How To Know If Someone Is Right For You? Take This Quiz

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Updated On: September 4, 2021
Know If Someone Is Right For You

When you’re navigating the minefield that is modern dating, the ‘how to know if someone is right for you’ question weighs on your mind A LOT. With the rules constantly changing and people playing mind games rather than working on making a connection, such doubts and dilemmas are only natural.

Besides, with dating apps overflowing with options, deciding when to stop looking for options has become harder than ever. You need to know if you are dating the right person to be able to commit.

How To Know If Someone Is Right For You? Find Out By Taking This Quiz

Whether or not you grew up believing in the idea of ‘the one’ or ‘soulmates’ perpetuated by romcoms and fairy tales, the idea of a partner for life appeals to a majority of us. Wouldn’t life be a lot simpler if you could just know if you are dating the right person or not? Yes, we think so too!

It’s true that intuition plays a big role in this kind of thing too. When you meet the right person you just know it in your heart and in the way you feel. Your life suddenly seems to align in all the perfect ways and all your problems seem to become lighter. But to pinpoint this exact feeling and person, can take a bit of an effort.

In case, you’re not sure how to know if someone is right for you, take our quiz to find out. Give yourself a point for each question you pass and add your tally in the end. The higher your score, the stronger the signs you are made for each other. Test your intuition and your love about them with this quiz.

Ready? Let’s get started:

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1. Do you flaunt your partner?

Pay attention to how you both behave when out together. Are you conscious of being seen with them? Or do you want everyone to notice you two together? How does your partner feel about this? If you’re both not just comfortable with the idea of being spotted together but almost want to flaunt each other to the world, it means you are content in your relationship.

This is one of the signs he is right for you or she’s a keeper and you should never let her go. When you love them sincerely, you aren’t afraid of the world knowing about it. So think about whether you keep your relationship under wraps or do you let everyone know about this perfect person that you’ve cuffed!

2. Do you let each other soar?

Want to know if you are dating the right person with surety? Pay attention to this aspect of your relationship. Do you feel as if your partner holds you back? Or are they the wind beneath your wings that helps you soar higher?

If your answer is the latter, you can count it as an indication that the person you’re with is good for you. If you found the right person, you will feel it in the way that they will be supportive of you. Someone who helps you jump higher and does not pull you down, is indeed someone you should spend your life with.

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3. Do they want you to change?

It is one thing to want your partner to be the best version of themselves and push them toward excellence. But wanting to change someone on a fundamental level is a whole different ball game and definitely not healthy. If that is something you identify with, it is one of the signs you’re not right for each other.

On the other hand, if your partner loves and cherishes you the way you are, hold them close and don’t let them go. Remember, someone is meant to be in your life only if they accept you wholeheartedly.

4. Do you fit into each other’s life seamlessly?

They say when you meet the one you just know. But how? Well, how well you fit into each other’s lives is one of the factors that convince you on a subconscious level that you’re right for each other. So, do pay attention to whether you feel like your partner belongs in your life.

For instance, if you’re a homebody and them a party animal, your diverse outlooks toward life are bound to bring you at loggerheads with each more often than not. Over time, this takes a toll on the relationship, causing you to drift apart. But if you found the right person, this type of thing will not be a bother and you will sort these issues out with ease.

dating the right person
Made for each other

5. Do they listen to you?

When we say listen, we don’t mean that they obey your every command and never disagree with you. Listening here means that they pay attention to the words coming out of your mouth. Moreover, one of the signs that you are with the right person is if they also remember what’s important to you and why.

If your partner brings you hot chicken soup in bed when you’re nursing a cold because you once mentioned in passing that’s how your mom cared for you when you were sick, it is one of the unmissable signs he is right for you or she is.

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6. Do you feel happy with them?

If your partner is the source of your joy and happiness, know you found the one to marry. If they are the sunshine that lights up your life, don’t let them go. In the long haul, nothing matters more than creating a happy little world with your SO.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you will be happy for the rest of your life. Or that there won’t be any problems or rough patches in your life or relationship.

But that even in those tumultuous times, you find solace with each other. It is indeed true that when you meet the right person you just know because there’s a pep in your step and the skies are suddenly bluer and brighter. But on the contrary, if they make you feel nervous, anxious, edgy, it is among the signs your partner is not right for you.

7. Are they your safe place?

When it comes to looking for signs you are made for each other, this one just cannot be left out. Is your partner the source of your comfort when you’re sad? Are they the first one you turn to when life throws you a curveball? Does being by their side make you feel safe?

If yes, there is no doubt that they’re right for you. And you know it too. If running into their arms after a long day or calling them after a huge argument broke out with your mom, completely soothes you then that someone is meant to be in your life.

8. Do you have healthy boundaries in your relationship?

How to know if someone is right for you? Assess whether or not you have healthy boundaries, which are the hallmark of a good relationship. It indicates that both partners allow each other to be their own person and yet, share a strong bond. If that’s something you can boast of, your relationship rests on a solid foundation.

signs he is right for you
Boundaries are the hallmark of a healthy relationship

9. Does your partner pass the ‘airport test’?

The airport test is a technique that helps people assess how deeply they value a person in their life. So, imagine you and your partner have decided to part ways and they’re leaving the country for good. You drop them off at the airport. It’s the last time you’ll ever see each other.

