15 Subtle signs your partner is going to break up with you soon

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You might have heard or seen the ‘Breakup song’ that topped the charts recently. It contrasted with the regular sad, melodramatic songs on heartbreak. It makes one ponder the question of how breakups are being dealt with of late. The frequency, the reasons and the coping mechanisms of a breakup may vary, but one thing that is utterly resolute, is the ‘pain’ involved. We are all aware of the eminent fact that pain is the by-product of a breakup and yet it can’t be evaded. About 70% of straight unmarried couples break up within the first year of dating, says a source. It may not be possible to avert a breakup, but you can certainly look out for some signs that indicate the probability of a breakup.

Are there any signs that a breakup is coming?

We know that all relationships are not going to end in happily-ever-afters. And all relationships carry a risk of ending anytime – because of you, because of the other partner, because of circumstances, or because you want it mutually. However, if one of you wants to end a relationship, it always starts with some hints and red flags. If there is a constant deterioration in your relationship, then you need to watch out for some subtle, yet clear signs that indicate a breakup in the near future.

Breakup does not happen one fine day, but is a gradual process. Relations wear and tear down, and if we are able to read the signs that an end is on the way, we might as well be prepared for it as well. The pain will still be there, but not the shock. And this is why it is important to know the warning signs and be prepared for the worst, though you don’t stop hoping for the best.

15 signs your partner is going to break up with you

As soon as the novelty of your relationship wears out, you start comprehending your future together as a couple. If you find your partner fumbling for words while introducing you to his family or friends, beware. When your partner avoids discussions about the future and keeps a lot of secrets, then he may be planning to call it quits. Taking each other for granted is quite common among couples, but if your partner shows utter disdain for all your romantic gestures, then you better get the hint. Making excuses for spending less time with you and constant fibbing about his whereabouts are signs of a breakup coming your way.

Sometimes you get a gut feeling that something is not right. If you ever get this feeling, do not brush it aside.

Sometimes your partner may be feeling suffocated in the relationship and may want to break up just to enjoy his singlehood.

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1. Prolonged arguments on the same topics

You feel your partner initiates squabbles that are repetitive and blows them out of proportion. This shows that he is not interested in having regular conversations with you. He may also be jumping to conclusions and putting words in your mouth to avert any healthy, positive discussion. This can mean he or she are not happy in a relationship and are considering an out. The frequent fights over the most insignificant of things is a huge warning signal.

2. No endeavours towards mending fences

Just like all couples fight, they also get back together. When your partner makes no attempt to sort out the differences between you two, it means that your relationship is not his priority. Or he does not want to have conversations with you, but rather That again shows that your relationship is going through a downhill phase.

3. All questions regarding the future are averted

Most couples who are together dream about the future, sharing personal and professional goals. When you find you partner dodge all question related to future or to commitment then it’s time you realise that your end as a couple is near.

4. Frequent outings

If the time you spent together has suddenly been cut out on owing to other commitments, you may need to revisit your relationship. A sudden increase in his work related outings or dinners that he prefers to not to talk about at all, should not be ignored.
the other woman

Signs of another woman in your partner’s life

5. Appearances begin to matter

When your partner is overtly conscious about his looks, it implies that he wants to impress somebody. He or she may be trying to woo a colleague or a friend outside your knowledge. At the same time if you find him constantly criticising how you look, then he is surely checking out someone else and constantly comparing the two of you.

6. Limited conversations

From someone who would ask you about your day and frequently text or call you to being aloof and having limited conversations to matters that concern your day-to-day life is a major change in anyone. If your partner drastically reduces the number of messages or calls made to you, then it’s a hint that those messages and calls are going elsewhere.

7. Well-wishers hinting about another woman in your man’s life

When we are in love we trust blindly. But whenever a friend or relative points out the growing closeness between another woman and your man, please do not take it lightly. There is no smoke without a fire, so taking some hints and being careful is the way.

8. A familiar name pops up frequently in your conversations

If your partner keeps mentioning a woman’s name even while he is talking to you, it simply reveals her significance in his life. It also indicates intimacy and closeness towards her. Often starting as emotional affairs, they can be unhealthy for a committed relationship.

Signs your partner will leave you for another woman

9. Your partner is happy without you

If you notice your partner is happier and jovial when you are not around and suddenly becomes less interested in anything at the sight of you, he or she may be on the verge of breaking up. If you do not get the same warm response that you used to get earlier when he saw you after a hard day, it is an indication his feelings are wearing out.

10. You guys are off sex

If you and your partner are not having sex like you were before, and no longer feel attracted to each other, a breakup is definitely coming. All the passion has faded away and all that is left is resentment and a queasy feeling when you think about making love.

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11. Acts like a teenager

Your partner is a mere stripling around this other woman. Having silly arguments with her and flirting with her. He seems to be living his teenage romance, and is caught up with it. This is the simplest clue about what is yet to come.

12. The other woman gets invited to all the functions

When you find out that this other woman is being invited to all the functions that are important to your partner, it’s time for confrontation.

13. Comparisons with the other person

If your partner is constantly praising someone else for everything that you do, it is certain that you are no more ‘The one’ for him or her. When you feel your partner is being biased towards the other person whenever he is comparing the two of you, then he has clearly made his choice.

14. Discussing personal and intimate details with the other person

There are certain topics that you share only with your partner. If you ever find your partner is discussing personal and intimate issues with another person who he claims to be close with, it shows how comfortable he is with him or her. This is one major sign of an emotional affair that may soon bring about the end of your relationship.

15. Expressing his feelings blatantly

At the mention of someone else, your partner gets defensive and overly protective. When your partner gets possessive or expresses his attachment with another woman, he is just a step away from literally accepting that he is breaking up with you for this woman.

As soon as you see these in your face signals sent out by your partner, fortify yourself with your loved ones. Healing after a breakup is a slow process, but like with everything else, this too shall pass.

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