17 Signs He Still Loves You After The Breakup

signs he still loves you after breakup
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Every time I fell in love, and every time the fools broke up with me, and every time they came over to return a sock or called me after I posted pictures with someone else, I added to a list titled, ‘Signs He Still Loves You After Breakup’. And every time I heard them say, “Maybe we can try again?”, I circled those signs in red. Because I had landed on the secret to how men’s minds work – at least in the context of breakups.

Of course, not all of them returned. But the ones who did always said the same thing, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” And, that’s how you know if a guy is still into you after a breakup. Presenting to you top secret signs that your ex-boyfriend still loves you.

17 Signs He Still Loves You After Breakup

To all the boys I’ve loved and broken up with and stalked later, I would like to ask why you would bother going to lengths to show you’re not affected. Drop the machismo. That would be the ultimate relationship advice for men. Everyone knows it’s not easy letting go of someone after you’ve spent a lot of time building a relationship. Unless your man is a sociopath, it’s easy enough to check for signs he still loves you after a breakup:

1. He maintains contact

Especially when he doesn’t have to or when he could have blocked you. It’s one of the signs he still loves you after a fight. It could be platonic but it’s obvious that he still values conversations with you. Look out for when he calls you using a bad excuse, “Hey, do you happen to have that hat I once wore when we went to…” and he turns the call smoothly into an hour-long conversation, reminding you of the good times you had together.

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2. Drunk dialing is one of the signs he still loves you after a breakup

We should all thank Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone since drunk letters would have never become a thing. You can count on being in your ex’s thoughts if he calls you at 3 AM, slurring, “I mish you.” But it could also mean that he had a bad day and just wanted someone to comfort him. So before assuming, you need to look out for more signs he still loves you after a breakup.

3. Small things make him think of you

Think of Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, his longing for Lily triggered by things as mundane as pancakes. You need to find out when these guys start to miss you after a breakup. This is a bit tricky since you can only ever know about these musings if you get to see him at his place or if his friends tell you. Ask them, in circles, if he is insisting on skipping your favorite song on TV, or if he snaps his head to look at every woman with hair like yours. It’s surely one of the signs he still loves you after a fight.

4. Finds it difficult to throw away your stuff

If he is careless about the things you’ve left at his place, even forgetting they’re yours, then he doesn’t care about your absence. However, if he has packed up all your stuff because he can’t bear to see it, or has kept it all in pristine condition, then he feels something for you. It’s one of the uncommon romantic gestures men do.

I left a scrunchie at the place of a guy I was dating in college. A friend found it in his bag when he was looking for a notebook, four months after we had broken up. That rekindled something that the both of us thought had extinguished. This is one of the fool-proof signs he still loves you after a breakup

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5. He makes an effort for you

Grooming themselves is one of the ways men like to win women’s hearts. Observe how he dresses when you two meet, particularly in an informal setting. Does he make an effort to look good, or does he come dressed in a shirt from the day before? He may seem completely unbothered to impress you. Or it’s obvious that he has put some effort in dressing up even though you’re hardly meeting for ten minutes – then that’s surely a sign that the guy is still into you after a breakup.

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6. He has got ‘that’ expression on his face

How to know if someone still likes you after a breakup? Imagine he’s already present at a bar and you arrive, coincidentally (wink-wink). Look at his face when he spots you. Does he go all red, looking as if butterflies have stormed his stomach? Do his eyes sparkle and he starts to smile without taking his eyes off you? You can know how much he loves you through his body language. If that expression is not a sign he still loves you after a breakup, then what is.

7. He is constantly on the rebound

He isn’t single, and yet none of his new relationships survive beyond a few weeks. He keeps having a fling after fling, and many of these girls curiously look like you. It’s obvious these girls hate you. This happens as the rebound relationship reaches its last stages. Some of them might even call or threaten you. Yet, he asks you out to dinner and apologizes on their behalf. If this is his pattern after your breakup, then I can say yes if you ask, “Does he still love me even if he is with someone else?”

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8. One of the signs he still loves you after breakup – He tries to make you jealous

Every time I fought with my ex, my feed would be full of his pictures and stories about partying and girls I’d never seen. I’d get jealous and start doing the same. Our friends, by that time, would have had enough of us and would make us talk. As they say, jealousy and relationships run in a loop. Jealousy is an indication that he still loves you after a breakup. It is his way of getting you to think about him and making you insecure, so you’d keep him close. Not very healthy and not recommended, but it works.

