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How should a man dress up for his first date

No matter how many pictures you have put in your Tinder profile and how many times you have WhatsApped each other, still the first impression carries a lot of weight. That is where dressing for a date becomes important.

No matter what they say, appearance does matter to women. For that reason, dress sharp and dress well.

Put an Effort to Dress

Dressing casually might send the wrong kind of signal. She might mistakenly think that you are not really interested in her, right on the first date. That is why it is important that you put some effort and dress well for the occasion. Give her the signal that the date is important for you and you have really thought about which dress to put on.

Casual Dates

If you are going on a casual date it’s okay to dress in a relaxed way. This doesn’t however mean that you can dress shabbily. Wearing sports or office clothes is a strict no-no. The ideal clothes would be a pair of well fitted jeans and a collared dress shirt or a half sleeved shirt. Depending on the weather you can add a sports jacket to this ensemble. Add a casual leather belt and similarly colored leather shoes to this, and you are good to go!

Dinner Dates

Dinner dates require a more formal way of dressing. Your first choice should always be a suit. Dark in color preferably. However, if you decide not to wear a suit you can go for a blazer. During the daytime, you can substitute the blazer with a sports jacket. If you decide to go fully formal with a suit, it’s always better to complete the look by wearing a tie. Always remember, you can never go wrong with a suit. Even if no one else is wearing one, it’s perfectly okay to arrive at an event looking like a million dollars.


There is no point in dressing well if you don’t pay attention to your shoes. No matter how trivial you think shoes are, be sure that your date will check those out. Shoes tell a lot about your personality and attention to detail. Make sure your shoes are clean, stylish and above all appropriate. Your date isn’t going to be much impressed if you arrive at a dinner date wearing sneakers!

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