27 Road Trip Games For Couples That Make Travel More Fun

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Updated On: June 3, 2024
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There is one question that everyone wishes to avoid on a road trip, “Are we there yet?” Whether you’re on a couple cross country trip or just a short trip, you’ll need fun things to do while driving. And if you’re looking for some road trip games for couples that make travel more fun, you’re in the right place. 

Whether you’re looking for some adventure, or a romantic trip with your better half, a road trip is your answer. Now, there are some essentials to take on a road trip – snacks, books, a good playlist, and most important: car ride activities! 

When you’re headed down the road, keep a list of fun car games for couples to play on long car rides handy. The best thing about road trip games is that you don’t need to bring any extra items to indulge in them – just your creativity and a few rules set you up for a whole lot of fun. Now leave those phones aside and concentrate on each other. Try these 27 road trip games for couples. 

Get To Know Each Other Road Trip Couple Games 

Embarking on a road trip with your significant other offers an opportunity for adventure and exploration and deepens your connection. Level up your road trip experience by deciding upon some games to play with bae. As you play these fun games with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, you’ll start to feel closer to each other during those long hours in the car. These are the perfect way to ignite conversations and enhance intimacy in relationships.

With one person starting the conversation, and the next person building on it, you’ll explore intriguing topics, reminisce about favorite memories, and dream about future adventures. Explore several genres, like playing a compliment game or relationship trivia games, and let these games be your roadmap to a deeper connection and unforgettable moments. So, buckle up and get ready for a car ride packed with games to play in the car for couples that will take your road trip to the next level!!

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1. Solitaire

For those who enjoy a blend of strategy and luck, Solitaire is a perfect game to engage with during long rides or quiet evenings. This card game challenges you to organize all cards into the foundation piles, following suits and ascending order, by organizing cards in a tableau. It’s a great solo or couple activity that tests your planning and strategy skills, providing a relaxing yet mentally stimulating time.

2. Truths, twists, and tantalizing tales

As far as road trip games go, Two Truths and a Lie is a classic. Let’s put a unique twist on it. In this version of Two Truths and a Lie, you get to step into a world where reality blurs and deception reigns supreme. Each player is going to craft two truths and one lie about themselves. This lie should be a fictional tale so elaborate and convincing that it could easily pass as the truth.

It’s now up to the other player to unravel the web of lies and deception and distinguish the two truths from the tantalizing tale. This game offers a thrilling mental workout, as well as surprise and laughter. You’ll get to know each other and have some sweet fun while doing it. 

3. Swapping bucket lists

When deciding upon games to play on long car rides, this one is a must. This game has no time limit, so you can keep at it for the entire duration of your trip. Take turns to share your individual bucket lists and discuss the items on them. Talk about the places you want to visit, the activities you want to try, and the goals you aspire to achieve. You’ll understand each other’s aspirations and can even craft joint bucket list items for your future adventures together.

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4. Dream destinations

This is one of those road trip games with spouse/partner that truly brings out your imagination. Imagine you won a free trip to any destination in the world. Taking turns to play this game, one person will start describing their dream destination in vivid detail—what it looks like, the activities they would do, and the experiences they would have. Then the other person tells theirs. You can also include your dream house in these destinations. This game allows you to explore each other’s travel preferences and discover shared interests and aspirations.

5. Favorites exchange

If a story game is not what you want, this is a game you can play instead. It is one of the best bonding road trip activities for couples. Exchange lists of favorite things in various categories, such as movies, books, songs, food, and travel destinations. Share the reasons behind your choices and delve into discussions about what resonates with each of you. It’s a fun way to learn more about each other’s preferences and discover new things to enjoy together. 

Question And Answer Road Trip Games For Couples

Trying to find ways to make your road trips as epic as possible? Try incorporating some exciting question games into it that offer a fun way to bond, ignite meaningful conversations, and create hilarious moments. Whether you’re looking for rapid-fire questions for your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner or road trip games for couples questions, there’s a game to suit your needs. 

Ask questions to your significant other and gear up for a road trip filled with endless conversations, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Let’s dive in and explore the incredible world of road trip question games for couples!

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6. Would you rather?

Looking for fun things to do on car rides? Pose thought-provoking “Would You Rather” questions to each other, where you have to choose between two hypothetical scenarios. For example, “Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?” This game sparks interesting conversations and reveals your partner’s preferences, values, and quirks.  

7. The love quiz

If you’re trying to find some romantic games for couples, this is the one you should try. Prepare a set of questions about your relationship, such as “Where did we go on our first date?” or “What’s your favorite memory of us?” Take turns asking each other the questions and see how well you know each other. It’s a fun way to reminisce, celebrate your journey together, and deepen your connection. 

8. Take a deep dive

Take turns asking thought-provoking questions that encourage introspection and self-reflection. Ask questions like “What is your biggest fear?” or “What is your greatest dream?” Just a few minutes of this game will help you understand each other on a deeper level and foster meaningful conversations during your road trip.

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9. This or that?

