8 tips to enjoy one-night stands and have amazing sex

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Updated On: August 31, 2021

Who doesn’t love that one essential spa day that is a must to break free from our regular monotonous lives? Relaxation is at its peak and you come back refreshed. Why should a one-night stand be any different? After all, a sex spa day (or night) to pamper yourself and give in to your innermost desires is something that all women deserve and a one-night stand is just it.

When it comes to our sex lives, a part of us wants to be a bit like Samantha Jones from Sex and the City who was always involved in casual sex. Someone always vocal about her sexual desires and who never backed down from what she called a ‘good fuck’.

Women fear one-night stands, for obvious reasons. There is your conscience questioning your moral values, there are boyfriend problems, emotional intimacy alert, you fear that the guy can turn out to be a criminal, then there are the creeps and lastly, there are regrets. The list goes on and on.

But all one-night stands don’t have to end up with the walk of shame.

If you follow the rulebook of one-night stands, you can end up having a ‘great fuck’ and walk your way out of it with no strings attached and no ‘we need to talk’ drama. Just what they are meant for!

Rules for one-night stands

While having a one-night stand, there are many dos and don’ts. If you religiously follow them, you don’t need to worry about ending up in a mess. Follow them to keep yourself off the hook of any further drama that could arise.

  1. Never do it with a friend or a friend of a friend: Having a one-night stand with even a remotely known acquaintance could come back to bite you in the back. The world is round and you don’t want to end up in the same circles as him
  2. Clear your head before you do it: Don’t do it because of any emotional breakdown or spiteful vengeance. Do it for the sole purpose of fun and if that’s not you, then DON’T do it
  3. Don’t consider anything beyond just sex: If you are doing it because of a chick flick or a rom-com, thinking that it could turn out to be a love story, then stop right there. This is real life and not a movie
  1. Don’t get emotionally involved: No matter how much you like the guy, you know it’s not going to happen. Make sure not to keep any contact after a one-night stand
  2. Set ground rules: Make your end clear and ensure that your partner and you are on the same page. Things get a lot easier when said out loud

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Couple on bed
Couple on bed

8 great tips to have great one-night stands for women

The concept of one-night stands could be a bit emotionally confusing for a woman, but not if she is ready for what it has to serve. Being mentally and physically prepared for having meaningless sex is the key to enjoying its perks.

It is always exciting to have casual sex with someone who is not part of your personal life and by following these one-night stand tips, you could have amazing sex without the fear of going on a guilt trip. Here are some of the best casual sex tips to make your one-night stand unforgettable.

1. Do it because you want to

If this is some way of getting at your boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, then this is a bad idea. It will only make you regret your decision and make things more complicated for you. Do it because you want to and not because you feel that you have to. One-night stands are meant for sexual enjoyment and not for regrets after casual sex.

Make this about something unforgettable and not regrettable!

2. Go for some kinky shopping

Who said that you can’t shop for a one-night stand? You need to put up your A-game and what is better than some lingerie shopping? Go shopping and try on lingerie that you would not usually buy. Embrace your wild side and go bold. Wearing seductive lingerie will boost your confidence and make your partner crave you even more.

He will not be able to resist the temptation of unwrapping what’s underneath.

3. Prepare yourself for it

Prepare yourself for it
Prepare yourself for it

You are going on a sex drive without doing your homework? Make sure that you are horny enough to pull it off. The hornier you are, the more satisfaction you will be able to derive from this experience. Explore your sexuality and think about the different things that would please you in bed. Spontaneous sex is meant for high-school lovers or couples, not for one-night standers. Plan your moves and practise the ‘art of seduction’. Practice will only make your game better.

4. Be choosy about the guy

Don’t just hook up with the first person you meet. Look around and branch out for more options. Think that you are on a Tinder spree and are looking at profiles to swipe right. Explore what your surrounding has to offer and then go for it. Choose someone you would be physically attracted to but would want to make you run away the moment he opened his mouth. That would take care of the whole emotional attachment problem.

5. Mix pleasure with fun

Some experiments are meant to fail and so can some things in bed fail, too. Don’t get paranoid. Instead, laugh it off and ease the awkwardness. Laughter helps break the ice and get past all the nervousness and awkwardness. Remember, you are here to have casual sex during one-night stands and it’s all about having fun and not holding back.

Once you get past that phase, it’s playtime.

Mix pleasure with fun
Mix pleasure with fun

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6. Unleash your inner beast

Don’t go easy by just sticking to missionary. Unleash your innermost desires in front of him. Do the daring doggy or ride him like a cowgirl. Try other sex positions you have in mind and experiment with role-playing. Don’t just stick to the bed, that’s typical. Take charge; don’t refrain from showing him your wild side. After all, the best part about one-night stands is that the stranger doesn’t know who you are and never will.

So who cares if you go all ‘Dark Betty’ on him?

7. Ask him what he wants

Men go hard for women who like to please their sexual fantasies. They get more enthusiastic and excited when women ask them what they would like to have for dessert. Men are more sexual than women, so their fantasies are wild enough to blow their minds. If his sexual fantasy isn’t something you want to indulge in, tell him directly, but in a subtle and sensual way. If you don’t think that he’s the type, tell him to explore your sexual fantasy first and wait for his turn. Fake an emergency when the time is right and make your escape. We hope it doesn’t come to that.

8. Make sure you are safe

Make sure you are safe
Make sure you are safe

You might think that using a condom might spoil the fun and your period math says that it is okay to have sex without being safe. But hey there! You can never be too sure. You don’t want to get knocked up by someone you only wanted to have sex with! Take all precautions during one-night stands, because you don’t want to be a mommy or a patient suffering from STDs like HIV or syphilis. After all, you can’t have amazing sex if you keep regretting not taking precautions.

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Most times, rather than feeling refreshed, many women start feeling guilty and ashamed. Don’t start judging yourself for wanting to have a dose of meaningless sex. A girl has her needs and there is no harm in embracing your sexuality. We don’t see men sitting alone feeling guilty or used; then why should women? Think of one-night stands as target practices for the real game. After all, don’t you want your future boyfriend/hubby to feel that you are the best sex he’s ever had? Think about it. It doesn’t sound that bad now.

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