Fractionation Seduction – How Does it work? Step-by-Step Guide To Use It

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Ever wondered how some guys get lucky with every girl they try to woo? Have you ever imagined yourself in their place and thought about how it would be? Well, these guys may seem to be naturals at what they do, but the truth is that it comes with practice. Such guys, intentionally or unintentionally are using fractionation seduction. Men who are good at using the techniques of fractionation seduction use it effectively to attract women.

What Is Fractionation Seduction?

Fractionation seduction is a seduction technique used by men that has evolved over the years. It was invented by a Neuron Linguistic Programmer named John Grinder and then further researched and developed by Derek Rake. It is basically a psychological technique that uses the art of persuasion and hypnosis to unravel and unlock the female psyche.

It is known to cloud a woman’s judgement through a flow of continuous mixed emotions so that she loses control and gives in to the seducer.

It gives men what they have desired through ages – the power to attract or seduce women effortlessly. So much so, that it is the woman who wants to be with the man in just a little time. Though the technique is not very common, many men are now continuously learning about it given its effectiveness in attracting women.

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It is believed that when used rightly, it can seduce a woman in just a few minutes. Unless a woman knows the tricks that are involved in fractionation seduction, it is unlikely that she will figure that her emotions are being distorted to get her seduced. And before she knows it, she will get attracted to someone who she barely knows.

If you are a woman on this page, you surely want to know the trick so you can spot it right away.

If you are a man reading this, you’d be dying to know how it works. Let us share a few instances how fractionation seduction works.

Examples Of Fractionation Seduction

An example of fractionation seduction is when you see a man talking to a woman and in less than 15 minutes she agrees to go out with him. This is the magic of this technique, before you know it you are under its spell. Another example is when women realise that they have shared so much so soon on their first date. It does not seem like them to do so but somehow they had loose lips. Well, my friend, it was him, not you.

And they mistake it for ‘instant connection’. Sometimes, men are only looking for temporary relationships, so it can be devastating for a woman to give away so much a the blink of an eye when there was nothing coming along. So it certainly helps to know when you are about to get seduced without your consent.

Though fractionation seduction has been given many names such as ‘forbidden art’ or the ‘dark art’, I would rather call it a devious art. This is because it is an act of deviousness where the woman doesn’t know what she is getting into. The person forms an impression of himself which the woman wants to see and thus she gives in to the idea of the man that he has formed in her head. The technique affects her thinking so much that she is unable to make an unbiased decision no matter whether she likes a man or not.

Exactly what men want, huh!

How and when to use fractionation seduction?

Though this tactic has been misused by many men, it also acts as a great hack for those under-confident men who have been in love with a woman for several years, but the idea of them being out of their league is preventing them from approaching her. Let us see how fractionation seduction works and how the good ones can make good use of it.

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This technique, as charming and tempting it seems, is not that easy to master. The key to master this skill is through practice. Before working this technique on women, you need to work on the following skills:

  1. Having strong interpersonal skills is a must in this technique. You need to be confident, sharp and social. No woman likes a man fumbling and stammering after each word
  2. Suit up. No matter what your appearance is, you need to look dapper. Women like men who have a good dress sense.
    As they say, you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes
  3. Keep up with trends. You may not be a person who follows trends, but you need to have knowledge about the things people are going gaga about. If you don’t like them, express your dislike and be confident about your opinion. As you know, confidence is the key
  4. Don’t think any less of yourself. The moment you think of the woman as some unattainable goal, you are giving her the control. Remember, the essence of this technique is to make her lose control. Think of yourself as the unattainable
  5. Practice your conversations with other women. Try flirting with your best friend as practice or maybe the pizza delivery girl. The more you try it, the better you will get at it. Do not talk to your girl without trying it out with other people. You do not want to blow your only shot at her

Make the woman feel that she needs you and not vice versa. Your looks don’t matter. It all comes down to your personality and how cleverly you confuse her with her own emotions.

Step By Step Guide To Use Fractionation Seduction Technique

Once you have mastered the above, you are now ready to use fractionation psychology on any woman you want to. There could be many steps to using the fractionation technique of seducing women, but the most effective are these three simple steps that will make her attracted to you in no time.

Step 1: Grabbing her attention

There are many ways in which you can grab her attention. Wearing an outfit that is easily noticeable in a room full of people will surely catch her attention. This approach is called peacocking. Make sure that your outfit stands out from the crowd in a good and fashionable way, because you don’t want to be a laughing stock. Going to her and starting a conversation with her is another way to approach her. This is where your rehearsed conversation will come into use. You can start a casual conversation or maybe about something she is doing. You may compliment her, but don’t be too generous with it, as you don’t want her to lose interest in you so soon.

Step 2: Engaging her in a conversation

Now that you have caught her attention, engage her in a fractionation conversation. Seem interested about her life but do not ask too many questions. Women like men who want to know more about them. It is because women unknowingly love talking about themselves. When she asks you about yourself, don’t give away too much, but tell her something that is personal. Like perhaps a secret, half said. Create a sense of mystery. It will make her want to know more about you. And you will get more to converse with her.

Step 3: Emotional rollercoaster

You might have found the above two steps quite simple. It is because they are. The third step is the last and trickiest one. You have to be very careful not to trigger emotions such as anger when you are tackling this step. The purpose of this step is to create an emotional connection with her so that she feels comfortable enough to develop a deep connection with you.

The method of tackling this step is by taking her on an emotional rollercoaster. Ask her about her happy moments followed by her sad moments. Like find a way to ask her about something that brings her joy and happiness. Then share something sad or disturbing with her to which she will respond with a similar incident. Repeat this for about 3-4 times. The combination of successive turns to happiness and sadness confuses the brain a bit and creates an emotional bond. She goes into a whirlwind of emotions and that too in a short time. But this is not as easy as it sounds. You cannot just directly keep asking her about her happy and sad moments. It might irk her and she will end the conversation there and then. Begin by telling her about your sad moments, maybe a bad breakup and talk about your positive outlook on the entire scenario. She too will confide in you by telling you about a similar situation.

Once a woman feels that she has shared her most joyous and vulnerable moments with you, she will start to regard you as her confidant. You gain access to her heart easily using fractionation and she wouldn’t hesitate because she has just confided in you. Moreover, this leaves a lasting impression on her mind because the conversations she had with you were deep and meaningful, unlike the shallow ones men often use to attract women.

How effective is fractionation seduction on women?

Now that you have gained her confidence, she is all yours. It is so because her feelings for you go beyond physical attraction. The emotional bond that you have created with her goes deep to her emotions and it is not fading any time soon. She trusts you with her secrets and subconsciously has given you the control.

The emotional bond prevents the woman from forming a definite opinion about her feeling about the seducer. She remains attracted to him as long as she believes him to be her confidant. This technique thus does its job in luring the woman towards the man.

Fractionation seduction is quite effective but is not fair if used by playboys or Casanovas who like to play with every woman’s emotions. It should be used by men who are serious about a woman. At the same time, this article is a good warning for women to stay away from the trap of fractionation seduction. Be careful about who you share your feelings with, as it can just be a ploy to get you as a trophy and play with your emotions.

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