Top 5 Reasons Gifting Is Important For A Long-Term Relationship

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gift giving in long distance relationships

Long-distance relationships can be very taxing. You have to put in more effort to let your partner know how you feel about them. Given that phone, video calls, and text messages are all you have to communicate with your significant other, making them feel loved, valued, and cherished can get complicated. You may want to go the extra mile to reassure your partner of your feelings, however, hopping on the next flight to be with them may not always be a viable option. 

So, then, what can you do? It’s in moments like this that the adage “actions speak louder than words” can become your best ally. Granted you can’t always be with your partner when you or they most need it but you can always make your presence felt through thoughtful gestures and gifts. That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. 

Why Gift Giving Is Important In A Long-Distance Relationship

Sending gifts is the best and most tangible way to express how you feel in the relationship. It helps long-distance relationships to grow deeper and more meaningful. Here are some reasons why gift-giving becomes the most important love language in a long-distance relationship, along with a few tips on how to track packages with precision using your tracking number.

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1. To establish the connection between partners

Sometimes you may not be sure of what to say or run out of words too. Instead of struggling to find the right words at the right moment, you can express your emotions with a gift. It could be something he/she always wanted or something nice. Not to mention, when you pick the right gift for your partner, it goes on to show that you are a good listener and you’re attentive to your partner’s needs. It could be one of the thinking of you gifts for your partner.

2. A way to show your partner you’re thinking of them 

Gifts show you are always thinking of your partner and the receiver always feels loved and tries to reciprocate it. Let’s say you’re exploring the local fair and see a leatherbound diary and buy it for your partner. When you ship it to them miles away, it’s bound to bring a smile to their face. When they open the package, more than its contents, the fact that they were on your mind while you were out and about having fun is what will melt their heart. This is one of the reasons why gifting is important in a long-distance relationship. If you are worried that your parcel may get lost somewhere during the shipping, you can find out how to track packages with precision when in possession of a 4px tracking number on parcel locator websites.

3. It creates memories

It’s a great way of creating memories even when you’re physically apart and making new memories is very important because that’s what is going to stay with you after your partner goes back. A gift – no matter how small or extravagant – can never be forgotten. It becomes a reminder of your love for each other.

4. The thought counts

A gift is another way of offering your partner an insight into your thoughts and emotions. The amount you spend on a gift may not matter but the thought behind it counts a lot. It’s a great way of reassuring your partner that you see them as an integral part of your future and want to build a strong, healthy, and long-lasting relationship with them.

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5. A way to appreciate, congratulate or apologize 

You can appreciate your partner with a gift. This makes your partner feel loved and special. It’s also a great way to congratulate your partner on their achievements and show them how proud you’re of them. Likewise, apologizing with a gift can be so romantic. Cute apology gifts will show how you feel and think of the relationship.

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How to check if your gift will arrive on time

Before you ship a gift, check the delivery timeline. Make sure to use a reliable carrier, especially for international deliveries, USPS and FedEx being among the most reliable for America, DHL and UPS for Europe. In cases when you purchase a gift online and choose to send it directly to your beloved, contact the seller, confirm stock availability, and request delivery details. In most cases, you won’t be able to pick the carrier, as online stores mostly work with one courier company, but you can still request the tracking number.

Tracking services can be useful in such situations, especially ones like Ordertracker, which works with most postal services and provides an estimated delivery time. When ordering online, always check if there are additional packaging options like adding a note inside the package, or improving the packaging, as it’s always making a difference, and shows that you’ve put effort into the gift. 

Give gifts because you love your partner so much and adore the long-distance relationship. There shouldn’t be any reason to give gifts in a relationship. It helps love grow. Long-distance relationships don’t have to be boring. The right gifts for the right moments can make all the difference in keeping the spark alive until you can be together again. 

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