Fractionation Seduction – How Does it work? Step-by-Step Guide To Use It

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fractionational seduction
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Ever wondered how some guys get lucky with every girl they try to woo? You must have wished that you had the skill they do. You may think that these guys are natural charmers, perhaps it is a god’s gift, but the truth is that wooing is an art that can easily be learned and with practice, you can become as good as them. The secret is fractionation seduction.

All the guys who seem to have a way with women almost effortlessly use fractionation seduction, either consciously or subconsciously. It is a potent tool to charm women and there is no rocket science to it. The name comes from ‘fractionation’, a separation process in which one mixture is divided into a number of smaller parts. If you want to be in their league, this detailed guide on fractionation seduction is going to be your strongest ally.

What Is Fractionation Seduction?

Fractionation seduction is a seduction technique used by men that has evolved over the years. It was invented by a Neuron Linguistic Programmer named John Grinder, and then further developed by Derek Rake. They even released a course called Sonic Seduction, which is still available online. Fractionation psychology is basically a technique that uses the art of persuasion and hypnosis to unravel and unlock the female psyche. It is often used as a means of emotional manipulation.

It is known to cloud a woman’s judgment through a flow of continuously mixed emotions so that she loses control and gives in to the seducer. It gives men what they have desired for ages – the power to attract or seduce women effortlessly. It involves a certain amount of mind control and works in such a way that it is the woman who ends up thinking she wants to be with the man.

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If you have not heard about fractionation psychology, it is because the technique has not been very common in the past but is certainly gaining more popularity by the day. It is seen as the answer to the perennial dilemma of “What do women want?” This dark skill takes you into the mind of a woman and helps you understand what she wants, what her reservations are, and how to respond accordingly. Once learned, using fractionation seduction lines can be a powerful way to attract a woman.

Fractionation seduction is not just effective but also gives results a lot faster, sometimes in a matter of minutes. Barring the hook-up culture enthusiasts, some men think that regular dating means weeks of working on winning her confidence, pampering the woman, assuring her that you constantly think of her, giving her gifts, buying her stunning clothes and beautiful jewelry, and knowing that leather bags are always her weakness. This process traditionally takes days or weeks, sometimes months and years, and that is when you are lucky. 

Women don’t actually need these things from the person they date, but some men certainly think they do. For such insensitive men, the fractionation technique comes as a savior because they don’t wish to waste so much time in getting a woman to like them back and sleep with them. They want to manipulate a woman’s mind quickly, make her think it was her idea to be with them, and leave her confused and crushed. And then they are off to their next target.

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For other men, it’s not about manipulation but about love. They hesitate going over to the love of their life and use this technique to get ahead with her. With fractionation, you can short-circuit a woman’s brain and make her fall in love with you in literally minutes of the hour. Unless a woman knows the internal workings of these tricks, it is unlikely that she will know what she is dealing with. And she will fall head over heels for this person before she even grabs her wits about her. Whether it’s about lust or love, either way, this is not the most ethical way to go about dating anyone.

If you are a woman reading this, take the opportunity to understand how you may be manipulated and perhaps find smarter ways to deal with such a man. He might be speaking to you face-to-face, or using fractionation seduction texting. For the men, pray that the women you use these on have not been to this page. Also, if you just want to learn this technique to be able to hold a conversation with a woman and not manipulate her emotions, focus on cultivating the qualities women admire in men to give you that extra edge in your efforts to win her over. I’m sure, by now, you must be dying to know how fractionation seduction works. Here it goes.

Examples Of Fractionation Seduction

An example of fractionation seduction is when you see a man talking to a woman and in less than 15 minutes, she agrees to go out with him. This is the magic of this technique. Before you know it, you are under its spell. Another example is when women feel that they have shared too much too soon on their first date.

A reader, Cameron, wrote to us, “I am normally a cautious and a reserved person but this man just had a way of making me feel comfortable and gosh, I was attracted to him like hell. I felt like I had known him for ages. It felt like we had some magnetic attraction.” She mistook it for ‘instant connection’.  Needless to say, when he moved on, she felt as if her instincts had betrayed her. How could she have felt what she did and been so wrong about him? Our expert explained to her that it was not her fault.

