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I walked out of an abusive relationship

Any relationship can be abusive; the key is to recognise this and get away

How my boyfriend abused me

He kicked me, as I held on to his leg, begging him not to leave me. This was just within the first 3 months of our relationship. I ran after him in the street, pleading with him, wiping the tears streaming down from my eyes. He looked at me once – a steely glance – a look full of disgust, and walked away. This was over a text conversation he read on my computer that I had with my friend where I described how I felt like I should break up with him, my then boyfriend. I didn’t want to tell her in the messages that I was scared of how attached he was already, and that I didn’t like the fact that he would lie to me, or convince me that my version of a story was not what actually happened. He was snooping.

He wanted to find something, anything, that would prove to him that I didn’t love him and I didn’t want to be with him. This was the extent of his paranoia surrounding me.

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