How To Approach A Girl The Right Way – Pro Tips And Conversation Starters

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Updated On: November 30, 2023
how to approach a girl

Do you often wonder how to approach a girl? Irrespective of whether you have spoken to her in the past or not, it seems like a daunting task, doesn’t it? What if she rolls her eyes at you, or even worse, calls you a creep? Just a thought of it horrifies you to such an extent that you don’t even try striking up a conversation with a girl. 

Do you wonder how to approach without being creepy? Well, dear boys and men, all you need is confidence to ace the game. Confidence is sexy and most women like confident men. You also need to brush up on your conversational skills, respect the boundaries, and notice the body language of the girl you are planning to approach. 

If you are one of those single guys who get awkward every time they try to slowly approach girls, this article is for you. We have all the right tips and tricks that will not only facilitate smooth conversation but will also prevent you from coming across as a creep. 

How To Approach Girls – Pro Tips For Different Scenarios 

Picture this: you are heading home in a subway after a tiring day at the office. All of a sudden, a cute girl comes and sits beside you. Your heart skips a beat. Next, she takes out a book from her bag and starts reading. Your fatigue has vanished, and now you want to talk to that girl. But do you know how to approach a woman?

What would be the best conversation starter in this scenario? If you are an avid book reader, you can simply ask about the book she is reading. If not, then ask her for suggestions on books for beginners. Don’t make it a big deal. Here are some helpful tips that will help you overcome approach anxiety in different scenarios.

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How to approach a girl in public

Imagine you spotted a beautiful woman at a coffee shop and now you can’t take your eyes off her. You want to initiate a conversation. But what if it backfires? Besides, it is a public place and you don’t want to land in an embarrassing situation. If you don’t know how to approach a girl in public the right way, these tips along with a little practice will make you good to go:

  • Before approaching a girl in a public space, wait for the right moment and try to gauge her body language
  • How to hint to a girl that you are interested? Maintain eye contact or give her a soft smile and let her reciprocate. You can even steal glances at her and let her know that you are genuinely interested in her 
  • If she’s interested in you, you will get a positive vibe from her. She will also create enough scope for you to walk up to her 
  • However, if she’s busy and shows negative nonverbal cues, it’s wise to immediately back off

How to approach a girl for the first time

It is worth talking about how some men feel approaching a girl for the first time is like taking a dip in icy water. Be it a school, college, or office, the fear of rejection always looms large. Are you among those who are scared of being rejected?  Well, approaching a girl is not rocket science. So, we’ll give you some sure-shot tips on how to approach a woman for the first time.

If she is your colleague or you both study in the same college, you can try to figure out something common between the two of you, as it will help you establish an instant connection. If you have met her at a party, you can talk about a mutual friend, shared interests, a common hobby, or a celebrity whom you both love. Here’s how to hit on a girl you met for the first time:

  • Ask open-ended questions so that you can keep the conversation flowing based on her response. For example, instead of asking, “Do you like this music?,” ask “Who is your favorite singer from this band?” 
  • Show an open body language and try to maintain eye-contact along with a warm smile
  • Girls love a genuine compliment. Instead of complimenting her physical appearance, subtly compliment her style. Praise her dress sense or her earrings and make her feel that you are noticing the smallest of details about her

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How to approach a girl online

Now that you know how to approach a girl for the first time, it’s time to know how to hit on a girl online. Social media comes as a savior for men who are reluctant to approach a girl in person. You neither have to worry about your looks nor be in any awkward situation. 

But, this doesn’t mean that approaching a girl online is child’s play. You can choose to comment on her picture. But besides simply commenting on her beauty, you can also ask about the place the picture was taken at. This provides room for conversation, and that’s what you want, right? Here are some more tips on how to approach a girl online:

  • Go through her profile or Instagram stories to get cues. Try to find something interesting or simply ask for her suggestions on things that she is fond of. If she loves gardening, ask her to share a picture of her garden
  • A relatable meme, along with a message, is one of the best conversation starters. It will not just lift her spirits but will also make her notice your sense of humor
  • Most often, just messaging ‘hi’ doesn’t work. So make sure to add something interesting that prompts her to response
  • If she’s busy, don’t spam her with loads of messages or memes. In such cases, she might start ignoring you

How to approach a girl you don’t know

Most guys have a tough time approaching a girl they have met for the first time. Neither is there any common topic nor do they know much about her. As we have already told you, confidence is the best way to approach a girl. So, the same applies here as well.

Don’t dismiss pretty basic and funny conversation starters. They are useful too. For example, if you both are in a club, you can simply ask, “Is it your favorite club in the city?” Here are some more tips on how to approach a girl you don’t know: 

  • Start a conversation by asking simple questions. For instance, you can ask about a good spot for brunch or anything similar to break the ice
  • You should have an idea about the exit moment. Do not stretch the conversation for too long, as she might lose interest. End the conversation naturally, and if things go well, try to meet her next time
  • Avoid walking up to her and asking for the number right away. You can politely ask for her contact number after the basic introduction is done and if she seems interested to know more about you
best way to approach a girl
You can start conversations with a stranger over a shared interest

What To Say When Approaching A Girl – 25 Perfect Conversation Starts To Break The Ice

I hope that the above-mentioned pro tips on how to approach a girl in different scenarios help you start a conversation with the girl you want. However, if you are weak with wordplay or feel anxious that your words could backfire, we’ve got you covered.

