How To Get Revenge On Your Ex? 10 Satisfying Ways

how to get revenge on your ex

Not all relationships get their happily-ever-after and fairytale endings. Some jump from the tallest building and crash against the ground. And when that happens, you find yourself questioning how to get revenge on your ex. As someone who recently went through a nasty breakup, I admit to having used Google to the fullest by searching for ways to get revenge on an ex.

There is nothing worse than experiencing betrayal or finally taking the blinkers off your eyes and realizing you were mistreated in the relationship or that your ex is a control freak. When the hurt reaches an optimum level, hatred takes birth, your thoughts turn to revenge and you wonder how to get revenge on an ex boyfriend or revenge on an ex-girlfriend. 

10 Ways To Get Revenge On Your Ex

Sometimes an ex breaks your heart so badly that when they let go and move on so easily, it seems like too easy an escape for them after all the pain they caused. If you are reading this, it is highly possible you are heartbroken and finding ways to calm your furious heart. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but how far can you go? Take a look at these 10 ways to get revenge on your ex.

1. Get a revenge body: The best revenge on an ex

Allow me to pen a little anecdote here. I threw a lying, cheating, waste of space, out of my life after four years of enduring his disloyalty and massive gaslighting. I began showing betrayal trauma and fought long and hard to survive his betrayal. I thought of all the ways in the world to get revenge, but none came close to the burn that he felt when he saw how glorious, healthy and happy I looked without him.

It is not about getting skinny or losing weight, it is about cultivating a healthy lifestyle despite your broken heart and not wanting to eat or stay fit, but doing it anyway. It is about feeling confident. When they see how confident you have become despite their attempts to break you, they begin feeling guilty for losing you. The best revenge on an ex is when they realize the breakup failed to harm you. Self-love, for the win!

2. Upgrade your life

ways to get revenge on your ex

Live your life well and let them know about it. Act as if whatever happened did not take a toll on your mental health. Continue to live your life as you did before. Nothing should stop you from going out and enjoying your life before your ex ruined it. Talk with your friends about how to get revenge on your ex.

The pain is real. It is even more tragic if you have to move on without closure. Nobody is denying that, but don’t show it. Never let your ex know you are struggling without them. It boosts their ego. Nothing says “to hell with an ex” better than carrying on with your life as if everything is fine and you are doing great without them.

3. Tell the world about it

This specific pointer on how to get revenge on your ex should definitely come on your list if they cheated on you, be it emotional cheating or physical betrayal. Go public about the betrayal, because everyone deserves to know it’s not you, it’s them. It’s their low self-esteem that let them cheat on you. 

Write down all the bad things they did. It will help you in channeling all the resentment out. Ruining your ex’s masked image of a pure person will prevent other innocent ones from falling for their self-predominant tactics.

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4. How to get revenge on an ex: Ask yourself if it is necessary

While some people believe in not letting them off the hook so easily, some are of the belief that ‘what goes around, comes around’. That eventually time will take care of them. They will regret hurting you Nature will run its course and they will get what they deserve. Karma could be the best revenge on an ex.

They want to see you suffer in some way or the other. Never give them that satisfaction. Revenge on ex doesn’t necessarily have to be something that will cause them damage. It can also be something that you can do to yourself by not letting their actions damage your well-being.

5. Get rid of their gifts

If you are a big believer of doing whatever you can to get over a heartbreak, then get rid of the gifts they gave you. Yes, the expensive ones can also be tossed in the trash. 

Gifts lose all their value and meaning when the person who gave them to you becomes unimportant. This is the best revenge on an ex who dumped you. Do what is right for you by taking a positive step towards moving forward. 

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6. Being successful and happy is the best revenge on an ex

Success burns your enemies. It does the same with exes. Watching you become successful without their presence in your life is one of the best ways to go about it, if you are asking how to get revenge on your ex.

