Affair and Cheating

My wife had an affair but it wasn’t all her fault

She had affairs, but he decided it wasn’t all her fault
She had an affair

My wife had an affair. Not once but twice. And I was blissfully unaware both times. Until I came across her chat one Saturday evening on her phone. She’d forgotten to delete it completely.

I questioned her. She denied it. I threatened to call the guy at midnight. I actually did. He did not pick up.

Defiant, she continued to refuse to accept that anything had happened.

Not satisfied, I created a clone of her messaging app on my laptop on Sunday.

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  1. Too good a write up…An eye opener..In any case blaming the other person completely would never have been correct….but yes accepting the other person back into his life was a major decision…a great job done….a gracious job to do i wud say…..hats off.

  2. Very aptly written –
    The concept of loyalty and fidelity are the biggest reasons for breakup of marriages and relations. Being loyal to one person or idea is completely opposite to the independent spirit of human beings. Every person yearns for freedom. Loyalty to one person lifelong is like being enslaved.

    1. I won’t use the word enslaved but would like to add true love is unpossessive and forgiving….

      Everything else is secondary being faithful has nothing to do with having a fling or sleeping outside…..

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