Many a time, men using this technique are just looking for a hookup or a short relationship. In such a case, it can be devastating for a woman to believe deeply in a relationship that was not important to the other. Read on so that you know when you are being manipulated into being seduced through the fractionation technique.

fractionation technique
Make her feel comfortable with you for that instant connection

Though fractionation seduction has been given many names such as forbidden art or dark art, I would call it devious art. This is because it is an act of deviousness where the woman doesn’t know what she is being tricked into. The person portrays an impression of himself that the woman wants to see, and in the process, she gives in to the manipulations of the man only to follow him where he wants to take her.

During fractionation seduction texting or one-on-one conversation, he would give her the impression that he can bring the world to her feet. She tells him about that branded LBD she ogled at the store, she has it the next day. She always wanted an Alexa, how did he know it? Thai is her favorite cuisine, he’s already ordered it online for her from every restaurant in town. Now tell us, how can she not fall for him?

This guile of the man using the fractionation technique is so potent that even though she has an inkling of something not being right, she cannot help but go his way. One girl wrote to us about losing her virginity to a man for whom she was just a number on his scoreboard.

Exactly what many men want, right? Men, while we give you hacks to impress a woman, please do remember that the other person is a feeling, breathing person with emotions like you. If you’re using this technique to deceive and break the heart of a woman, please know that life comes full circle, and karma isn’t far behind.

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How and when to use fractionation seduction?

Though the fractionation seduction secrets have been misused by many men, they also act as a great hack for that under-confident man who has been in love with a woman for several years but the idea of her being out of his league is preventing him from approaching her. Let us see how fractionation seduction works, and how the good ones can make good use of it.

This technique, as charming and tempting as it seems, is not that easy to master. The key to mastering this skill is through practice. Before applying this technique on women, you need to work on the following skills:

  1. Speak confidently: Having strong interpersonal skills is a must in this technique. You need to be confident, sharp, and social. No woman likes a man fumbling and stammering after each word
  2. Suit up: No matter what your appearance is, you need to look dapper. Think about what you’ll wear on your first date. Women like men who have a good dressing sense. As they say, you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes
  3. Keep up with trends: You may not be a person who follows trends, but you need to have knowledge about the things people are talking about. Read on economics, politics, entertainment, and sports. If your discussion ends up with you being on the polar opposite of your woman’s opinion, don’t just agree with her. Express your take on the issue, perhaps validate it with some data, and agree to disagree. As you know, confidence is the key, especially to unlocking fractionation seduction secrets
  4. Don’t think any less of yourself: The moment you think that the woman is out of your league, your actions will show that. Remember, fake it before you make it, even if you think she is better than you, act as if the two of you deserve each other
  5. Practice makes perfect: Practice your conversations and fractionation seduction lines with other women. Try flirting with your best friend as practice, or try making a girl laugh at your local store. The more you try it, the better you will be. Manny wrote to us that he practiced cracking a joke with his female friends 4 times before he said it in front of his now girlfriend

Make the woman feel that she needs you, not vice versa. Your looks don’t matter. It all comes down to your personality and how cleverly you confuse her with her own emotions.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use Fractionation Seduction Technique

Once you have mastered the above, you are now ready to use fractionation psychology on any woman you want to. There could be many steps to using the fractionation technique of seducing women, but the most effective are these three simple steps that will make her attracted to you in no time. Women, you too need to read all about it to safeguard yourself from tricksters and to know when you’re being played.

But tell us something, if someone is using these techniques just to get on your good side without expecting anything in return, would you give them a chance? Let us know! Without further ado, here are the steps of fractionation technique.

Step 1: Grabbing her attention

There are many ways in which you can grab her attention. Wearing an outfit that is easily noticeable in a room full of people will surely catch her attention. This approach is called peacocking. Make sure that your outfit is fashionable and not weird, or you may end up being the laughing stock. If you need professional help, there are many image consultants to help you, or you can even ask the saleswoman at the clothing store for her guidance.

