10 Worst Tinder Pick-up Lines That Could Make You Cringe

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Updated On: March 17, 2024
Worst Tinder Pickup Lines
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Bad pick-up lines can stop your flirting and dating game in the tracks. They don’t do what you think they do. They don’t elevate the recipient’s opinion of you and definitely don’t prove your sense of humor. In fact, they accomplish the very opposite. If there is something that women really loathe it’s corny pick-up lines. Yet, they find themselves at the receiving end of the worst pick-up lines on Tinder and other dating sites more often than now.

If you have been guilty of using them thinking it makes you come across as cool and sassy, here’s what the worst pick-up lines actually convey: DO NOT ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH ME. I’M THE CREEP YOU WANT TO AVOID ALL YOUR LIFE.

Well, what do we mean by the following?

  • Corny pick-up lines – Words that sound cool in your head but turn out out to be annoying when spoken out loud
  • Cheesy pick-up lines – This means a cheap conversation opener often peppered with sexual innuendos
  • Mean pick-up lines – Shows you as the uncouth, megalomaniac that you could be

10 Worst Tinder Pick-up Lines

Most single people nowadays are on online dating sites. When your dating future depends on how you interact on an app, it’s only wise to have the right conversation starters up your sleeve. Relying on done-do-death Tinder pick-up lines that instantly make the other person cringe is not one of them.

Opening a conversation with terrible pick-up lines could be a deal-breaker for you. Some men end up using them without even realizing that one wrong sentence has the potential to undo weeks of effort and work that you may have put in wooing someone.

If you want to bolster your online dating odds, you must steer clear of these top 10 worst pick-up lines on Tinder and dating other platforms:

1. “How are you, beautiful?”

My parents’ genes worked, I guess. This is the most common but the corniest pick-up line that sounds like it has been taken straight out of a C-Grade film script. Why does calling someone beautiful count as one of the bad pick-up lines, you ask? Well, for one, it sounds patronizing. Secondly, most women have heard it so often that they can’t help but assume that you’re just another one of those phonies using compliments to work your way into their pants.

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2. “Do you wanna check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa? I could send you a photo of it”

Please don’t. Don’t suggest sending her a picture of your junk. And definitely don’t send her a picture of your junk. Unless you’re in the midst of a hot, sexting session, insinuating sending or asking for nudes is creepy and repulsive. This one truly takes the cake among the worst pick-up lines on Tinder.

Tinder pick-up lines
Suggesting sending nudes is repulsive

3. “Would you talk to me again if I told you I want to jack off to your photo?”

What do you think, genius? You would be blocked for good that’s for sure. This is one of the worst pick-up lines you can use when trying to woo a girl because you’d invariably make her feel sick and dirty. Objectifying her is definitely not the way to win her over.

Also, we sincerely hope that you’re aren’t ACTUALLY jacking off to her photos. Or that of any girl you connect with on a dating app.

4. “Have you tried the Longer burger at KFC yet?”

This is one of the most terrible pick-up lines because you think you’re being funny but end up coming across as gross. Also, what’s with using sexual innuendos when trying to impress a girl? News flash: it almost never works. Try striking a conversation the next time.

bad pick-up lines
Sexual innuendos don’t work when you’re trying to impress a girl

5. “Is your name an invitation? Cause I wanna come in you”

Is this truly one of the worst pick-up lines on Tinder? Yep, we’re not making this up. If you’re considering using it because that cocky friend can’t stop raving about how it works every single time, be warned it’s the quickest way to be consigned to the category of type of men to avoid on Tinder.

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6. “You and Natasha Malkova have kind of the same eyes. I wonder if you are talented as her if you know what I mean”

Going by these Tinder pick-up lines, it’s no wonder that the app has earned the notorious reputation of being more a platform for hook-ups more than dating. This is a pick-up line because comparing someone to a porn star is hardly the way to get in good graces.

7. “Hello, booty-full”

Come on, if you’re gonna be creepy, at least be original. This is among the worst pick-up lines on Tinder because it shows that you’re not only a creep but also dull and unimaginative. None of that looks good for you when you’re trying to win someone over.

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8. “If you were a shirt, you would be made of boyfriend material”

When it comes to bad pick-up lines, it’s not always the men who’re guilty. Girls too can say creepy things to guys, often completely oblivious of how clingy or off-putting they sound. Use this pick-up line and he’s sure to bolt away seeing a potential needy girlfriend red flags.

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9. “Do you like being choked?”

Heed our advice, and save discussing sexual preferences for when you are past the getting-to-know-each-other phase and already have some sort of a connection. Leading with it makes for just another terrible pick-up line that will sound the death knell of your story.

10. “Are you a child of Satan? Cause I feel you are a bad, bad girl”

This is one of the less glaringly awful among the worst pick-up lines on Tinder or other dating apps. We’ll give you that. But it’s still bad enough to make a person not want to speak to you again because it sends out the signal that you’re the kind who shouts ‘who’s your daddy?’ in bed.

Are you guilty of using any of these worst pick-up lines on Tinder or their close variations? And have you also been wondering why online dating hasn’t been working for you? Well, you now have the answer. On the flip side, if you’ve had these lines used on you, you have our sympathies. It’s time to hone your creep radar a little more.

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