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12 less known erogenous zones in men

From the bottom of his earlobes to the tips of his manhood, a man's body is full of places that can make him reach the zenith of ecstasy
sexy man kissing woman. Erogenous zones in men are many you have to know to the zones

The human anatomy is full of secrets. When Monica Geller gave her 7 magical numbers, she sent us all on a biological hunt. The numbers belonged to 7 erogenous places of the female body. An erogenous zone is that place of the human body sensitive to touch, pleasure, arousal and vibration. They are alike for both the sexes. There are erogenous zones in men.

People always consider the female body more interesting than the male (for obvious reasons). But what about the male body? You’ll be surprised to know that a man’s geography hides more erogenous sites than the woman’s. And they are not limited to the below-belt area.

So, let us discover some of those thrill-spots.

12 erogenous zones in men to turn them on instantly

Knowing how to turn on your man gives you an edge over him, anytime. Is he in a bad mood? You know the right place to reach to bring him to a good mood. Does he need a surprise? You know what he’ll like. It makes him love and lust for you more. He sees that you want to discover his body and master the secrets of his happiness. You know his erogenous zones. It only inches him closer to you.

The more places you find, the more ways you find to surprise him, and the closer he comes to you.

Here are the 12 erogenous zones in a man’s body that you need to figure out.

1. Tantalising neck

The skin on the back of his neck is sensitive to touch. Trail your fingers up and down the nape of his neck. Plant a few kisses on the side-neck below his earlobes. Then surprise him with a few bites (don’t go vampire on him though!). You can always end it with a seductive kiss on the hollow of his throat.

Erogenous zones in men are many you have to know the zones
She surprise him with a few bites Image source

2. Nipples

Did you know that the nipples have the power to send pleasure sensations throughout the body when correctly activated?
Go slow. Trail your forefingers in circles closing towards his nipples. Then gently suck them or plant kisses. If they go hard under your touch, then you’re doing it right. For some men the  nipples are the most erogenous zone.

3. The full lips

Barbara Bartlik, a sex therapist at Weill Cornel Medical College, New York, says that lips are easily excitable: “The mucous membrane that comprises the lips has a dense supply of nerve endings. Plus, the skin here is very thin. So the network of nerves is closer to the surface, making it more responsive to stimulation.”

When you go for the lips, try to build the anticipation. Kiss everywhere but not his lips. Graze his lips; suck his upper and lower lips. And when he moans for a full kiss, then give an intensive lip kiss.

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4. Sensitive ears

If you have been kissed on your ears before, you know the electricity that crackles from the ears to the entire body. So, gently stroke his earlobes with your forefinger and thumb. Whisper sweet nothings to his ears. And when he is engrossed in your whisperings, surprise him with an ear lick, nibble or bite. This is a male erogenous zone you should not leave out.

Erogenous zones in men are many you have to know the zones
This is a male erogenous zone Image source

5. The navel

The navel is the most underrated zone. Trail your fingers softly from his navel to the area just above his belt. You will be able to feel him respond to your touch as your trace and retrace this path. Go down, and put some kisses on his navel ring. He will shiver right then.

6. Perineum

It is the portion of the body between the scrotum and the anus. This area is home to ejaculatory muscles. Massage this area gently by rubbing with your thumb in a circular motion. Keep the rhythm on. He won’t want you to stop.

7. Scrotum

The scrotum is a popular erogenous arena. Sex coach Charlie Glickman advises, “Gentle sucking, squeezing, or cupping, which may help some men reach climax more easily during sex.”

8. The P-Spot

The male prostate gland is located internally between the base of a man’s penis and the anus. If properly stimulated externally it acts as a hotspot for orgasm. Some men might not be comfortable being touched in this place. It’s always better to have talked with your man than surprise him.

Mark Michaels, the co-author of Partners in Passion, suggests: “Have him lie on his back with his knees bent and legs spread apart, and then use your fist to apply even pressure to the area with quick vibration-like motions.”

9. Inner thighs

Very few people are aware of the sensations that the kisses on a man’s inner thighs evoke. If you haven’t explored this area it’s better to explore it soon.

sexy lady touching man in black.
Better to explore it soon Image source

10. Sacrum

The sacrum is the small triangular bone at the end of a man’s spine, between his hips. Interesting location, isn’t it? Try running your fingertips against his spine. The sacrum has nerve cells linked to a man’s genitalia. The right amount of rubbing and stroking can lead to an orgasm.

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11. Back of knees

Did you ever think this could be a male erogenous zone? Sliding down from his inner thighs, make sure you halt at this spot. According to Dr Kerner, a New York City sex expert, “the skin is smoother at the back of the knee and many men love to be kissed or caressed there.” You can also swirl your fingers in a circular motion, lightly around the back of his knees. Try keeping it firm as well as light.

12. Penis

To save the best for the last, the penis is ranked No. 1; the king of erotic organs. When it comes to the penis, all of us are experts. It’s the foreskin of the penis that ignites the fireworks. So, rub the length of his penis up and down. At one point, he is bound to cum out.

We are sure that this knowledge was enlightening and you’re going to leave this page full of brilliant ideas. What are you waiting for? Surprise your man today.

Let him know that you have always been the wizard in human geography and know his erogenous zones really well. Good luck!

P.S. Do let us know what your favourite erogenous zone was.


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