21 Definite Signs A Cancer Man Is Serious About You

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Updated On: March 29, 2024
signs a cancer man is serious about you

Dating is fun but dating a water sign like Cancer is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. This zodiac sign is so reserved, that you can never tell what is underneath their hard shell (crabs, ugh). But, with a keen eye, and some research, you can decipher that there are signs a Cancer man is serious about you. And that’s exactly what we are doing here today! 

21 Definite Signs A Cancer Man Is Serious About You 

Although emotionally reserved, the water sign isn’t that hard to read. They don’t always wear their emotions on their sleeves, but they make for very loyal and devoted partners. If you have fallen for a Cancerian but are unsure of his feelings, there is a high chance that he likes you but is hiding it. So, to solve the mystery, here are 21 signs a Cancer man is serious about you: 

1. He goes the extra mile for you

A Cancer man madly in love leaves no stone unturned. There is a good possibility that your boyfriend or friend is in love with you if they are willing to sacrifice everything for you. Even if you live far away, they might drop you off at home or assist you with a move. If you are close to a Cancer man and notice him putting extra effort into your dynamic, it is a definite sign that he likes you more than a friend. 

2. You are a part of his future plans

One of the biggest signs a Cancer man is serious about you is when he is eager to discuss the future with you. He wants you to play a significant role in his plans. It is obvious evidence that this reserved water sign is harboring feelings for you. He will make it clear that he cannot picture life without you, whether by an unintended slip or a calculated suggestion. That’s when you know a Cancer man likes you more than a friend. 

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3. A Cancer man in love knows when something is wrong with you 

One of the zodiac sign characteristics of Cancer is being particularly perceptive. Men born under this sign are often perceptive enough to see when someone they love is suffering, and they will try to aid or comfort you in any way they can.

Meg, 22, a college student who has been dating a Cancerian for 6 months shares her insights. She says, “A Cancer man is madly in love with you when he has his spider-sense on around you. My best friend (now boyfriend) is a Cancerian and he would never admit that he liked me but he always knew whenever something was wrong with me. That’s how I realized there is something more than friendship here.” 

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4. He pampers you 

This is your sign a Cancer man cares for you. Men with the astrological sign of Cancer are thought to be kind and giving. Whether it’s for a birthday, a promotion, an anniversary, or just because, they frequently give you large gifts. You can tell he is in love with you if he treats you better than other people. Has that ‘just a friend’ been treating you with all your favorite things lately? Watch out, it could be the sign a Cancer man is serious about you. 

5. You are his best bud 

A Cancerian is recognized for keeping a close-knit group of friends. Everyone in his social circle benefits from his affection and concern. This will be more noticeable to you if you are his best friend because it will establish the tone of your connection and show that he loves you. If he likes you more than a friend, notice his level of affection around you. If you are the friend with whom he loves spending most of his time,  it is a sign! 

6. A Cancer man in love tries to get your attention 

He probably likes you but is hiding it and the way for you to know for sure is to observe how much of your time and attention he demands. Because they frequently need to be reminded of how much you love them, Cancer is frequently referred to as a ‘needy’ zodiac sign. It is their way of showing someone their love.The same holds true for romantic Cancer men. It is one of the signs a Cancer man misses you if he asks for your affection and seems to enjoy it.

7. He lets you know that he is serious about you

One of the biggest signs a Cancer man is serious about you is when he tells you he is serious about you. (I don’t think you need a bigger sign than this!) When they enter a romantic partnership, Cancerians typically give their all to it. There is a good possibility that he is in love with you if he freely admits that he is only looking for a serious relationship and spends time with you or flirts with you.

A Cancer Man Is Serious About You
he is serious about you

Shauna, a thriving attorney, has been married to her Cancerian husband for two years. She says, “When we met in law school, there was guessing and wondering. But from the beginning of our courtship, he made it clear that he was looking for something serious, and all his actions aligned with that. His level of commitment has been ironclad since the beginning!” 

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8. He is there to listen to you

A Cancerian is a terrific listener if you need to confide, gripe, or vent, especially if they are in love with you. They are sympathetic and sensitive, and they are aware when someone needs to chat. Not just in a face-to-face conversation, you will know that a Cancer man likes you through text too because he will be prompt in his replies, or show consistency in showing up whenever you send him that crying emoji.

9. He is comfortable showing you his vulnerable side

As we have already established, most Cancerian males are reserved. He is not the one who will discuss issues, whether they are related to family or strains at work. If he confides in you, outside of his family and close friends, it is a sign the Cancer man is serious about you. He has decided to trust you enough to confide in you and that privilege is not given to everyone. 

10. A Cancer man will not attempt to make you jealous when he’s serious about you

It’s not in their nature. Being a loyal sign, they do not manipulate your feelings or make you jealous by flirting with other people, even if you are not in a romantic relationship. He won’t test your feelings for him by flirting with your best friend. One of the signs a Cancer man cares about you is when he only flirts with you. So if that is something you have been noticing about the Cancerian in your life, take a hint! 

11. You have met his inner circle 

When you are dating a Cancerian, you will know that he likes you more than a friend when he goes out of his way to make you meet his closest people. A Cancer man keeps a very tight-knit group of people. This means that introducing someone new to the inner circle is a giant leap for him.

