious fear chokes our voice. We don’t express it enough, or we don’t know how to. If you are thinking about telling someone you like them, but are dreading a face-to-face conversation with them, let me assure you, there are hundreds of cute ways to say ‘I like you’ over text. 

When we start growing fond of someone, in our mind, we fancy a utopian world where they reciprocate with the same intensity. In reality, the crippling fear of getting shot down holds us back from expressing ourselves. “What if they say no?” Yes, that’s a possibility. But the odds of them saying yes are also fifty percent.

If you still don’t wish to be upfront and say the three magical words, you can first build a foundation with a touch of subtlety. In this case, carefully composed text messages are your ammunition to drop the hint. Oh wait, are you feeling all jittery now? Sit back and relax, because we have 35 creative ways for you to say ‘I like you’ to that special someone. 

35 Cute Ways To Say I Like You Over Text

You can’t stop thinking about that dreamy guy with a beard who smiled at you once in the library. You try to start a conversation with him but miserably run out of words. Eureka! Remember the invention of the internet and messaging apps

You won’t have to gather so much courage to express your feelings via text messages. Courage comes easy when you cannot see your crush. You have the liberty to think about what you’ll write and analyze it before you hit send. It’s a better way of dealing with your feelings than the nervous shaking and sweats you get in their presence. 

Now, now, if you are not so sure about how to get a girl or a boy to like you over text, we are here with full support to back you up on this venture. As you religiously follow these 35 cute ways to say I like you over text, success is assured. So, are you with me?

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1. Send them love poems

I would like to start with a small life tale. A few months back, I was teaching an elocution class for kids. So, I asked this friend to refer me to some interesting poems, and what I received took me by utter surprise. It was a heart-touching love sonnet in a voice note. 

That was my first clue about his not-so-secret feelings for me which eventually led to many wonderful dates. Trust me, if your special someone is a romantic soul with a fascination for works of art, love poems will never fail you. Here’s your chance to say I love you in a poetic way, go grab it!

2. Humor – the way to the heart 

So, you are trying to get your crush to like you with cute little gestures. Yes, flowers and gifts are really sweet and obvious ways of impressing someone. But don’t forget one of the most important things. Make them laugh. We always fall for the one who cracks us up all the time with their caricatures and a bundle of funny stories. 

If nothing, just the way they tell a joke makes us laugh more than the joke itself. Let your crush see how life with you will be a series of joy and laughter. Sending jokes every now and then is a cute way to say I like you over text. 

Cute Ways To Say I Like You
Make them laugh!

3. Ask about their day

Don’t you just love it when someone checks on you after a long, exhausting day? One night, they are overwhelmed with work, almost on the verge of throwing a resignation. And right then, their cell phone chimes.

“Hey, how was your day? Are you doing any better now after yesterday’s meeting?” And that’s how a deeper conversation begins. When they know you are a dependable ally in their distress, it will widen your chances to find the perfect time to say I love you and never get turned down

4. Compliment their looks

Yes, compliment the sheer beauty or the rugged handsomeness of your crush. No matter how much one believes that ‘beauty lies within’, we can’t resist a sweet compliment on our physical features. It’s a super cute way to say I love you in a text because she probably never noticed that her bangs are her best feature until you mentioned it. 

When somebody says that looking at your picture first thing in the morning makes their entire day, you melt right there. You know, after you compliment a man’s smile, it will only make him smile even more. And heaven knows, the smile of your crush can make this world a better place. 

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5. Make them a digital mixtape 

Just like love poems, love songs are another creative way to say I like you, especially when you are communicating through text messages. Mixtapes bring about such an old-school vibe. No wonder it’s a hell of a romantic gesture to tell someone you love them without actually saying it.

But we belong to a digital era, and our tools and gadgets have been upgraded from the vintage cassettes and record players. You can make the best of it and make a collage (audio or video) of the beautiful love songs close to your heart. Your crush will get the hint this time for sure.

6. A bit of harmless teasing can be fun

A little bit of teasing only spurs the conversation on and makes them engage with you on a different note. But remember, it has to be playful – don’t accidentally step on a sensitive topic that ends up hurting them. Flirty teasing is all about throwing a light-hearted challenge toward your crush or maybe trying to get back an emotional response from them.

It could be anything like, “I bet you cannot beat me at Twister. I am super bendy!”, or “How can some people like pineapple on their pizza, I can never understand” (especially if it’s their favorite). Isn’t it cute when they feign an angry face? All this builds a precious bond of friendship to set the foundation for any future relationship you may have. 

7. Ask if they missed you

Attention! This is a trademark sign to know if a girl likes you over text. Not only girls, whenever a person has feelings for you, they will try to find ways to seek your attention. They will look for signs that you are falling for them. 

