Lingerie pieces you should pack for your honeymoon

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Plan ahead of your honeymoon to look your sexiest

Going on a honeymoon with your partner to a faraway land is probably the most amazing part about getting hitched. Of course the drum roll leading to the ‘my wedding is coming’ is awesome, but getting a break from the overwhelming rituals and the heavy jewellery and slipping into something naughty instead could be a huge sigh of relief.

Honeymoon for every new bride is the time to relax and spend some quality time with the new husband. Unfortunately, even though we daydream about how fantastic and romantic our honeymoon would be, many brides put off the very essential honeymoon shopping until the last minute. But to look your sexiest on the honeymoon and treat yourself with some amazingly sexy garments it’s important to plan ahead. Here are 6 essential lingerie pieces that you should pack for the honeymoon to woo your man in bed and yourself, in the mirror.

1. A comfortable robe

A robe can be sensuous or sweet, depending on your style, but packing a soft, silky and luxurious robe in your honeymoon luggage is absolutely essential. You can go for classics like black or pink or invest in a plush see-through one. Robes are comfortable to sleep in and also come handy after you take a shower.

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2. Some quality bra

Needless to say, packing some quality bras for different purposes (to sleep, play and travel) is a must. Much of it depends on where you are going for the vacation, but most likely you will need a strapless bra for the evening wears, nude bra when you go for sheer clothing and some elegant push-up bras for special nights with your husband.

3. Stockings for spice

Stockings are sexy, flattering and makes you feel confident like no other piece of lingerie. Slip into one at night to turn up the heat in your honeymoon suite.

4. A fancy, lacy negligee for nights

Leave your pajamas and old nightshirts back home and pack the most sensuous night dress before going to bed. Hence, the negligee. Choose a fancy, lacy one to have a memorable night together with your new husband. Negligee is all about seductive back styles, so choose a style that flaunts your curves well. Choose a material that looks luxurious and feminine. When it comes to prints, you can go for classic black and animal prints, or pastel colours like mauve, peace and off-white as per your personal style.

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5. Slip dress for the next morning

For the morning after, slip into a slip dress to have breakfast in bed with your husband with amazing views from the hotel room and start the day on a sexy note. Slips suit everyone and there are plenty of styles and prints to choose from, for every body type. Go for soothing colours like blue or pink.

6. A swimsuit

For most newlyweds, exotic beaches are the most preferred honeymoon locations. Even if you are more of an off-beat destination kind of couple, your hotel is most likely to have a pool or a hot tub. So no matter where you are going for the honeymoon, you should always carry at least one pair of sexy swimwear to splash in style and oomph.

Once you are done shopping and packing these honeymoon essentials, you could start thinking about interesting non-essentials like massage oils, lotions and edible body paint for your husband to play with!

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