Kay, who has been with his Cancerian boyfriend for five years, tells us about his unique experience. “He and I had been in between flirting for a while and I was getting frustrated because he wouldn’t tell me if we were a thing. So one day, fed up with being confused, I finally asked him what was happening between us. And to my surprise, his response was “Isn’t it obvious I like you? I made you meet my childhood friends. I never do that.” I didn’t know what to say. Cancer men have their own ways of showing love, you just gotta know what they are.”

12. He is protective of you 

It is not easy for a Cancer man to fall in love. But when they do, they make for the most protective partners. When a Cancerian man is falling for you, whether it is your well-being or your overall happiness, he will protect you like a knight! This is one of their ways of showing love and affection. If your Cancerian boyfriend is also becoming protective of you, it is a sign things are getting serious. 

13. He is honest about his past relationships 

I have to reiterate this point because it is basically their whole personality- Cancerian men don’t open up to other people very easily. Their walls won’t start to come down until they develop feelings for someone. That is when they start getting honest as well. One of the signs a Cancer man is serious about you is when he has told you everything about his past relationships, or just his past in general. This is different than confiding in you because here he is not being vulnerable but demonstrating utmost trust in you. 

14. When he’s serious about you, a Cancer man makes romantic gestures 

Who knew the crab could be a true romantic at heart? But they are! Cancerian men love romance and would leave no chance to make a romantic gesture for the person they truly love. If you have been dating for a while, and he still surprises you with flowers or impromptu mid-week dates to that restaurant you vaguely mentioned, it is a sign that the Cancer man is madly in love with you. 

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15. He maintains transparency about finances 

Once they become engaged or take another significant step in their relationship, a couple most frequently integrates their financial affairs. You wouldn’t divulge your financial information to someone you’re just starting to date, right?

Male Cancers won’t, for sure. But once they take their relationship seriously, they’ll tell their partner about it. They believe that is merely another means of expressing to their SO how totally they trust them. If the Cancerian in your life has been sharing their financial stress or simply keeping you informed about their financial status,, it is probably a sign he likes you more than a friend and it is time you make things official! 

16. He tries to bond with your family 

Being a reserved person, this sun sign understands the importance of relationships and family. Hence, one of the signs a Cancer man is serious about you is when he is trying to build a bond with your family. Did he ask you about your brother’s recital? Did he send your elder sister the address to the cool new bar? Does he just love spending time with your dad? Yep! That’s a Cancer man madly in love trying to do everything he can to impress your family. 

17. You both begin to settle into a routine 

When you are dating a Cancerian, you might discover that your preferred hangouts involve ordering pizza and enjoying cozy date night at home. In either case, it is evident that he is starting to relax and feel at ease around you. A Cancerian man seeks stability and consistency in his relationship. Therefore, when a sense of routine begins to pave its way into your life with a Cancer man, even as friends, it is a sign the Cancer man secretly likes you.

18. He wants to be completely involved in your life

Don’t label him as a clingy guy just because he wants to be a part of your life and be fully involved in it. He does it because he cares about you and wants to be by your side at all times. Here’s what Maya, an elementary teacher married to a Cancerian, has to say:
“I wasn’t used to partners showing interest in my life so when I started dating my Cancerian boyfriend, it was weird. He would proactively want to pick me up from work or meet my co-workers. He was more than happy to sit for hours and listen about my week and what I’m planning for my students. It took me a while to understand that he was putting the effort in our relationship to demonstrate his seriousness. It is my advice to anyone dating a Cancerian that if he is hovering all around you, it is a sign the Cancer man is serious about you!” 

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19. When he loves you, he appreciates what you do for him

Unlike the men of some other zodiacs, a Cancer man appreciates receiving attention from the people they love. While they are romantic and giving in nature, all they expect in return is their partner’s undivided attention. So, if he loves the efforts you make for him or is happy with the way you treat him, he will show his appreciation for even the smallest gestures.

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20. He never goes to bed angry 

It’s just further evidence of his unconditional love for you, and I hope I don’t even need to tell you that. If you two are fighting, he is unable to go to bed because he is aware that he would not be able to sleep since he would be thinking about you through the night. Maybe you weren’t paying attention to it at first, so you didn’t see it. But now that you do, aren’t you incredibly grateful to have a kind man in your life? 

21. He finds excuses to come close to you 

When he is interested in you, a Cancer man will look for opportunities to touch you more. Has he been flirtatiously stroking your shoulder or reaching out to grab your hand? Maybe when you meet up and part ways, he pulls you in close for a long hug. When a Cancer man hugs you too often, it is a definite sign he likes you.

Key Pointers

  • A Cancer man is known to be reserved. Hence, you might not know easily if he likes you
  • When in love, he is protective and extra attentive
  • He goes the extra mile for someone he likes
  • When dating a Cancer man, his seriousness can be gauged from how vulnerable he is with you
  • You will become a part of his inner circle if he is in love with you

With that, we conclude our list of 21 signs a Cancer man is serious about you. Though, in all honesty, despite zodiacs, when a man is truly, madly, deeply in love with you, you would know. Because it would be evident in his body language. But if you want to ensure you are not barking up the wrong tree, then these signs will always come in handy. 


1. How do Cancers act when they are in love?

Cancers are nurturing, kind people by nature. They have a strong sense of what their hearts desire and are amorous and devoted. Above all, they’ll make sure you know how much you mean to them at all times. Once they have enough confidence in you to open up to you, of course.

2. How do you know if Cancer is into you?

A Cancerian will open up to you about all aspects of their life and be more flirtatious toward you. That’s the way to discern that they are into you.

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