Break-up & Loss

She sounded calm. But something was amiss.

She was doing well in her career but suddenly fell in love and got married
a beautiful indian bride

Name changed to protect identity

She’s Maithili. Or, if you like, you can call her by any other name of your choice. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is for you to know her story.

She’s my friend. One I’ve known for years. One who’s stood by me through all my upheavals. And yet, when the time came for me to do the same, I couldn’t. She didn’t let me. I spent hours sitting besides her watching her cry.

Rewind to eight years ago. She had found her love. Her man. This was a huge announcement because she had never wanted to marry. She was happy working. And then working a little more. So when she announced that she was tying the knot, her parents hit cloud nine and I was stupefied.

Her marriage was a lavish affair. No expense had been spared on the décor and the chicken kebabs were the softest that I’ve ever eaten.

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