My husband has an inferiority complex and is abusive. Please help.

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Q: I got married in January 2015. It was an arranged marriage. I left my job to be with him. He works in a remote place for the Forest Department. After three months I came to my mother-in-law’s house but he was staying near his workplace. Initially he used to visit every two days and then later once in six days. After four months again I rejoined work.

I have an MBA and he’s just passed his 10th. I make almost 2.5 times what he does. I sensed his inferiority complex before the wedding, but thought it would improve when we began living together. Now I feel he is inferior, selfish and dominant. He can’t take any responsibility. He doesn’t treat his mother well but beats her. He is physically and verbally abusing me and badmouthing my mother. He drinks. Everyone is telling me to leave him, but I fear society, as my mother and my grandparents live in a village. Please help. 

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A: LEAVE the marriage, please! Physical and verbal abuse is not acceptable under any circumstances that I can think of. I do understand your fear of society, even though I do not subscribe to the idea of self-sacrifice, especially in intimate matters such as this, to keep a few people in society happy. This sort of happiness

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