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10 terrible Tinder pickup lines


Bad pick-up lines are simply bad. They don’t do what you think they do. They don’t elevate the recipient’s opinion about you and definitely don’t prove your sense of humour. In fact, they accomplish the very opposite. These lines are to be read as DO NOT ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH ME. I’M THE CREEP YOU WANT TO AVOID ALL YOUR LIFE.

Here are a few of our favourite bad pick-up lines used on Tinder.

1. “How are you, beautiful?”

My parents’ genes worked, I guess.

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2. “Do you wanna check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa? I could send you a photo of it”

Please don’t.

i dont give a shit
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3. “Would you talk to me again if I told you I want to jack off to your photo?”

What do you think, genius?

quick bite

4. “Have you tried the Longer burger at KFC yet?”

Subtlety, at its best.

eye roll
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5. “Is your name an invitation? Cause I wanna come in you”

No, but you can easily exit.

6. “You and Natasha Malkova have kind of the same eyes. I wonder if you are talented as her if you know what I mean”

Yes, we also hate lousy pick-up lines.

7. “Hello booty-full”

Come on. If you’re gonna be creepy, at least be original.

8. “If you were a shirt, you would be made of boyfriend material”

If you were shorts, you would be stinky.

end my suffering
‘please….’ Image Source

9. “Do you like being choked?”

Do you like getting beaten to death?

10. “Are you a child of Satan? Cause I feel you are a bad, bad girl”

You got that right.

hell no meme
‘just stop talking’ Image Source

Could you relate to these? You might have gotten a variation of these in your time on Tinder. Tinder really should figure out a way to block out the creeps. Tell us the worst pick-up line anyone has ever used on you.

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