As they want to talk to you without any purpose, asking if you missed them throughout the day is a cute way to say “Hey” over text. You may look a bit desperate putting forward such directness at the very beginning of your conversation. But once you have reached a comfort zone of teasing and nudging each other, give this a fair shot. 

Does My Crush Like Me

8. Send them a love riddle

So, I guess you want to say I love you in a secret code. What could be a more fascinating yet mysterious way of expressing your emotions than a romantic riddle? Anyone who appreciates playing with words will enjoy a good riddle. 

Moreover, it reveals the playful side of your personality to your potential partner. All you have to do is think of a fun wordplay or riddle, the answer to which is a confession for your crush. For example, how will a romantic conversation between a magnet and a paperclip go? What will the paperclip say? “I find you very attractive!” 

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9. Tell them about their influence on your life 

My friend Alice once had a crush on this artist who deeply impacted every aspect of her life. That woman made her see her worth as a person and made her realize her potential. She helped her immensely to get rid of her body image issues and find peace in the ocean of art. 

Eventually, she realized their friendship is now mature enough to take it a step further. She took every opportunity to convey her gratitude for her relentless support and guidance. I suggest you take the same path – simply acknowledge their influence in your life to say I love you in a poetic way.

10. Let them know you are there for them 

Sometimes, when we are broken on the inside, we stare at our life falling apart in front of our eyes. On days like these, all we need is a warm embrace and a caring hand to help us walk through the cragged street steadily. 

Try to be that source of strength and positive energy for the person you love so much. It will not take you much to let them know, “I am here, no matter what. We will get through this together. I am just a call away, whenever you need me.” I believe it is one of the most cute ways to say I like you over text. 

11. Plan something for your next meet 

How about we create suspense so your crush will be thrilled and look forward to seeing you soon? Sounds exciting, right? Suppose, they have told you about a particular place they’ve been meaning to visit for a long time, or a comic book artist they wish to meet. 

So, you tracked down their favorite illustrator and found out that they are coming for a signing in a nearby store. Don’t disclose the whole plan to your crush yet. Just say, “We are going to make one of your little dreams come true. Meet me tomorrow.” When they see the length you can go to make them happy, your image will take a 360-degree turn in their mind. 

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12. Ask for their recommendations 

I bet you didn’t think about this as another subtle way to say I love you in a secret code. Asking for their recommendations for a book or a movie establishes the fact that you value their opinion, and are curious about their personal choices. It’s a subtle way to show that you are trying to get to know them better because clearly, you have a soft corner for this person. 

“Hey, I had a long, tiring day. Can you suggest me a light-hearted romantic film for the evening?” Or, “What is your current read? I would love to give it a go.” Just like that, you casually slip it into your conversations. It’s also an easy trick to gauge if their choices align with yours.

creative ways to say I like you
Ask them to suggest you a romantic movie

13. Do they smell like a meadow? Tell them

Ah, sliding toward the sensual zone, are we? It is scientifically proven that a person’s smell has a great deal to do with attracting a mate. Do you savor their breathtaking fragrance whenever they pass by in the hall? We know, this irresistible essence could be super attractive. 

You can take your chance to roll this as a compliment for him or her, without being too explicit about it. Some people are not really great at catching hints, but this one might knock at their brain.

14. Talk about “If we were together, we would…” scenarios 

So, you are shying away from telling your crush that you desperately want to be a part of their life. But there is still one way that can turn the whole game around. Show them a glimpse of the life you can have together.

Suppose, their promotion was put on hold due to office politics and it broke their heart. Tell them, “If I were there, I would sit by your side listening to you all night. Or, if you like, we would just savor the silence. We would go to the terrace with coffee and a blanket and watch the stars until you feel a little better.” Take our word for it and use it as an impressive and creative way to say I like you.

15. Praise their pictures on social media 

Everybody can write a flattering comment below the picture your crush has just posted. But if you would like to make yourself stand out in the crowd, drop them a DM. Take a minute or two to mention what you loved so much about the picture. Is it their outfit, the background, their smile? They will duly notice your attentive effort and you earn some brownie points on the go.

16. Tell them when you are thinking about them 

There is no denying that when you have a massive crush on someone, you think about them all day long. Perhaps, you are sitting in a cafe, staring outside, and suddenly you startle seeing a similar face. You realize it was somebody else, but oof, this person is stuck in your head wherever you go. 

If not always, occasionally, when you are thinking about them, you might take out your phone and type, “Hey, I was passing by this beautiful bunch of daisies in the park. It reminded me of your dazzling smile! Hope to see you soon.” That is exactly how women want to be treated and it’s truly a cute way to say I like you over text. I bet anyone, not just a woman, would enjoy it just as much when you drop cute little hints like these.