It was not long back when my friend Paul asked me the best way to approach a girl. He is an introvert and has no female friends. For the last six months, he was too shy to approach a girl he had a crush on. I suggested these 25 easy ways to break the ice. And guess what! It worked for him. 

So if you too are facing trouble talking to girls or meeting girls, the following examples of conversation starters will help you:

1. If you see a picture of her on social media, you can drop a comment or message like: “What a beautiful picture! I’ve been planning to travel to Paris for a while now. How was your experience?”

2. If they have a similar interest as yours, you can successfully approach her by saying, “I can’t believe it. You too love playing piano? I love discussing music. So, how did you develop an interest in piano?”

3. If you know she is watching the same movie or show, ask her: “Are you watching Suits? I was dying to discuss the last episode with someone.”

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4. Follow up your reply to their Instagram story by saying, “Hey, you know what! Your story from last night left me in stitches. It feels so good to see your hilarious story after a long day at work.”

5. If they share a picture/video of food, comment or message something like: “Wow! That looks delicious! I love tacos but don’t know where to get the best taco in California. I think you might actually know. Let’s catch up someday and grab a nice taco, what say?”

6. And if the food is cooked by her, then don’t leave a chance to praise her. Say something like: “It looks so tempting! Where did you learn to cook? Can you share the recipe? I love Cobb salad but don’t know how to make it.”

7. Women today love men who acknowledge their friends and family. If she shares a family picture, you can comment, “Is that your mom in that picture? Her eyes are so beautiful, exactly like yours.”

8. For the girl you met for the first time at a party, strike up a conversation with questions like: “Isn’t it a nice party?,” “Do you know the host?,” or “Did you try the key lime pie?”

10. When you see her grooving to a song at a party, jump in and say: “Ohh! I, too, love this song!” Follow it up with: “This singer has released a new single. It’s as groovy as this one.” Or ask about her favorite song by that singer.

11. If you want to spend some private time at a crowded house party, just make an excuse like: “It feels suffocated here. If you are comfortable, let’s go outside for some fresh air.” Be polite and confident to make her comfortable saying “yes” to your proposal.

12. “Have you ever been here before? I’m going to grab a drink. Can I get you something?” — This is a safe way for single guys to start a conversation with a girl you don’t know.

13. I am not a dating coach, but I even know how complimenting her eyes, dress, makeup, or her hairstyle does magic. So, you can begin by saying, “I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you look in this brown dress. What’s magical is that it matches your eyes too.”

14. You can also ask about her plans if they align with yours. “Are you coming for Aurther’s party next week?” If she shows interest, follow it up by saying, “I can come and pick you up for the party.”

15. Send her a meme on social media. It’s a proven formula in the modern dating world. Just add: “I remember you told me you love this show, but I found this meme incredibly hilarious. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it with you.”

16. If you come to know that she loves reading, start by saying, “Hey, I didn’t know you were a bibliophile. What are you reading these days? Could you suggest a good read for me?”

17. If you see her for the first time in your office, ask: “Hi, can I know where you are from?” You can follow up the conversation based on her reply.

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18. And if you are new to the town, ask her for help. Start by saying, “Hey, I’m new here. Do you know any spots that I should visit?” or “What is your favorite thing to do or see in this city?”

19. When you see her sipping coffee on a cold winter evening, say: “Nothing makes up for a warm cup of coffee on a cold day. Isn’t it?” Next, your skills will decide how you keep the conversation flowing.

20. Ask her for suggestions on what to order. Try saying, “Hey, This is my first time here and I am a little confused about what to order. Could you tell me your favorite thing on the menu here?”

21. If you see her holding a book you have read, ask: “Have you completed reading this book? This is my favorite book”. Just paying attention to what she’s reading will help you start an interesting conversation.

22. Ask about a tattoo you see on her body by saying, “What a lovely tattoo! What inspired you and where did you get it?” 

23. You can compliment that one girl for her choice of fashion. Start by saying, “Hey, I love that shirt of yours. Is it from Harvest & Mill? They have an amazing collection, don’t they?”

how to approach a woman
Hey, I’m new here. Do you know any spots that I should visit?

24. You can compliment her exquisite jewelry as well. It’s a subtle way of paying attention to the smallest of things about her. Start by saying, “That’s a gorgeous necklace. Where did you get it? I was planning to buy something similar for my mom. It’s her birthday next week.”

25. Everybody loves the festive season. If you know her, you can ask her about her plans by saying something like: “Hey, it is Christmas next week. I am going to Orlando for a friend’s gathering. What are your plans? I’ll be happy if you join us.”

Key Pointers

  • If your heart starts thumping before you approach girls, take a deep breath and do some positive self-talk. It is okay to feel nervous until you don’t let it ruin your confidence
  • Walking up and saying “Hey beautiful” to a girl may not always work. It’s advisable to use different approaches for different scenarios, such as meeting someone online or in public. Plan your conversation starters based on whether you know her or not
  • In some cases, asking about her interests or suggestions is a good conversation starter. Avoid using pickup lines. It doesn’t count among the best ways to talk to a girl

Hope this article has answered all your questions regarding how to approach a girl. However, it is important to note that starting a conversation with a girl is a skill and you can’t master this trade at once. Learn from your past goof-ups and constantly work on self-improvement. So, get rid of approach anxiety and awkward silences and choose the right words to leave a lasting impression on her.

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