15 Lesser Known Signs He Sees You As Someone Special

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Updated On: February 5, 2024
signs he sees you as someone special

Men can be super obvious sometimes, blatantly flirting with you leaving no scope for ambiguity about their feelings for you. But some men are highly protective of their feelings. More so, when these feelings are so genuine and delicate that the fear of being shot down looms large. If you got the second kind at your hand, you have to be attentive to the signs he sees you as someone special to comprehend what’s really going on in his mind. 

When a guy thinks the world of you, he would go the extra mile to see that grin on your face. He can shoot for the moon for you. But composing his feelings in words becomes a challenge. This flip-flop of behavior makes you restless because you don’t know whether the guy sees you as more than a friend or he is just being nice. Today, let’s decipher some not-so-obvious signs he sees you as someone special.

15 Lesser Known Signs He Sees You As Someone Special

What does it mean when a guy says you’re special to him? I guess, the answer is pretty textbook – he wants to take you out on a date. He likes you, a lot. It means that he depends on you more than anyone else, he craves your time and affection and wants to return the same. In short, he wishes to be in a relationship with you. However, the time leading up to the confession of his feelings can test your patience.

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He will cook for you and wait for 40 minutes at the bus stop to catch the same bus you do. But he won’t spill those three simple words! You’re wondering, “Does he like me at all?” Well, we suggest you hang in there a little longer because studies show that in relationships, men are more likely to say “I love you” before women do. Meanwhile, if you need some assurance, be on the lookout for these 15 signs he sees you as someone special:

1. Your compliments brighten up his day

This one had to top our list of subtle signs you’re special to someone. Your compliments for his smile make him smile more. In fact, he takes any word of admiration from you pretty seriously. If you say he looked dashing in that black shirt, he would show up repeatedly in that shirt, looking all handsome for you. 

You praise his soothing voice and he starts communicating more through voice clips. Heck, he might even sing a song for you. The fact that you noticed something about him and liked it means the world to him. He would further work on that to win your heart and may overdo it a bit in the process. 

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2. Signs you’re special to someone – It’s always in the eyes

The eyes never lie, do they? Whether it’s love or hatred, the secret feelings of our hearts manage to reflect through the eyes no matter how hard we try to fight our feelings. And that’s what we are going to gauge in your guy. You can read the signs he sees you as someone special in that twinkle in his eye whenever he sees you. 

He may not be very eloquent with his words but the way he looks at you speaks a thousand emotions. Try to see yourself through his eyes once and you will feel like the most beautiful person in the world. The way he dives deep into your eyes and gets lost for hours – it all points at your significance in his life.

3. He tries to establish a deeper connection with you

Wondering what does it mean when a guy says you’re special to him? Well, one way to answer this query is that he tries to establish an emotional connection with you. He may ask you personal questions but, of course, stays within his limits. He likes you, so he would try to catch common ground of interest and build a stronger bond based on that. If his conversation starters sound similar to these, he may have a thing for you:

  • Hey, I just wanted to check on you. Is everything fine at home with your mom?
  • What does it take for you to trust a person completely? Am I one of them?
  • I saw that Beatles CD in your car. Even I am a big fan! 
Infographic on signs he sees you as someone special
Signs he sees you as someone special

4. Your presence makes him a little nervous

It’s no surprise that people tend to become edgy in front of their crush. Take the story of our readers, Amanda and Rio, for example. Initially, whenever they were together, Rio would do something stupid like spilling coffee on himself or missing an exit while driving, which by the way, Amanda found super cute. 

But it was only after her BFF pointed it out that she realized Rio had a big-time crush on her. It’s one of the undeniable signs he sees you as someone special. When a guy secretly loves you, he would always be in an endeavor to come across as the perfect boyfriend. He tries too hard and that makes him act squirrely sometimes. Adorable!

5. When a guy sighs when he sees you with someone else, you are special to him

I don’t think there is much to elaborate here as it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s a case of good old jealousy. When a guy sees you as more than a friend, he would want you closer, both emotionally and physically.

Naturally, if you tell him all about a great date you just went on, his actions or words might stink of jealousy, even if he tries to conceal his feelings. Because he wishes to be the one deserving of that attention. There goes another trademark sign. When a guy sighs when he sees you dating someone, a soft corner in his heart gets unlocked for you.

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6. Double texting is a sign he sees you as someone special through text

A guy who is crazy for you would look for every opportunity to meet you and talk to you. In that pursuit, he may end up double-texting you. Did he send you a third text after being left on ‘seen’ twice? If that’s a regular occurrence, perhaps he wants his feelings to be noticed now. It’s one of the tell-tale signs he sees you as someone special through text.

7. He asks for your opinion on his private matters

What does it mean when a guy says you’re special to him? Let me tell you. He places you in high esteem and looks up to you. Your insights and suggestions mean a lot to him. If he trusts you with his family affairs and asks for your input while making important personal decisions, you are not just another ‘friend’ in his life. 