9. He gets jealous of other guys

Jealousy is not a good sign when it comes to relationships, but we can’t really help it. It’s an indicator of someone’s interest in you. Be on the lookout for random calls from him where you end up talking about the guy he saw you with. He usually finds fault with them too. Sometimes, he even brings you proof that they’re bad and you shouldn’t get involved with them. He says he’s just looking out for you, but he’s jealous.

10. He tries to get your attention

Does he post non-stop on social media now, but never really cared earlier? Does he frequently Like and Comment on your posts? Does he text you often? He will try to initiate conversations. Gradually, you will observe that these conversations start to get longer, more comfortable, and sometimes flirty. If you find these conversations becoming more frequent, then it’s a sign he still loves you after a breakup.

signs of true love after breakup

11. He’s running into you

It may appear coincidental but of late, you’ve been crossing paths way too many times. He appears to work close to where you do, is present at every party you’re invited to, he’s even at the deli where you buy milk. Though it’s borderline stalker behavior, it does mean that he’s keen on meeting you and can’t think of any good excuses to do so. So, if you’re thinking, “Does he still love me even if he is with someone else?”, then yes he does, especially if this behavior persists when he’s dating other people.

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12. He is keeping tabs on you

Talking of borderline stalker behavior from the previous point, you realize that he knows what you’re doing lately. Either through your social media feed or through your mutual friends or through some shady private detective, in which case you should just run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. But if he is paying attention to what you’re doing and remembers it, it’s one of the signs he still loves you after a breakup.

Infographic on guy is still into you after a breakup
It’s easy enough to check for signs he still loves you after a breakup

13. One of the signs he still loves you after breakup – He tries to improve himself

How to know if someone still likes you after a breakup? One of the signs of true love after a breakup is his desire to improve himself. Breakups can get ugly when a person is constantly getting hurt in the relationship due to their partner. If you’ve broken up because of his flaws and you see him working on them to win you back, then it’s surely a secret sign your ex-boyfriend still loves you.

14. His behavior confuses you

Research by psychoanalysts indicates that you can expect him to cry for you one moment and sulk the next when he has strong feelings for you. This is called bivalent-priming, and supports the conclusion that love is too complex to be defined in binaries. It means that you can’t expect your ex to behave monotonously if he still loves you. He’ll show his good and bad sides and confuse the hell out of you. This is the biggest sign he still loves you after a breakup.

15. He likes talking about the past

The conversations you have are full of nostalgia. He keeps reminding you of the great times you had together as if implying that he wants to live those times again. He invites you to the places you have a special connection to or brings you the chocolate with hazelnuts you like. Keep looking for more such signs of true love after a breakup.

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16. He says so to his friends

The most obvious sign he still loves you after a breakup is that he will hint or downright confess to his friends that he wants to get back with you. If his friends think that both of you should get back together, they will tell you. It is important to note that friends play a major role this way, so be sure that you’re friends with your ex’s friends.

17. He says he wants to get back with you

Not in an emotional melodramatic way like in movies, but he will say it nonetheless. He’ll tell you he made a mistake when he left you, or that he wishes time could turn backward. It could also mean that he’s going through a really bad time and wants to get back with you only for comfort. Nonetheless, this is a major sign he still loves you after a breakup.

Now, the ball is in your court. The fact that he still loves you is not reason enough for you to get back into a relationship with him. Think of why you broke up earlier and if those reasons are still valid. Decide wisely.


1. Do guys think about their ex after a breakup?

It depends on how involved they were in the relationship. If it was a long-term relationship or an intense one, they’re likely to think about their ex for a long time after the breakup. It also depends on other factors. If he doesn’t get any companionship afterward, he’s likely to think of an ex even if he never had any feelings for her.

2. How do you know if he still wants to be with you?

For the signs that your ex-boyfriend wants you back, you need to see if your ex keeps in touch with you and tries to spend time with you, especially when he can choose to go out with other people. He will also try to hint at reasons that you should get back with him – a new job, a bigger apartment, and personality changes. He will go out of his way to get you to like him.

3. How do you know if your ex is still in love with you?

If you can see any signs that he thinks of you more than he should after a breakup, then he’s surely in love with you. Keep on the lookout for jealousy, confusing mood swings, or looks of longing thrown your way. He’ll try to get over you by being busy, or by being on a rebound that do not work for long. So, expect to see him on the move from one thing to another. You can know through these signs he still loves you after a breakup.

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