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Ravana’s wife Mandodari, who teaches us about acceptance in love

Mandodari knew what she was getting into when she married Ravana. Despite his womanising and multiple relationships, she was the one he loved and trusted
ravan and mandodari

The princess who caught the eye of the playboy king

Mandodari was a frog princess! A fairy tale from another land would have a handsome prince kiss her and carry her away to his palace to be cherished for the rest of her life. But Indian mythology is sometimes harsher. Mandodari had been cursed in a previous birth and was condemned to live as a frog in a well, for twelve years. When the period ended, a sage and his wife adopted her. Happy days were spent at her father Mayasura’s ashram until the roving eye of Ravana, the king of Lanka fell upon her.

He had to have her and Mandodari was only too willing. Age was no bar, nor was his harem full of beauteous women.

The wrong Mr Right to choose

Ravana was a womaniser and Mandodari knew it. She loved him, knowing she would be sharing him with all his wives and concubines. By today’s standards, multiple relationships and divorces notwithstanding, this would be a ghastly choice. Ravana would be just the guy to avoid on dating portals – too cocksure and popular by far! People look for the perfect situation, the perfect mate. Yet we know that perfection does not exist. We ourselves are not perfect mates. To walk into a polygamous situation, knowing that one’s husband would eventually tire of one’s physical charms was a strange choice.

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  1. Ravana has alwaya been one of the most misunderstood characters. How do we assume someone to be evil because they are standing at the other side of the good we believed in . He was one of the wisest men walked on the earth who proved himself worthy of the grace of Lord Shiva. There’s a reason why Lord Ram humbly received wisdom from Ravan while he was in his death bed. He never touched Sita at any point during her captivity. He was a wonderful administrator who transformed the naval commerce and turned Lanka into one of the most flourishing city of the times. What we need to understand is he was playing a role in the greater scheme of events , something larger than taking revenge as we believe it go be. It’s an event designed by the greater force to restore the balance of the way of life.

  2. Ravana was nt considered as,a womaniser.He abducted Seeta as a revenge for d harm lakshmana caused to his sister,shoorpanakha.And legends say it that Ravana carved out the whole sand on which sita was standing while abducting her.And through the whole period sita was in Lanka he never even touched her.so i dont think we can bramd Ravana as a womaniser.

    1. Well said Sir, Ravana was not a womaniser. Whatever he did was because of revenge he he wanted to take because of insult. He took part in Sita Swayamvara and was insulted. He never looked at Sita with lust, he treated her with respect. Lord Rama was the one who doubted her and left her in the woods.

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