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17. Pay attention to details

So, your crush has recently changed their profile picture with a new haircut or a fancy, trimmed beard. “Hey, I love your new look”, you drop a text. As insignificant as it may seem, this one line is enough to say I love you in a secret code.

Given that you like every little detail about them – their voice, their smile, the way they talk, their hand gestures, it is not going to be difficult to pay attention while they are speaking. When you refer to something they mentioned months ago, it will impress your crush in a heartbeat. 

18. Share positive affirmations about them

It’s basic human nature to crave validation and encouragement from the ones we love. Getting accepted for who we are, and finding inspiration to become a better person is a true blessing. 

When someone comes into our life and showers beautiful words of affirmation, that person seems like an angel. So, if you are trying to secretly say I love you in a poetic way, bring in all the positivity to their life. Let them know that they are a strong and unique person, a pure soul, and you could not be more proud of the way they fight for their dreams. 

19. Stud your texts with emojis 

I think you all have noticed how guys send many emojis to their favorite girl when in love, and more often than not, so does a girl. The reason is fairly obvious though, to be more vivid with their expressions. You cannot always figure out what’s going on in a person’s mind via text messages. 

Did they send this in a jocular mood or are they actually serious? Who can tell? The lack of articulation often creates misunderstandings between two people. Let’s steer clear of all the confusion, and share a compliment with a heart-eyes, so they know your intention. A single smiley face (or a kiss, if you dare!) is also a cute way to say “Hey” over text. 

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20. Ask them for a small voice note

In the early days of falling in love, you tend to become a clingy soul, constantly trying to get the attention and love of this man or woman. You want to see them all the time, talk to them in the middle of the night, and you literally miss them throughout the day. 

This cute way to say I like you over text will put you out of your misery. When you have an absolute desire to hear their voice, just ask them to share a voice note with you, be it a song, a recitation, or a funny story about their day. 

21. Plan a movie night 

Yes, you are probably wondering, “Movie night plan over text? How is that possible?” Just hear us out. You propose this mind-blowing idea to your crush and when they counter you asking about the details, you share what you have in mind. 

The plan is you pick a film that you both love dearly or the one you both have on your watchlist. Now you sit back at home, play the movie, and keep a texting trail on the side. You tell each other about the parts that excite you or make you cry. You will spend a unique romantic evening watching the movie together, and at the same time, say I love you in a secret code. 

22. Share relatable memes

One of those times when you want to talk to your sweetheart for the 10th time in a day, you feel that frequent texts might make things awkward. So, a cute way to say “Hey” over text without sounding too creepy is to share a meme. 

Memes are adorable, memes are hilarious. Nobody can imagine you are getting too clingy no matter how many memes you share. It’s going to be more engaging if you can find a relatable joke. For example, if she is a cat person, send her a cute human-cat conversation saying, “Hey, this floof ball reminds me of you. You both are so adorbs!”

23. Show them you care

it is indeed one of the cute ways to say I love you in a text without actually having to say it. If your loved one is sick, check on them quite a few times to make sure they are okay. You can even share a few home remedies for the tough cold.

In a different scenario, after they are awarded a big fat promotion, be a part of this celebration. Take every chance to tell them that you are super proud. You can send across a pretty bouquet to congratulate them. Find your means of convincing them that you truly care.

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24. Good morning texts are not so clichéd 

Many people have this instinctive radar to spot easily how guys text when they like you. The daily dose of good morning and good night messages is a signature sign that he is looking for cute ways to say I like you over text. 

Amid our busy schedules, people have hardly any time to wish everyone on their contact list. If someone is sending you these messages without fail, that only suggests you are on their mind. The first thought when they wake up and the last thought before they go to bed is always about you. And they want to let you know that you are precious. 

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25. Ask deep, meaningful questions to connect with them 

No matter how much you try to keep the flirting subtle, at one point or the other, you will feel like connecting with them on a deeper level. Take a very slow and sensitive step to get into that zone where they would be comfortable sharing more emotional aspects of their life with you.

The questions have to be a bit personal in this case, like their relationship with their parents, their thoughts on the concept of marriage, or maybe how they bravely got out of a depressive phase. Find these grounds for discussion to have a heart-to-heart conversation and eventually, you can end up on a romantic coffee date. 

26. Write beautiful love paragraphs 

Did a Gen Z kid tell you that long paragraphs in chatting are a huge turn-off now? Tagging on Instagram stories is the new cool perhaps. But please be old school, and trust us that romantic love notes in the form of warm texts can work in this scenario. 

