How I made a fool of myself when trying to woo my crush

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When you are desperately trying to impress a crush

Everyone goes through a phase when you place yourself at the mercy of the unattainable crush. Looking back through the years of experiences with the opposite sex, some memories still bring a blush; at times of joy and other times of shame.

Everyone needs some approval from that very important person in one’s life and when you are young, this person is mostly fickle and frivolous, not worthy of your adoration. Yet we do try to make that dent, that looks in their way, that special smile or wave, or a score of a lifetime. Sometimes it all goes awry, and you end up being a laughing stock of the day.

Here is what a few people shared with us about faux pas they have committed when desperately trying to impress a crush.

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1. When I tried to hook my beau’s attention

The MBA class term had ended and we gathered in one of our bachelor pads to celebrate. I had been eyeing this rather sexy guy and wanted to let him know I was game. Non-verbal signs were going to and fro, but I was impatient to nail him down. So after a couple of drinks, I leaned in and whispered in his ears that I wanted to go to bed with him. The room was full of my classmates who were milling around and I didn’t realise that my whisper was pretty audible. Ouch! That was embarrassing and painful.

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2. After being jilted I was lonely and tried to impress in vain

I had a nice boss, quiet, suave, and decent bloke and I was walking around the office with a wide smile and a broken heart. I needed to heal. Nobody had the faintest idea of my innermost feelings and I was getting quite desperate. This guy was unflinching in his silent distance from me. So, I wrote and said I would like to date him. Soon, he took me to his cabin and gently let me down saying that he was engaged to marry the very next week.

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3. Oops! The wrong voyeur

My roommate Seema was a very curvaceous babe. She wanted to impress her boyfriend who was to arrive by the early morning flight. She wore her diaphanous negligee the night before. When the doorbell rang she sleepily went to open the door, only to find our 70-year-old lecherous milkman who had left the milk at the doorstep and was waiting to be paid. As she bent to pick up the milk – the old man leered at the becoming sight he was being treated to. We laughed all week about Seema’s misguided provocation.

4. Shubha was the current diva but she snagged her husband by proxy

Anand was deeply in love with the MD’s secretary, but just couldn’t gather enough courage to go beyond the formal, hi! Shubha was eyeing the local show-off Vinod, who came to work in a new car every day. Anand could see that Vinod had the gift of the gab and so approached him to test the temperature, by proxy. So one morning after Vinod had driven to work in his latest BMW that he had borrowed from his mechanic friend, he indicated to Shubha that Anand wanted to propose marriage. She laughed it off and flirtatiously said she’d rather marry him instead. True enough Vinod and Shubha were married by the end of that month. Anand was, of course, miffed and mortified. Not to mention the laughing stock in the office.

5. The Valentine declaration that turned to bull crap

Valentine Day always gets youngsters in our college all abuzz. I was a lecturer at this college. It was early morning and young students would surreptitiously bring their gifts or roses to present to their favourite girl. One such aspirant was Sankalp and it was the first time he was attempting giving a red rose to his love interest Sancharika. As he spotted her at the end of the steps he ran headlong and slipped on a pile of freshly laid bovine excreta on the pavement. Though he kept the rose aloft, his uniform was a mess as was his ego. And to save face – he ran behind to chase away the offending cow. Laughter followed him forever!

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