Approaching her and starting a conversation with her is another way to initiate a conversation. If you see her at a party with an empty glass, offer a refill, compliment her on her smile or her shoes, or you can simply strike a conversation on something related to work. Complimenting her is a good start but remember, you must sound genuine. This is where your rehearsed conversation will come into use.

But we know you like her a lot. So, complimenting her won’t be a task for you anyway, right? Tell her about the impact she’s had on you, or how you loved her opinion on a certain topic, or how you’ve noticed that she cares about people a lot. Make her feel special.

Step 2: Engaging her in a conversation

Now that you have caught her attention, engage her in a fractionation conversation. If you met her on a dating app, you must know some dating app conversation starters that get her to bring down her walls. Take interest in her life but do not grill her with questions. Women like men who want to know more about their likes and dislikes, or what matters to them, and what doesn’t. It shows a holistic interest. Also, remember, many women love to talk about themselves. But there are some who don’t. Don’t try to force her into conversations. Keep it light and breezy, with a hint of genuine care and curiosity.

One of the fractionation seduction examples is that when she asks you questions, don’t give away too much too fast. But tell her something that is personal, and in all of this, make eye contact. Create a sense of mystery. It will make her want to know more about you. This way, you’ll get to keep talking with her.

Step 3: Emotional rollercoaster

You might have found the above two steps quite simple. It is because they are. The third step is the last and the trickiest one. You have to be very careful not to trigger emotions such as anger when you are using this step. The purpose is to create an emotional connection with her so that she feels comfortable enough to develop a deep connection with you.

The way to use this technique is to take her on an emotional rollercoaster. This is about finding a way to make her feel extreme happiness and sadness in a short period of time. And when she experiences this, she will develop an emotional dependence on the person who is putting her through that emotional roller coaster. This is often used by filmmakers who get us emotionally invested in their movies.

Ask her about her precious, happy moments in life, celebrate that with her, and then take her to the other extreme. Share something that was disturbing. She will naturally empathize with you by sharing something challenging from her own life. Repeat this about 3 to 4 times. The combination of this cyclical exercise confuses the brain a bit and helps in creating a bond. This whirlwind of emotions in such a short span of time makes a person vulnerable and results in a need to deepen that connection.

We must warn you, this is not as easy as it sounds. There is a risk of her being irritated or shutting down totally. It is best to begin with your sad moments, perhaps a bad breakup, and then talk about how you have found this new relationship with her, and how this positivity is changing the way you see everything. This conversation will probably go into her hard drive as a time when she had heartfelt and meaningful conversations.

Once a woman feels that she has shared her most joyous and vulnerable moments with you, she will begin to see you as her confidant. She will want to share more, and you will gradually become her go-to person. But please remember to not overwhelm her or trigger her in any way when you try this technique, especially when you try to get her to talk about something sad. This can backfire and create distrust instead of intimacy.

How effective is fractionation seduction on women?

Now that you have learned about these fractionation seduction examples, and have gained her confidence, she is all yours. But treat her with the sensitivity she deserves. Her feelings for you now go beyond just physical attraction. The emotional bond that you have created will last if you do not cheese her off with shallow behavior or romantic manipulation.  She trusts you with her secrets, and subconsciously, has given you control of her emotions.

The emotional bond prevents the woman from forming a definite opinion about her feelings about the seducer. She remains attracted to him as long as she believes him to be her confidant. This technique, thus, does its job in luring the woman toward the man. Do you see now how it could be used to harm unsuspecting women?

Fractionation seduction is quite effective but is not fair if used by playboys or Casanovas who like to play with a woman’s emotions. It should be used only by men who are serious about a woman and expect nothing in return from her. At the same time, this article can be used by women to understand when they are being manipulated into something that they may not want. Be wary of such master manipulators, and be careful about who you share your feelings with, as it can just be a ploy to get you as a trophy and to play with your emotions.

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