Shahid Kapoor Movie Kabir Singh – Review & Real Story

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Updated On: July 20, 2022
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Shahid Kapoor’s movie Kabir Singh has received a lot of praise but also equal amounts of backlash. The younger generation is certainly confused about how to perceive this film. Kabir Singh, which is the Hindi remake of the Telugu film Arjun Reddy, left the youth with a lot of questions with regards to men and their behavior in relationships.

No actor of this generation can match up to the level of intensity and emotions displayed with full conviction by Shahid Kapoor in the movie Kabir Singh. The star should take a bow for his acting prowess. Someone, please give him every single award out there.

Having said that, let’s focus on Kabir and his relationship with Preeti (Kiara Advani), a love that has kicked up a lot of dust. This Arjun Reddy Hindi remake has raised a lot of concerns.

Shahid Kapoor Movie ‘Kabir Singh’ Review

Was he a toxic partner? Or are we exposing a narcissist? Let’s read and understand more to find out. This Kabir Singh movie review will give you facts about all that was questionable about this film.

Shahid Kapoor’s movie Kabir Singh is titled after the name of the protagonist, who is a hardcore lover. He sees Preeti in college and is immediately so besotted that without even knowing her name goes to a class and announces that she is his bandi (girl) and that no one should stake a claim on her. She does not protest against this at all.

Kabir Singh does not understand consent, and that makes her opinion immaterial. She meekly falls in love with him, though that is not the point. He chooses her friends for her, shifts her to the boy’s hostel after an accident without asking her, and tells her to wear clothes that cover her up.

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Is this toxic domination?

She does not protest. When Kabir reduces her entire identity to just being ‘his girl’ she does not protest. Well, in his head, his love and desire to protect Preeti is so strong that he doesn’t consider it as being unfair. Isn’t this a case of toxic domination? When her father rejects him outright, he is so enraged that he slaps Preeti and gives her six hours to take a call.

Kabir Singh takes the path of self-destruction

When she gets married to someone else he becomes a chain-smoking alcoholic who loses himself further in a spiral of substance abuse, self-destruction and being a sexaholic, a la Devdas. Preeti doesn’t utter a word in the first forty minutes of the movie.

A demure, meek and submissive character, who thinks that telling her parents that she was naked with Kabir proves their love. With my pea head, I sense Kabir Singh as a misogynist, irresponsible man with a patriarchal mindset.

Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh
Kabir becomes a chain-smoking alcoholic

The above Kabir Singh summary is not enough. For the sake of argument, let’s say that the characterization of Kabir was not right.

The negative traits are applauded, the positive traits are overshadowed. His anger when the movie star was being treated differently, his decision to not lie to save his career, his withdrawal from a woman who proclaimed her love for him show his honesty and passion. Love and passion go hand in hand, we know that. But the Hindi movie Kabir Singh took it a little too far.

He was a topper in his medical college and had performed several successful surgeries but that is quickly forgotten.  What we are shown more is a guy disrespecting everyone, beating someone senseless, drinking to death and treating some girl like she is his property. The support system he has in his friend and brother and grandmother is to die for. What I would do to have a friend like Shiva!

The Hindi movie Kabir Singh has one redeeming quality: its musical composition. In this era of remakes, the film’s music is a breath of fresh air.

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What’s the worst thing about the Shahid Kapoor movie Kabir Singh?

But wait, this Kabir Singh movie review is not over. In the name of love, this film glorifies violence, self-destruction, emotional manipulation, and all kinds of emotional abuse. Will people mimic this in their real lives? Yes. Has this happened before? Sadly, yes.

The protagonist is flawed and not perfect. Why should your hero be Rama all the time? So am I saying that films should not reflect reality? If negative characters could influence people to become bad, then how come positive characters do not immediately reform society?

Some loved it, some panned it

Kabir Singh has evoked extreme reactions on Twitter. On one hand, they’re saying ‘it’s just entertainment, why take it so seriously?’ On the other, it is criticized for ‘it celebrates toxic masculinity’. Some don’t want to watch it because stalking can never be justified (in case you have forgotten Dharmendra stalked Hema Malini in Sholay). Whereas some find it so beautiful that it made them cry! Critics have panned it and the masses have loved it. What does that tell us?


1. Is Kabir Singh based on a true story?

It is not. But unfortunately, it reflects the sad reality of many toxic men and how they conduct their relationships. So while Kabir Singh does not exactly portray a specific man, it throws light on the harsh reality that we live in.

2. Who is real Kabir Singh in real life?

Anyone who treats you like you are unworthy of an opinion can be a Kabir Singh in real life. Anybody who dominates your life or treats you like their personal property can also be considered a Kabir Singh-type personality.

3. Why does Kabir Singh slap Preeti?

He slaps Preeti because he is angry at her. When Preeti’s parents refuse to marry her to him, he loses his mind and slaps her.

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