How does it make you feel? If even the thought of never seeing your partner again fills you with a crippling sense of dread and pain, know you found the one to marry.

10. Do you feel secure with your partner?

Insecurity is one of the classic signs you’re not right for each other. Naturally, by contrast, a sense of security indicates that you’re in a well-rounded relationship with a balanced, mature, and loving partner.

11. Is your relationship free of mind games?

Similarly, mind games qualify among the signs your partner is not right for you. Anyone who is manipulative or harbors narcissistic tendencies will make you jump through the hoops of stonewalling, gaslighting, the silent treatment, and such.

If your relationship is free of these unsettling toxic tendencies, you can rest assured that your partner is good for you.

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12. Can you be yourself with your partner?

How do you know if you are dating the right person? Well, if you can truly be yourself with them, you have your answer. When you find someone you complement you the right way, you don’t feel the need to hide any part of yourself from them.

From your quirks and idiosyncrasies to your values are beliefs, you can lay it all bare in front of them.

13. Are you comfortable being vulnerable with your partner?

If you can check this box on a list of relationship attributes, it’s a huge win. The ability to let your guard down and be vulnerable in front of someone stems from how comfortable they make you feel.

It indicates that you trust your partner completely and never fear that they will use your vulnerabilities against you. That’s how you know if you are dating the right person.

14. Does your body feel happy in your partner’s presence?

Our body mimics what our mind is feelings. If you feel comfortable, secure, loved, and cherished in your relationship, it will reflect in the way your body behaves in your partner’s presence.

If your body language is relaxed, you feel sexually attracted to each other and experience peace when cuddling them, you can count it among the signs he is right for you.

15. Do you believe in healthy disagreements?

How to know if someone is right for you? Analyze how you and your partner handle differences and disagreements. Do you both accept and acknowledge the fact that arguments in relationships can be healthy? Are you not intimidated by your differences but try to celebrate them? Have you mastered the art of agreeing to disagree?

One of the signs that you are with the right person, is if they fight with you. Yes, you read that right. Healthy fighting is essential to any relationship because it means that one is making the effort to make that relationship better. So if this is true then we think, you know you found the one to marry.

16. Do you work well as a team?

When you’ve found the one, competition in the relationship becomes obsolete. You understand that you each bring different things to the table. Your weaknesses and strengths complement each other. That’s how you become a strong team together, equipped to handle whatever ups and downs life throws your way.

This kind of tacit understanding is often hard to come by and it can take years to learn how to complement each other in the perfect ways. But if you found the right person, you will feel like a team from day one.

17. Does your partner love you with all your flaws?

The right partner in your life is someone from whom you don’t have to hide your flaws and shortcomings. They are willing to accept you everything about you – the good, bad, and ugly. And choose to love you with your flaws and not despite them.

If you’ve found that with someone, you know how to tell if he is right for you.

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18. Are they your partner in everything?

How to know if someone is right for you? Think about how well you can connect with them on a full spectrum of life experiences. If you can be silly, funny, romantic, affectionate, casual, serious together, and be by each other’s side through sombre, humbling, and insightful life experiences, you know you found the one to marry.

19. Have you mastered the art of conflict resolution?

A good relationship is not bereft of problems or unpleasantness but one where both partners value their togetherness above all else. One of the signs that you are with the right person is when you can overcome those issues with ease.

This brings a natural knack for conflict resolution in a manner that no arguments or fights take a toll over the relationship.If you’ve found that with your partner, cherish them as the one for you.

20. Do you see a future together?

made for each other signs
Do you see a future together?

As they say, when you meet the right person you just know. If you instinctively knew that your partner is going to be by your side for a long haul and see a future with them, they’re right for you. These instincts or gut feelings are based on things we recognize and understand sublimely but can’t put a finger on.

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How To Know If Someone Is Right For You?

We bet you can’t wait to figure out how to know if someone is right for you based on a quiz. First of all, we hope you have tallied the points you earned in the quiz. Based on your score, here is how right you and your partner are for each other:

Less than 10: If your score is less than 10, it indicates that you identify more with signs your partner is not right for you. Your relationship may be riddled with issues and you find yourself second-guessing your decision to be with them more often than not.

10-15: You and your partner are on the borderline of compatibility. With some effort from both sides, you turn around the fate of your relationships and build a happy life together. There are indeed signs that you are with the right person, but a little work can go a long way.

More than 15: Congratulations! You are two peas in a pod and fit into each other’s life like a hand in a glove. You know each other like the back of your hands. You can safely assume yes to if you found the right person. In short, your test score points to signs you are made for each other.


1. How do I know if I’m with the right person?

When you meet the one you just know because every aspect of your life comes together perfectly, like pieces of a jigsaw.

2. How long does it take to know if someone is right for you?

Sometimes, you instinctively and instantly know that person is right for you. It takes just a couple of dates to make up your mind. At other times, you may be together for months or years even before you acknowledge the signs you’re not meant to be together

3. How do you know if the person is the one?

The one for you will complement your strengths, weaknesses, qualities, and flaws in a way that you become the best version of yourselves when you’re together.

4. How do you know if you are with the wrong person?

If you’re always second-guessing your decision or feel an inexplicable uneasiness with your partner, you are undoubtedly with the wrong person.

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