Julia from Newark shares her narrative about how she realized that her present boyfriend was crushing on her back then. She says, “Ever since his parents’ divorce, Jason never talked about it to anyone. The day he released his suppressed emotions before me, I understood that he counts me as a safe space. And this assumption became stronger when he included me in his after-college plans. Later, he told me he had already started picturing a future together.”

8. Signs you’re special to someone – You FEEL special around them

Why would you go about searching for signs he sees you as someone special when you actually feel it in your heart? Think about it. Do you sometimes feel like the funniest, sexiest, most gorgeous, and important person in this world? That’s because, in his eyes, you are. He makes you feel special and manifests that level of confidence in yourself. 

He creates such a fuss about your accomplishments no matter how big or small. He never runs out of ways to shower you with the sweetest compliments. You can count on him as a cheerleader, a trusted friend and well-wisher, and a rock-solid support system. If that doesn’t give away his feelings for you, we don’t know what will. 

On More Than Friends

9. You find him by your side in happiness and sorrow

When a guy thinks the world of you, he won’t leave your side or let you feel alone. He will be the first one to drop by your door with a bouquet at the news of your promotion. And the nights when you are on the verge of a breakdown, you will find him a call away. Like we said, he becomes your strength and comfort zone through thick and thin.

On that note, we liked the insight of a Reddit user, “Time. Men will always offer their time if they are seriously into you. Not only that but will tend to emphasize their value to you. Whether that’s offering to help you complete work, running errands for you, fixing something, or discussing the things they are good at. A man who is seriously into you wants to prove they are good enough and be told the same.”

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10. He is a man of his words

A quality in men that attracts women the most is reliability. Speaking from personal experience, you know a guy secretly likes you when his words match his actions. No future-faking, no over-the-top daydreaming – if he commits to something, he shows up. Eventually, you would know that you can depend on him without thinking twice.

It can be something as simple as reaching on time for a meet-up. Or something as serious as a commitment to the future. His integrity remains unquestionable. You can pin it as one of the major signs he sees you as someone special.

11. His touch doesn’t make you uncomfortable 

Needless to say, if a guy sees you as more than a friend, he must be physically attracted to you as well. At least to some extent. But not in a creepy “he is groping me” kind of way. But in a sweet, affectionate way as someone who is genuinely considerate of your consent. 

He could reach out to hold your hand while walking down the street or wrap you in his arms when you are crying or feeling cold maybe. If you too feel the same way about him, the warmth of his touch is bound to give you solace. 

12. “Does he like me?” Yes, if you bring out a better version of him

If he makes a sincere effort to present his best version in front of you, it’s definitely one of the signs he sees you as someone special. When I say ‘the best version’, I mean a morally sound person who tries to be as empathetic and caring as possible. 

Plus, you will notice that he has never been so mindful of his appearance – always looking dapper in trendy men’s accessories, putting a bit much of that hair gel, and watching his carb. He is dropping hints all over the place. Would you catch up already?

13. He is your religious follower on social media 

Track his social media activities on your profile. Is he the one who always heart reacts to your pictures? Also, the easiest sign he sees you as someone special through text is that you probably receive a ‘good morning’ text from him on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook every day without fail. To top it off, if you receive a notification of him tapping on a 4-year-old Instagram picture and an embarrassing excuse immediately after, it’s pretty clear that he was stalking you and we all know why! 

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14. Don’t you laugh a little too much when with him?

When a guy thinks the world of you, he would tap on his funny bone to make you laugh. So much so that you may catch yourself grinning while you are traveling alone in a bus, just thinking about him and his silly jokes. He will go that extra mile and make peace with your weird sense of humor too. Even if that means laughing at your super corny jokes. Are you meant for each other or what!

when a guy thinks the world of you
He makes you laugh; he makes you happy!

15. He is proud to be with you and it shows in his actions

And it all comes down to the best sign that you are definitely his special someone. You know it in your heart that he is ‘the one’ when he introduces you to his closest friends. He may even invite you to brunch at his family home.

That’s an honest sign that he will eventually commit to you. Guys only fall back to such meaningful gestures when they are absolutely sure of their feelings. He will probably describe your bond as ‘pure friendship’ to his family. But the underlying intention is to give them a chance to like you as much as he does. 

Key Pointers

  • If a guy thinks of you as someone special, you notice it in his eyes and body language
  • He keeps texting you for no valid purpose and follows your updates on social media regularly
  • He gets jealous when he sees you with another guy
  • He values your opinion and is a solid support system for you
  • He makes you laugh and makes you feel like his top priority

There you go, an abundance of delicate signs he sees you as someone special. Create a checklist in your head and cross off every sign your man exhibits. If it’s ten or more, there’s no doubt he is head over heels into you. You can play it in two ways from this point forward – drop hints that he is very special to you too, or you can go ahead and make the first move. For us, there’s nothing more blissful than to see two people confess their feelings and start a new journey together. 

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