Breakup Signs Unveiled: 15 Key Indicators Your Relationship Is Ending

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Updated On: March 12, 2024
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How do you know your relationship is heading towards a breakup? The tell-tale signs of a breakup are always there if only we are prepared to look. Relationships, like seasons, have their cycles. The warmth of spring blossoms into the fullness of summer, but inevitably, the crispness of autumn follows. Yet, before the leaves start to change color, relationships often whisper signs, subtle and gentle at first, signaling the impending arrival of an inevitable winter—the end.  This makes one ponder about how breakups – or those gut-wrenching signs a breakup is near – are to be dealt with.

A breakup isn’t just a sudden collision but a series of tremors that ripple through the foundation of a relationship. It’s a slow unveiling, like watching a flower wither, petal by petal until all that remains is the memory of its vibrant bloom. But you can certainly look out for those worrying signs and brace for that emotional storm that awaits you. So what are the warning signs that your relationship is heading towards its doom? Let us tell you about the ominous signs of a breakup.

15 Signs You Are On The Verge Of A Breakup

As soon as the novelty of your relationship wears out, you start contemplating a future together. In fact, according to a study, 70 percent of unmarried relationships end during the first year. The same study found that after five years, couples only had a 20 percent chance of breaking up and that number continues to shrink after couples make it to their 10th anniversary. So, if your partner is not ready to commit, it might be an indicator that you’re on the verge of a breakup. They may not say it out loud but it will reflect in their actions. The signs of a breakup will stare you in the face.

For instance, if you find your boyfriend fumbling for words while introducing you to his family or friends, or if he avoids discussions about the future and is secretive in his ways, you have clear signs he wants to end the relationship. A reddit user writes in response to the question of what are the signs your relationship is on the verge of a breakup, “When they stop showing emotional investment into the relationship like they used to. Lack of communication, attention, and intimacy are good indicators.”

Making excuses for spending less time with you and constantly lying about their whereabouts are all breakup warning signs. Even if your partner denies any intent to part ways when confronted, if your gut tells you something is off, do not brush it aside. These are the early signs of a breakup.

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1. Prolonged arguments on the same topics

If your partner initiates repetitive squabbles and blows them out of proportion, it shows a lack of interest in having regular conversations with you. They may also be jumping to conclusions and putting words in your mouth to avert any healthy discussion, these fights are a result of falling out of love.

When your best efforts to make peace and avoid fights backfire, know that the underlying reason for their resentment is that they are not happy in the relationship and want an out.

2. No endeavours towards mending fences

Fights in a relationship are nothing out of the ordinary. It won’t be an exaggeration to call them two sides of a coin. However, a complete lack of interest in trying to work past them and making up is a red flag. A reddit user shared, “He would just sit there and apologize when I’d cry but never make any effort to change.”

When your partner does not attempt to sort out the differences or work on the issues between you two, it means that the relationship is not a priority for them. Or that they feel that the relationship is not worth salvaging. Once you reach that place with your partner, a breakup is in your future.

3. All questions regarding the future are averted

My roommate from college was in a long-term relationship and head-over-heels in love with the guy. They were together for nearly 6 years, but for the entire duration of that relationship, he never once introduced her to his family nor contributed to plans actively.

Eventually, he dumped her and married another person within 6 months. Now when she looked back she realised this guy had never talked about a future together. She said it was an absolute sign that he was going to breakup. I say it was a warning sign at the very least that she never heeded.

It is only natural for couples to dream about a future together, sharing personal and professional goals. When you find your partner dodges all issues related to the future or commitment, it’s time you realize that the end of your relationship might be near.

signs its time to end a relationship
All issues related to future or commitment are not addressed

4. Frequent outings

Spending quality time together is a necessity for any couple. If you feel that a lion’s share of their time is being devoted to work-related outings, dinners, or workout sessions, it is one of the signs they want to end the relationship. When people are in love, the desire to spend time with their significant other comes naturally.

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Signs He Wants To End The Relationship Because Of Another Woman

Sometimes breakup signs may be a result of the presence of another woman in your partner’s life. Here are the signs he doesn’t love you anymore and is falling for someone else. According to a study, “Infidelity may result in irreparable relationship damage, leading to a breakdown of love relationships.”

5. Appearances begin to matter

While taking care of oneself is always aspirational, any sudden changes in appearance are one of the most obvious breakup warning signs. If your partner is suddenly overtly conscious about his looks, begins to change the way he dresses, or starts hitting the gym more religiously, he wants to impress somebody and that’s one of the first signs of cheating.

He may be trying to woo a colleague or a friend outside of your common circles. Besides, if he is also beginning to get more and more critical of your looks and appearance, then he undoubtedly has an eye for someone else and is constantly comparing you two.

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6. Limited conversations

The early stages of any relationship are marked by long conversations, endless texts and calls. Over time, their frequency does begin to dwindle. These are signs of a breakup from her.

But if your boyfriend suddenly wants minimal interaction with you, drastically reduces the number of messages or calls and responds to most of your questions in monosyllables, it’s a sign that someone else may be the centre of his attention.

