Top 75 Sexiest, Dirtiest ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions

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Updated On: July 28, 2023
Dirtiest 'Never Have I Ever' Questions

To get the right answer we must ask the right question. And what if the questions are naughty? Sexy? Kinky? Mmmm…dirty, even? Well, the same rule applies — you have to ask the right questions! In other words, you need to play, ‘Never Have I Ever’! It’s a game that will give the answers to many unasked dirty, yet fun questions.

Top 75 Sexiest, Dirtiest ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions

If you are new to ‘Never Have I Ever’ game, it’s really simple — just questions and answers? The fun is in the questions that are asked — usually wacky, funny and even naughty! Here’s a list of some really dirty, sexy and fun questions to liven up this wild game. Here is our juicy ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions list which is going to raise the temperature! Are you ready? Let’s go…

Never have I ever questions (dirty!)

1. Never have I made out in a moving elevator.

2. Never have I ever used a household item as a sex toy.
3. Never have I ever slept with someone just because their social media profile was impressive.
4. Never have I ever had to delete any sexy messages so that my partner couldn’t read them.
5. Never have I ever hit on a married guy knowing it would not last long.

6. Never have I ever fooled around with my best buddy just to see “what it would be like”.
7. Never have I ever indulged in satisfying oral sex with someone and then kissed them on the mouth.
8. Never have I ever goofed up with names while dating multiple people at once.

9. Never have I ever gotten injured using sex toys while enjoying a solo session.

10. Never have I ever had sex with someone I was not attracted to just because I was feeling horny.
11. Never have I ever had neighbors banging on my door, because of really loud sex.
12. Never have I ever had a threesome after being high.

13. Never have I ever had sex with a person of the same gender.
14. Never have I ever made out sitting on a chair while they poured wine on me.
15. Never have I ever farted while making love or kissing a girl/boy.
16. Never have I ever removed my partner’s inner wear with my lips.

17. Never have I ever invited a male friend home while all alone in the house.
18. Never have I ever smelled bad when on a dats.
19. Never have I ever woken up next to a stranger!

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20. Never have I ever smelled my girl’s panties.
21. Never have I ever indulged in funky role-play.
22. Never have I ever slept with a prostitute for a really kinky session.
23. Never have I ever made out while swimming in a pool or on a beach.
24. Never have I ever had more than one orgasm in a single-sex session.

25. Never have I ever given a sexy massage to a man I did not know.
26. Never have I ever given a lift to a stranger while driving alone on the highway.

27. Never have I ever had a crush on my boss despite him being very handsome and sexy.
28. Never have I ever travelled to a foreign country without a packet of condoms.

29. Never have I ever worn a scarf just to hide the love bites I got from a hot and heavy session of lovemaking.
30. Never have I ever read racy magazines to get my dose of sex education.

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31. Never have I ever paid to get laid.
32. Never have I ever gone out of my way to win my partner’s attention.
33. Never have I ever made out in a discotheque.
34. Never have I ever fantasized about my best friend’s SO.

never have i ever questions spicy
Never have I ever…

Never have I ever questions (spicy…)

35. Never have I ever gone to a spa and gotten laid.
36. Never have I ever gone on a sexcation.
37. Never have I ever visited a sex shop and purchased sex toys.
38. Never have I ever watched porn during my school days.

39. Never have I ever been turned on watching sexy music videos.
40. Never have I ever felt like making out while working in the kitchen.
41. Never have I ever made a move on my colleagues to get my office work done.
42. Never have I ever made out with someone from work.

43. Never have I ever made out with a cousin.
44. Never have I ever made out with all my clothes on.

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45. Never have I ever watched someone have sex without their permission.
46. Never have I ever danced dirty or performed a striptease for someone.

47. Never have I ever used sexting just to turn someone on.
48. Never have I ever used melted chocolate in a lovemaking session.
49. Never have I ever felt embarrassed while buying my partner’s favorite condoms.
50. Never have I ever had a one-night-stand.

51. Never have I ever had sex on top of banknotes.
52. Never have I ever made out with someone without knowing their name.
53. Never have I ever masturbated with my lights on.
54. Never have I ever been a dominatrix.

55. Never have I ever indulged in some BDSM.
56. Never have I ever been fantasized about doing it with an actor.
57. Never have I ever had a wet dream about an ex.
58. Never have I ever used a flavored condom.

Never have I ever questions (dirty, and dirtiest!!!)

59. Never have I ever been caught having sex by my kid.
60. Never have I ever done it at a funeral.
61. Never have I ever had revenge sex.
62. Never have I ever seduced a married person.

63. Never have I ever been arrested for having sex in a public place.
64. Never have I ever slept with a sex addict.
65. Never have I ever been spanked.
66. Never have I ever fallen asleep while having sex.