Stop wallowing in self pity and feeling sorry for yourself. The best way to get revenge on an ex is to be happy despite their absence in your life even if you thought that was your one true love. To put yourself first. To begin living your life for you and not for anybody else.

7. Know that you are better off without them

Learn from this experience and grow to value yourself. It is easy to say “oh just forget about everything and move on”. If it were that easy, people wouldn’t be searching for ways to get revenge on your ex instead of just erasing it from their brains.

Moving on is a slow process. Give it time. Healing requires a tremendous amount of effort and mental strength. They have caused you enough pain. You don’t need to endure it your whole life. Know that you are better off without them and their memories.

8. Find someone hotter to date

Post breakup dates are a good idea. Go on a bunch of casual dates. Nothing serious. Have a drink or two. Meet new people. It will help you take your mind off your pain.  If you are up for it mentally, then you can even look for a rebound relationship.

Don’t compare the people you date to your ex and don’t talk about your ex on a date. Going through a breakup is a supremely sad experience. We have all been through it at least once in our lives. All of us have struggled to get over it. You are not alone. 

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9. Love yourself more than you hate them

If they chose a life without you, they are doing you a favor. In fact, that’s the best thing they could have done for you. They didn’t want you in their life, hence they chose to walk out from yours. Find peace after being in a toxic relationship How to get revenge on an ex who dumped you is by loving yourself more than hating them.

Hate is a strong emotion. Sometimes we tend to drown in it so much that it affects our well-being. It can drive us to do things we wouldn’t do in a normal, healthy state of mind. Don’t let the hatred submerge you. 

10. Stop pondering over ‘what ifs’ and ‘could have beens’

The most unfair and unjust thing you can do to your present is by living in the past. Stop thinking about how things would have been if they were still in your life. You have one life to live. Don’t let the ‘what ifs’ ‘and could have beens’ mess it up.

Work on your future. Do everything you always wanted to do. Earn the life you dream about instead of allowing your thoughts to gnaw at the past. Don’t think so much about getting revenge on your ex. Work on bettering yourself and healing your heart instead of trying to break it more by constantly thinking about them and what they did.

Feel Empowered After A Breakup

revenge on ex

Stop letting the people who hurt you control you or dictate your life. Don’t let someone who betrayed you make you question your self-worth. Moving on after a toxic relationship is painful and quite damaging to your self-worth and self-respect. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of being someone’s one and only love. 

How to get revenge on your ex? Don’t ever do to someone what they did to you. There is a famous quote by Marcus Aurelius: “The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.” Let their crooked personality and messed up morals guide them into their own hell. 

Those who aren’t happy with one person will never stop jumping from one person to another. They will never feel fulfilled and will eventually end up alone, questioning their life choices. That’s the best revenge on an ex.

Nobody will put up with them for long. Sooner or later, reality is going to slap them hard and knock their teeth out. That is when they will regret all the bad things they did to you. All I am trying to say is, karma is truly a bitch with or without your interference. Rest assured, their wrongdoings will bite them in their ass. 


1. How can I get revenge anonymously?

There are many tricks you can do to get revenge anonymously. Vengeance is personal and getting revenge that is not so extreme will temporarily ease the pain. This an old trick, but a golden one: You can text them anonymously and haunt their day with twisted text messages. If you are feeling particularly adventurous and daredevilish, hack into their social media and have at it.

2. How do I get revenge on my toxic ex?

Apart from the above daring ideas to get revenge, you can try a few good ways as well. They were bad and wicked toward you, but you don’t have to be like them. Leave them be. Completely cutting ties off with them is the best revenge on a toxic ex. Move on to create a better life.

3. What is the best revenge on someone who hurt you?

Wanting revenge sounds more satisfying and appealing to a broken angry heart, but gracefully moving on is the healthiest. The world isn’t fair, but you can be, for your own good. Silence is the best revenge. Let your success make noise. When you focus on forgetting everything and getting better, you will handle future difficulties with much more grace and wisdom. 

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