13 Things To Do When Your Husband Ignores You

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Husband Ignores You

If your husband is acting cold, distant and giving you the silent treatment, it means that your husband is ignoring you. In a marriage when your husband ignores you, it is a red flag. If this issue isn’t tackled immediately, it can cause more problems in future. Your husband will grow more distant day by day and before you know it, there will be this wall between the two of you which will become impossible to breakdown. You both will end up in a marriage that has a dead end.

13 Things To Do When Your Husband Ignores You

“My husband ignores me. My husband hardly talks to me. I feel left alone by my husband.” Do you feel this? Your husband’s cold behavior is beginning to worry you and you keep asking yourself the reason for his behavior. There could be several reasons for your husband to ignore you. He could be busy with work, there could be some unresolved issues between the two of you, he might just be tired or he might have fallen out of love with you. It is never too late to mend things with your husband. Here are 13 things to do when your husband ignores you.

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1. Talk to him

Try talking to him

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Communication is said to be the best key when it comes to unresolved issues in a relationship or marriage. Many times, when one partner starts ignoring the other, the other spouse too starts giving him the silent treatment. If he is ignoring you then you need to be the one to take the first step. Letting your guard down and talking about the issues in the marriage will help you both to face the problem and come up with a solution together.

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2. Be kind to him

Even if your husband is ignoring you, it doesn’t mean that you should start thinking of a revenge plan. Instead, be kind to him and show him that you care for him. You can do so by showing that you remember the little things. He might be reluctant at first but he will slowly begin to give in. Your husband will start softening up and he can’t help but end the silent treatment.

3. If your husband ignore you, give him some time

Sometimes husbands tend to ignore their wives because of work or other personal matters that they don’t feel comfortable to discuss at that moment. You might feel like a stranger to him at the moment but you need to be patient. Your husband will eventually come around and share his feelings with you. If you notice that he is ignoring you and says that he doesn’t want to talk about it, give him some time to recover from it. He will eventually tell you when he is ready.

4. Don’t fight with him

Do not fight with him

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Many times when your husband goes silent and starts ignoring you, you feel angry and frustrated and pick a fight with him. The problem about fights with spouses is that once you begin fighting with him, many old unresolved issues also tend to crop up which makes matters worse because you don’t know in what frame of mind your husband is in. Instead, cool it off and then talk to him. Remember not to aggravate the matters further by picking up fights when your husband ignores you.

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5. Analyze the situation

If your husband has been ignoring you recently, then it must be something recent that must have ticked him off. Think about the different events that happened before that and try to identify which incident made him ignore you this way. Identifying the situation will help you tackle it better. The faster you identify the cause of his behavior, the faster you’ll be able to solve the issues between your husband and you.

6. Try to reconnect with him

If you are unable to identify which instance made your husband give you the silent treatment, let it be. Instead, try to reconnect with your husband and get him to talk to you. Sometimes, simple actions such as holding his hand and telling him that you are there for him do wonders when it comes to reconnecting with your husband.

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7. Try to stay positive

If your husband is ignoring you, the situation maybe a bit dull and tense.You may have also got ideas of your husband having an affair. In such a scenario, you need to remain positive and be optimistic about the situation. You never know what might be the actual cause for his behavior. If your husband is going through something bad then you’ll need to be strong enough to help him through the phase.

8. Try to surprise him

Sometimes spouses tend to get silent after few years of the marriage. This happens because of the spark that wears off. When the spark wears off, as the marriage moves forwards, spouses tend to communicate lesser with each other. Your husband might have got silent at first and it has now become a habit, leading to this kind of behavior. Try new fun ways to surprise him and make him feel good.

Surprise him with the things he likes and see if his face lights up with it.

9. Try to pay attention to his behavior

Pay more attention to your husband’s behavior. Is he ignoring you all the time or only when you bring up certain topics? Men have a tendency to ignore particular topics if they feel that it isn’t worth talking about. Also, does he seem happy while talking to other people or does he have a serious face with them as well? If it’s only with you then it means that the matter is related to you.

10. Don’t gossip about it

In the initial phases of your husband’s behavior, don’t gossip about his behavior with your friends. Men hate gossip, especially when it is on a sensitive matter. Taking other people’s opinions might wreck the marriage. Instead, trust your own judgment about the situation. However, if significant amount of time has passed and you are still unable to understand the situation, it’s time to get another opinion.

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11. Bring back the spark

Bring alive the spark

Bring alive the spark Image Source

If your husband is ignoring you, it can also mean that everything has become dull and routine in the house. Try flirting with your spouse, it really helps a marriage. Many times, such cases make spouses more prone to having affairs. Bring back the missing spark in your marriage and reconnect with him sexually. Blow his mind with things that you both haven’t tried before. By doing so, you’ll bring back the spark and make sure that you both keep the spark going.

12. Try keeping a bit busy

If your husband is not paying attention to you, you need to try doing the same to him. Many times husbands take their wives for granted because they think that their wives will always be available at their beck and call. Keeping yourself busy and spending some time apart from your husband will make him realize your importance and he will stop ignoring you. However, don’t prolong it as he could get used to it and it can create a permanent wall between the two of you.

13. Seek counselling

If despite all your efforts, your husband is still ignoring you, it’s time to seek counselling. Most couple regret not seeking counselling at the right time because of which they end up divorced. Seeking counselling doesn’t mean that your marriage has come to an end. It only means that you both are willing to work on your marriage and fix all the unresolved issues that you both have.

Restoring your marriage can be a difficult task, especially when your spouse is ignoring you. You feel like a stranger in front of him. When the matter is this sensitive, don’t pick fights or complain to your partner about his behavior if you don’t know the actual reason why he is ignoring you, it will make things worse and create a bigger rift between the two of you. However, it is never too late. Confronting your partner and sharing your feelings with him is always the best option to solve the unresolved issues between you and your partner.

How you ever been in a situation when your husband ignored you? How did you tackle it? Share with us and other readers in the comments!

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