Alternate asking “This or That” questions, where your partner has to choose between two options. It could be as simple as “Coffee or tea?”, or more intriguing choices like “Be able to time travel or read minds?” As the game continues, it will reveal your preferences, sparks discussions, and adds a playful twist to your road trip conversations.

10. What if

Let your imagination run wild with “What If” questions. Ask hypothetical scenarios like “What if we could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?” or “What if we won the lottery, how would we spend the money?” This game allows you to explore each other’s dreams, desires, and adventurous sides. 

Music-Related Fun Road Trip Games For Couples

Looking for fun things to do in a long car ride with your partner? Add a melodious twist to your journey with music-related road trip games designed for couples. This is one of those engaging car games for two music lovers that will transform your drive into a memorable experience. Whether you’re music enthusiasts or simply love a good sing-along, these games will keep you entertained and laughing as you make lasting memories to the soundtrack of your adventure. 

These music-themed road trip games offer a fun way to make your journey even more enjoyable and create a special connection with your partner. From guessing the song title or humming tunes for your partner to identify, these car games for couples present a harmonious challenge. So, hit the road with your favorite tunes, harmonize with your partner, and let the music become the soundtrack of your unforgettable road trip experience.

11. Letter association 

Looking for a naming game? Here is the perfect one for you: the classic letter association. The first person names a song. The next person must then name a song where the title starts with the last letter of the previous song. Keep the game going, challenging each other to think quickly and find songs that fit the letter association. To make it a word game, instead of the last letter, use the last word to name the next song. It’s a fast-paced and lively game that showcases your music knowledge and keeps the energy high during the road trip. 

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12. Previous one, next one

One person starts by choosing a song and playing a snippet of it. The next person must then choose a song that has a connection to the previous one, either through the artist, genre, theme, or any other related aspect. Keep the musical chain going, connecting each song to the one before it. It’s a creative and engaging game that encourages musical exploration and connection.

13. First person favorites 

Take turns sharing your all-time favorite songs. The first person starts by sharing a song they absolutely love, and the next person responds by sharing their favorite. Rinse and repeat until both of you have run out of sharing your musical gems. This game allows you to discover new music, appreciate each other’s tastes, and create a personalized road trip playlist.

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14. Name that tune

In this classic game, one person hums a tune or plays a few seconds of a song, and the other person has to guess the song title and the artist. You can keep score to make it more competitive and take turns challenging each other with different genres and decades of music.

15. Music trivia battle

Take turns quizzing each other with music trivia questions. Each person asks a question, and if the other person answers correctly, they earn a point. The questions can cover a wide range of music-related topics like artists, albums, lyrics, or music history. It’s a fun way to test your music knowledge and discover new facts together.

Falling in Love

Trivia Games To Play With Your Partner On The Road

Embarking on a road trip with your significant other is an exciting adventure filled with picturesque landscapes and the scope for creating memories for a lifetime. While you probably have many such trips on your bucket list, without games, it could be boring. Add a dash of friendly competition and mental stimulation to the mix with fun trivia for couples. Whether you’re history buffs, travel enthusiasts, or movie aficionados, you can come up with trivia games in any genre to test your knowledge and spark intriguing conversations. 

Engage in lively discussions, ignite your curiosity, and uncover hidden layers of knowledge together. Whether you’re seeking to reignite your competitive spirit or simply a way to pass the time between destinations, these fun car games for two people are the answer! So, unlock your inner trivia enthusiast and embark on a road trip adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories with these trivia games for couples:

16. Destination alphabet

Here’s an alphabet game that we’re sure everyone will enjoy. The first person to start will find an object outside the car starting with a letter of the alphabet. The next person has to find something with the next letter of the alphabet. Don’t use the same letter, but you can use a related word. For alphabet game enthusiasts, this is a great option.

17. License plate wordplay

An easy game to play, you create words or phrases using the letters on passing license plates. Take turns selecting a license plate and using its letters to create as many words or phrases as possible. The person with the most unique words or phrases wins. You can set a time limit to make it more challenging.

18. Passionate pursuit

Sexy road trip games are the best option if you’re looking for freaky things to do in a car. In this game, players take turns asking sensual and intimate trivia questions, earning points for correct answers. Each correct answer is rewarded with a sensual gesture or flirty dare, creating a playful and seductive atmosphere. The game encourages couples to explore their desires, fantasies, and preferences, fostering a deeper understanding and connection. 

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19. Road trip riddles

This is a pretty easy yet fun game. The objective is to solve riddles based on landmarks or objects you see during the journey. Take turns coming up with riddles about things you see on the road or even come up with some love riddles. The other person has to guess the answer. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

20. Category countdown

If you’re into mind exercises, this will give your brain a good workout. The rules are simple, and the game is also not complicated. Each of you has to name items within a specific category in a pre-determined timespan. Choose a category (e.g., animals, movies, food). Set a timer for one minute (you can increase or decrease the time). Each person takes turns naming items within that category. The goal is to keep the chain going without repeating or hesitating. The person who can’t think of a new item within the time limit loses.

