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Updated On: December 23, 2021
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For heightened sexual pleasure, sensual foreplay does more than you can imagine. And when it comes to women, it may add more spice and pleasure to explore her body beyond the obvious turn-on areas. Women have plenty of erogenous zones, which when stimulated can arouse them sexually and turn them on instantly. Exploring her body and touching her on the erogenous zones can set the tone for great sex.

A woman’s body is a wonderland

“Women are not like faucets that with one twirl, you turn them on and everything gushes out. It takes more effort.” Twinkle Khanna said this in Koffee with Karan and women who heard it, cheered. It is in fact so. Overloaded with a male point of view regarding sex and erotica, woman’s need for pleasure is somewhat glossed over. Women are objectified in films, fashion shows and commercials but what turns them on is very little talked about. And when it is talked about, it is done behind closed doors and with a lot of giggling. Here is unveiling some secrets on the often ignored, but surprisingly most erogenous zones for women.

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1. The Clitoris

The clitoris is the superstar of a woman’s sexual pleasure. Sorry, it’s not penetration. The clitoris is a funny little thing just over the vagina, you cannot miss it. Once you find it, never lose sight of it. A tongue tip or a thumb hard press of the clitoris can make her lose her senses with pleasure. Don’t forget it either during penetration: rub gently and hear her moan and whimper with ecstasy.

2. The Lips

We all know about this one. It is usually the first thing we go for. For a lot of women, a proper kiss is either the deal breaker or a deal maker. So don’t be hasty about it. Take your time, delay the inevitable. Lick the outline of her lips and delicately kiss her bottom lips. Wait till the point when she wants it most and then go in for a thick and wet kiss.

3. The Nipples

A black band covering the nipples is tantalising enough for some people. For women, nipples are where you are supposed to bite. A gentle lick or a soft suck doesn’t really cut it for them. But stay away from nipples during that time of the month. You don’t want to upset the already paining and sensitive nipples during menstruation.

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4. The Navel

Some feel tingly while some feel aroused but the navel is very pleasant to play with. Smell it, lick it and hear her respond. You can never go amiss with a kiss on the navel. Have you ever tried licking something of the navel? Those who have not tasted wine from a woman’s navel have not made love yet, not appropriately at least.

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5. The Neck

Vampires’ favourite spot for biting is also an erogenous zone for women. Come in from the back and place your teeth gently on the spot and feel her shiver under your touch. Put an arm around her waist and another around her shoulder and go for it. Tease her, tempt her, make her want it and then bite her softly to feel her melt in your arms. It is also a perfect spot to launch a love bite.

6. The Earlobes

Earlobes are not just meant for earrings. Claim and own them as an erotic spot in your woman’s body. It is meant to be nibbled and even bitten from time to time. Pleasure given is pleasure returned. Find her weak spots in and around the ear. Trace the path with tongue till you finally suck the whole earlobe in your mouth.

7. The Knees

Knees are tricky. Some feel more in the left knee, some may prefer the right one, and some yet again can feel it in both: Find out which one it is while spooning her. A tender touch from your fingers will tell the direction you need to follow. Hold both knees in front of you and keep eye contact while kissing them. Look to see how her expression changes with each kiss and lick. Watch her throw her head back and enjoy your touch.

8. The Spine

If you want to see her arch with pleasure, don’t forget the spine. Women are sensitive all along the spine. They love it when you stoke or kiss down the spine. It really gets a shiver down her spine if you caress it while kissing her. Or you can take the reverse trip and climb her from the back while kissing along the spine and finish it off with a vampire neck bite. Run your nails smoothly up and down her spine while you are inside her to maximise her pleasure.

9. The Hair

The hair plays a catalyst in every sexual play. Deliah knew that all of Samson’s strength lies in the hair of his head. But a lot is communicated to a woman in how you touch her hair. While her hair is completely inaccessible while in public or when dressed up, woman likes her hair to be given attention as you are intimate with them. Running your fingers through her hair at the same time as kissing her can win you brownie points if you do it right. A little tug and pull while she goes down on you can tell her what you like. But if you grip her hair and pull it a bit while she is reaching climax she will always be grateful for it.

All that is required to arouse a woman is a little attention to details.

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