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A list of things you should pack for your honeymoon

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A list of things you should pack for your honeymoon

Weddings are never-ending fairy tales. First comes the rush of the planning, then comes the big wedding and just when you thought your days of fun and frolic are over, you have to get ready for your honeymoon.

Packing for your honeymoon depends on the location. It is an once-in-a-lifetime vacation; you are only married once (hopefully) so you need to pack all the essentials at least a week before. With the weight of a married life settling down, and the rush of a newly found life, packing is the least of your worries.

The list is small.

Important documents like visa, passports, and tickets photocopied and kept in a safe place. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere because of missing documents in the middle of your honeymoon, do you?

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1. Medicines:

Advil, P-500 and every generic medicine to be packed. The last thing you want is either of you coming down with a fever on the flight. That’s no way to start your honeymoon.

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2. Clothes:

If your destination is a tropical place, you do not need many clothes; swimsuits and summer clothes don’t take much space. However, if you are honeymooning in the mountains and the snow, you will have to travel with woollen clothes. Muffler, caps, gloves.

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3. Protection:

This is to prevent what happened to Bella Swan on her honeymoon. Condoms and diaphragms kept in a pocket that’s easily accessible. Also, pack lubricants and laxatives just in case you need them.

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4. Lingerie:

Surprise your husband with sexy lingerie you picked up. Pack as much as you can; the more, the better.

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5. Room Aromas:

Pick up your favourite perfume and pack it well. Use it on your honeymoon to set the mood.

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6. No laptops:

Leave the work behind. Don’t spend time on your laptops or on social media.

7. Set money aside:

Keep cash on hand but hidden somewhere in the luggage, for emergency situations. If you get robbed you don’t want to wait around for people to wire you the money.

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Let the packing begin.

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