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67. Never have I ever slept with a cop.
68. Never have I ever faked an orgasm.
69. Never have I ever been attracted to an older man.
70. Never have I ever slept with more than two people in one go.

71. Never have I ever forgotten my hookup partner’s name.
72. Never have I ever owned lingerie.
73. Never have I ever taken medication to last in bed.
74. Never have I ever slept with someone who ejaculated prematurely.
75. Never have I ever had sex in a field.

How To Play The ‘Never Have I Ever’ Game?

A game is a game and you get better at it if you play it often. The beauty of the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game is that it is a fun way to get to know someone and their naughty secrets and share yours too. It is a great way to build deeper intimacy, with a few questions and a bit of alcohol to bring down the inhibitors. Many people wonder how to talk about sex.

Playing the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game, you get to know things about a person you may have known for years, but which you probably never thought them capable of. Perhaps you share your crush and know about theirs, maybe they will get a chance to offload a secret they have been wanting to offload (like a one-night stand) and maybe you can do do the same too.  The trick is to be open about the answers shared and not judge them for it.

Make your party come alive with these best 75 ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions.

To get started, all you need to do is invite a few liberal, fun-loving and mischievous friends to your home or a farmhouse or even a resort for this super intense and fun party. One of the main rules of the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game is to ensure that there is ample privacy where your group gets enough legroom to confess, share and vent it all. And hey, sex is important! It’s the common thread running through all the questions.

Since it is about confessing the secrets of your dark desires it is better to control the kind of people you are inviting for this. Make sure there is a strong sense of comfort level and that they will not go and blab others’ confessions out in the open.

Pretty much like “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, this should be the motto of your party too! Make sure the people you invite are not stuck-up and have space to talk freely. Remember this game works best with rounds of shots in between all the asking and answering. So make sure that there are no teetotalers.

If you don’t want to play this with drinks, candies may do as well. Keep yourself well stocked with hard and soft drinks and lots of candies! Don’t forget to order some great food online.

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Rules To Play The ‘Never Have I Ever’ Game?

There are no rules when it comes to what kind of questions you can ask. Nothing is off-limits! In fact, think out of the box and be ready to answer those as well! The questions can range from likes and dislikes, to name, place, people, thing! Just about anything goes.

Things might be embarrassing, to begin with, but as time passes and tongues loosen, everyone becomes party to the madness that abounds as wackier questions are asked and answered!  This game begs you to be creative with questions to get answers that will make you laugh, turn beetroot red, or, maybe even, turn you into a hero or a badass babe.

However, to start –

  1. One person needs to make a statement on something he or she has never been guilty of. For example, someone would start with “Never have I ever fantasized about making out on a beach”
  2. Anyone who has done it, will either drink the shot or eat a candy
  3. Then the next person will again make a ‘Never Have I Ever’ statement
  4. The person to finish his candies or shots the fastest goes out, and the one who has the maximum number of ‘Never have I’, wins
  5. This game can be played with any number of members – minimum being two

The beauty of this game is that it helps you bond with your SO and friends, it’s like being ‘partners in crime’! When you bare it all and are a witness to others’ secrets that you have all sworn to keep, it somehow makes you a gang who is united in a special way. Another great after effect may even be that you spice it up with your partner later!

never have I ever questions dirty
Showing the transparent image of your personality

How To Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ As A Couple?

If you are in a relationship and want to make things flirty, fun and dirty for the night, play the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game — but with a twist. Instead of just shots or candy, try the following variations –

1. Make it a stripping game

So instead of taking a shot or gobbling up the candy, the person who finds themselves in an ‘I have…’ situation, needs to strip down. Then the other one makes a statement and the same rule follows. Take off one item at a time. This is sure to heat things up in your bedroom!

We are not sure who wins in this game, because it is a win-win situation for both the partners. But for the heck of it, the one who strips down to being naked first loses. So ensure you wear clothes in many layers.

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2. Kiss at the place of your partner’s choice

Again, every time you have an ‘I have…’ statement, you need to kiss your partner where he wants to be kissed. It needs to be at least a 10-second long kiss. Make your lips do some work at all the odd places on your partner’s body!

3. Dance it out

If you love dancing, this is your chance to dance in the bedroom. Make the losing partner dance to the song of your choice while you enjoy the grooves and the moves! The one who dances the least number of times wins! Set the right mood in the bedroom with lamp shades and aroma candles.

The game is such that it forces people to open up and confess things that they might have done but will always be embarrassed about. The game also comes in handy when you feel like getting to know someone better, because you get a peek into the deeper spaces of someone’s life.

However, some people do not enjoy the openness of the game and tend to either avoid it or get panicky. It is best to play this game with people who are like-minded, non-judgmental and have some degree of tolerance. A party can be fun only when no one feels left out or personally attacked.

And now that you know the rules and have a terrific set of 75 of the sexiest, dirtiest ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions, what are you waiting for? Start planning that party!

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