When you are writing a deep and sensitive love paragraph for her (or him), they will know you have taken time out of your life to think about them and write so graciously. You always romanticized saying I love you in a poetic way, right? Give it a whirl.

27. Nicknames are fun and creative ways to say I like you 

How about that untameable urge to call our potential partners by lovey-dovey nicknames? Does the same happen to you too? “Hi sweetheart, are you back from work?” “How’s my precious sunshine doing today?” Trust me, they will feel so loved and pampered. 

You can put in your imagination to make hundreds of nicknames for him too. “Good morning, Mr. Sleepy Sleeperson. Are you up yet?” These endearing names come to you so spontaneously when you like someone. 

28. Fall back to pick-up lines but keep it smart and classy

Back in your college days, you had a crush on this person but luck never favored, and you had to leave it at that. Years later, you discovered your old crush on Tinder. Now, this is your one chance to impress them and you just can’t blow it away. We understand you are looking for ideas to say I love you in a secret code. 

Nothing too desperate, not too subtle – short and cute pick-up lines are good to break the ice. But again these are so cheesy, probably ten other people have already tried them on your crush. If you can come up with something humorous and classy to make them smile at one glance, this time you will land a first date with them for sure.

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29. Make an ‘if we are both single at 40’ pact

Say, you wish to become a little bit more obvious about your crush for this person. You can play a clever trick here to tell them, “I am desperately falling for you. I hope you understand my predicament and take a step to meet me halfway at least.”

We have thought about one more cute way to say I love you in a text. You write, “Hey, have you ever made that pact with someone that if we are both single in our 40s, we will start dating and get married?” Drop the text and wait for their response with a throbbing heart. It will make the whole picture clear before your eyes. 

30. Share your day with them 

You know what, intimacy is all about sharing bits of your life with one another. Well, given that you haven’t started dating yet, you are not supposed to share everything with your partner. But you should definitely show them a vivid portrayal of your day-to-day timeline.

Unless they know you as a whole person, or they have an idea about what you do, who you meet, and how your family is, they cannot connect the dots. As you see a future with them in the long haul, give them the liberty to like you for who you are.

31. Ask for an innocent selfie

Let me tell you about the obvious and cute way to say I like you over text –  ask them for a selfie. “Hey, it’s been ages since I last saw you. Do you mind capturing that cute bunny face for me?”

Yes, please keep it as harmless as this. Because the whole business of asking for or sending personal pictures can soon turn into an unsafe zone. And we don’t want you to suffer the consequences in any way. 

cute ways to say i love you in a text

32. Tell them how talking to them relaxes your nerves

There are very few people in this world who have the ability to calm us down with a mere conversation. If your search for the right partner has landed you in the right place at the right time, you will experience exactly what I am talking about.

There are days when a family issue or excessive workload overwhelms us to a great extent. We feel at loss, and hardly know where to place the next step. Just when you are about to quit, your crush pings you. And five minutes later you are featherlight, all the troubles seem to fade away. Voice your thoughts so they also realize their impact on your life. 

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33. Indulge in midnight conversations

Believe it or not, midnight conversations are one of a kind. As the world shuts down to sleep and darkness takes over the surroundings, a man and a woman become vulnerable in each other’s company.

Many emotions float to the surface that people don’t acknowledge otherwise. And you get to see the most raw and purest version of a person’s soul at this hour. It’s precisely the perfect time to say I love you in a poetic way if you are ready to utter the three magical words. 

34. Send cute and flirty GIFs to drop the hint 

If you want a cute way to say I like you over text, GIFs will never fail you. They are always so funny, it will keep the mood of your chat light and yet convey your feelings in a subtle way. Nobody can get mad at you when you send a GIF of Joey saying, “How you doin’?” 

Maybe you send them one of those love-struck cartoon figures where the eyes are popping out under their profile picture. This way, you don’t come off as clingy and you gift them a delightful moment of laughter. 

35. Say that they are the best human being in your life

Saying I love you way too soon to your crush can lead to a disaster. There are other safe yet cute ways to say I love you in a text. Clarify it in bold that you admire their unique personality: “I wish you never change a bit, at least not to impress anyone.”

Knowing that somebody accepts them for who they are, they will feel so content and validated. Before you know it, they might start seeing you in a different light altogether. Perhaps, this time Cupid’s arrow won’t miss the aim and will strike you both!

Now that we are about to bid adieu, we hope, dear reader, this extensive guide comes to your benefit to finally win over your love. As far-fetched as it may sound, you really don’t have to lean toward cheesy pick-up lines to impress a potential lover. Just keep an eye out for your grammar,  maintain out-and-out decency, and you will touch the stars real soon.

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