That only means your days together are numbered. If you’re trying to salvage such a relationship, these tips on improving communication may help.

7. Well-wishers hinting about another woman in your man’s life

When you are in love, you trust your partner blindly. But if a friend or relative points out that your partner is growing dangerously close to another woman do not brush it aside or question their motives. It’s quite possible that your partner is straying but they do not know how to break it to you.

When his friends can’t see eye-to-eye with you or behave awkward around you it’s a sign you are heading for a breakup. Because they know something that you don’t know yet.

stories about breakup and loss

8. A familiar name pops up frequently in your conversations

My cousin was in a long-distance relationship, and as luck would have it, her best friend moved to her boyfriend’s city for a job. The trio was ecstatic at the stroke of fate in the beginning. But over the next few months, her best friend started avoiding her calls and texts, and her boyfriend started mentioning her a lot.

Suddenly, she was there for all the movie outings, dinners, and so on. Soon, they parted ways and her ex began dating her best friend. If your partner keeps mentioning a woman repeatedly, it’s an indicator that she is important to him. This can quickly build up into an emotional affair that can be detrimental to your relationship.

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9. Your partner is happy without you

If you notice that your partner is more content and jovial when you are not around and presence kills his mood, your relationship may be on the verge of a breakup. If your presence fails to inspire a response of warmth like it used to, it is an indication his feelings are wearing out.

10. You guys are off sex

If you and your partner are not having sex like you were before, and no longer feel attracted to each other, a breakup is in your future. All the passion has faded away, and all that is left is resentment and a queasy feeling at the thought of making love.

It’s a sign that he’s not into you anymore and that may be impacting the way you feel about him too. Sometimes people stop being intimate on purpose because they want to ensure that they can move on more easily. This is a sign that you are going to break up. These are in fact, physical signs of a breakup.

11. Acts like a teenager

Your partner behaves like a stripling around this other woman. He eggs her on to initiate silly arguments and leaves no chance of flirting with her. If he has suddenly transported back to those days of teenage romance and is unable to shake out of it, is caught up with it, the writing is pretty much on the wall.

It’s just that you can’t see it. Chances are they are already together and plotting behind your back, ways and means to call it quits with you.

12. The other woman gets invited to all the functions

Suddenly, you are out of his social calendar and this other woman is accompanying him to all the outings and social commitments, your relationship might well be done and dusted. He just hasn’t told you yet. It’s time for confrontation.

These are signs someone is going to break up with you. If he doesn’t like to mingle with you socially and go to parties and events together then there is something seriously wrong. Take this into account and be sure our relationship is heading towards the end.

what stage of breakup am i in

13. Comparisons with the other person

If your partner is continually praising someone else for everything that you do, inevitably, you are no more ‘the one’ for him, it is undeniably one of the classic signs he wants to end the relationship. When your partner is being biased toward the other person whenever comparing the two of you, he has made his choice.

Instead of thinking of how to salvage the relationship think of how you will break up with your boyfriend. Because the warning signs of a break up are too pronounced.

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14. Discussing personal and intimate details with the other person

There are certain topics that you discuss only with your partner. If you ever find your partner discussing these personal and confidential issues with this other person who he claims to be close to, it’s a reflection on his comfort level with them.

This is a significant sign of an emotional affair, which may sound the death knell for your relationship.

15. Expressing his feelings blatantly

Your partner gets defensive and overly protective at the very mention of this other person. This sense of possessiveness shows his attachment to them, and he is just a step away from literally accepting that he is breaking up with you.

As soon as you see these in your face signals sent out by your partner, fortify yourself with your loved ones. Healing after a breakup is a slow process, but like with everything else, this too shall pass.

When Is It Time To Break Up With Someone You Love

When you feel you are dragging on in the relationship just for the sake of it and it offers no happiness anymore, then it’s time to break up with someone you love.

Sometimes a relationship has a timeline and the signs are there that it’s nearing its end. Whether you are fighting a lot or are not bothered about each other at all, whether there is a third person in the relationship or there is no whiff of an affair, you just feel unhappy together.

You don’t plan a future together, you don’t plan dates anymore, you have no enthusiasm to socialise together and he is constantly criticising or comparing you and you are complaining about his ways, then it’s clear that it’s time to break up.

A breakup doesn’t happen out of the blue the early signs of a breakup are always there. You just need to know how to understand those signs.


1. How long does the average couple date before breaking up?

There is no hard and fast rule for that. A couple can date for one month or a few years before they decide to break up. But suppose they decide to take a break from the relationship to get a perspective on where they stand and that extends to more than 3 months, then a breakup has happened.

2. What month do most couples break up?

Like there is cuffing season there is breakup season. Most couples break up during the weeks leading to Thanks Giving and New Year’s eve.

3. How do you break up with someone you still love?

It’s hard to breakup with someone you still love but if the relationship is not going anywhere it’s best to move on. Maintain the no contact rule and you will be in a better place.

4. Can you break up with someone if you still love them?

Yes, you can do that when you realise your relationship has no future and you are dragging on dead weight.

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