Offbeat Questions For A Road Trip 

While looking for car games for couples, you must be confused given the sea of options out there. Most would go for song car games, or maybe games like Kiss, Marry, Kill. But there is another category of games that many tend to overlook – offbeat road trip question games for couples. 

If you’re hesitant to play it because you don’t have a list of questions, we have some fun questions you can ask each other during your road trip. Remember, the goal is to have fun and engage in interesting conversations. These offbeat questions can lead to unique discussions and insights about each other. Enjoy your road trip!

21. Create a travel quiz

If you play this game during a rest stop, get a pen and paper and ask each other this question: “Were you asked to create a fun travel-themed quiz, what questions would you include on it?” List down these questions and share them with each other. You can come up with intimate road trip questions or turn it into one of these dirty car games that set the mood for some naughtiness when you arrive at your destination. It’s a good question game and you can even take this quiz on your road trip!

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22. Invent a new flavor

Road trips are incomplete without good snacks. And if you are on a road trip, chances are you’re going to stop somewhere for some ice cream. So, if you and bae share a love of ice cream, this is the question you should be asking each other: “If you were asked to invent an ice cream flavor that would serve as the official road-trip snack, what would you invent?” Share why you would invent this and if you make a stop at an ice cream parlor later, maybe mix up a few existing flavors to try to create the one you just came up with.

23. Restaurant hunting

If you and your beau share a love of food, this is the perfect question you should ask each other. Just ask each other: “When going down on a long road trip, what type of restaurants would you like to stop at and what would you eat there?” List down in detail, the type of restaurant you would like to stop at, and the dishes you hope to find there. This gives you the perfect opportunity to try out each other’s favorite cuisines and get to know each other’s preferences even better.

24. Storytime

Are you and your significant other fans of writing and reading? Do you love a good story game? Well, then the question you should be asking each other is: “If you were to write a story based upon your favorite road trip till now, what would it go like?” Take a few minutes, craft a story you would love to read, and then once you’re both satisfied with your creations, take turns sharing it with each other. 

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25. Celebrity spotting

Let’s be real here, every one of us has a favorite famous person, right? If you and your partner also have a favorite celebrity, this is the best movie game/ actor game for you to try. Ask them, “If you had the opportunity to run into any celebrity on a road trip, and have a conversation with them, who would it be?” Each of you can name 3 celebrities and why you would like to meet them. Go one step further and decide upon a movie title featuring each of the celebrities – and you have yourself a movie playlist for your next movie night!

Bonus Games To End The Trip On A Great Note

If you’re creative enough, there is no dearth of fun things to do on car rides. There are several games besides I Spy, spotting license plates, or an actor game to play on a road trip. If you’re trying to make your road trip as much fun as possible for both of you, you need to be prepared. Having some things for couples to do on a road trip can ensure a smooth journey and happy journey. 

We’ve kept our promise and listed down 25 games to play in the car for couples. But, to ensure we end on a great note, we’re going to give you 2 more. When planning couples trip, these come in handy. If you cannot figure out what to do in a car when bored, these will come in handy.

26. Road trip bingo

Ah, bingo! A game that can be played anywhere and with anyone. If you’re looking for some online road trip games, car bingo is the perfect choice. Bingo is one of the best phone apps to have for long car rides, and being able to play it on your phone makes the game accessible and extremely fun. If you’re a fan of playing classic games the old-fashioned way, you’re more than welcome to carry along a car bingo kit. Either way, fun is guaranteed!

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27. Scavenger hunt

Next to I Spy, scavenger hunting is a pretty popular favorite when it comes to car ride activities. If you’re trying to figure out a fun game to play with spouse/partner, this is a fantastic option. Bring a pen and paper along for this game. When you make the first stop, make a list of some things you see around you, for example, a yellow car. Make them as unconventional as you can. Then, on your next stop, exchange your lists and you both are now tasked with finding each of the things on the list. The first person to get them all wins.  

Key Pointers

  • It can be hard to find fun things to do on a long car ride but road trip games for couples can liven up the mood and foster bonding and connection
  • By incorporating couple games into a road trip, couples can enhance the journey and add an extra layer of enjoyment and engagement to the travel experience
  • With the correct games for two people, you have the potential to create lasting memories on the road trip as well as have interesting conversations
  • You can also download some apps for long car rides; these will serve as quick ways of passing time

Entertainment is for everyone – whether you’re out on the road, or relaxing at home. While you might have set out of the home with excitement and vigor, both you and your partner might get bored at some point into the trip. Keeping a list of games and silly stories handy will help relieve some of that boredom. The key to choosing what games to play with bae is ensuring that the game creates some hilarious moments for you both. 

A good travel game has the power to turn your journey into an extremely memorable one. In this article, we listed down some great road trip games for couples that you and your significant other can enjoy together. Bonus points if you invent your own version of these games! Whether it’s a short trip, or a long one, these games will ensure a fun-filled journey. Just don’t select a drinking game, and have safe fun!

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