Top Flirting Mistakes That Guys Make & Tips To Avoid Those!

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Updated On: December 24, 2021
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Flirting is something we are not inherently good at. So flirting mistakes happen all the time. Guys will read a lot of articles online and suppress their own instincts while flirting. These online articles are well and good as long as they are online. But to use your flirting skills in real life you need to be a bit more grounded. That’s why some flirting tips can really come handy.

The best way to flirt is to be subtle at any cost. Once that settles in, flirtation would seem natural rather than a hyperbole. Guys need to take notes, they don’t need to bring flowers and a box of chocolate to woo the person they want to flirt with. Just be there on time and be available.

So, what kind of mistakes do guys make while flirting?

Let’s have a look.

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Flirting Mistakes That Guys Make

When flirting goes wrong you might end up pushing a girl far, far away from you instead of drawing her close. She might run away never to look back. When you are trying to impress a girl and it’s failing, have you thought about the mistakes you are making while interacting with her?

When girls flirt with you then send out some specific signals, wither you are not picking up the signals correctly or you are ending up giving the wrong signals when you are trying to woo her. We will give you our flirting tips to do it right, but before that let’s see what you are doing wrong when you are flirting.

1. Are you overdoing it?

They overdo it and they don’t even realise that. Overdoing can also look good if you are smooth enough. So guys need to stop talking about how they would treat their partner and listen more to what their partner has to say.

Listening is very important even when you are flirting, because flirting should be reciprocal, and if it isn’t you should stop flirting immediately, since that just seems very embarrassing.

2. Are you trying to win a war by flirting?

Guys treat flirting as a way to show that they have a healthy success rate with wooing women. Let’s not forget that these stats often get shared in their “boy’s club” where the better you are, the more respect you get.

But be very sincere when you are flirting and learn to know a bit about the other person first before you start flirting. It is not a war or a prize that you need to win. Flirt like you are talking to a person whom you want to fall in love with.

3. Are you arguing and making a cardinal flirting mistake?

tips for flirting
If you argue you are making a flirting mistake

Guys think that it is very mature of them to argue while flirting. Flirting is not a way of showing that you are a very opinionated person.

This sort of thing might look very good in fiction, but in reality, if you are arguing it might scare that person away. For once, guys, keep your egos on a side plate and stop acting like the alpha male.

It’s a world of equality now, so if you are acting high handed she would hate you for that.

4. Do you end up talking about politics?

It is a very unwise thing to do since you will always be tagged as “that dude who talks about politics”. Unless you want yourself to be tagged in that category, never talk about politics unless the other person is very much into it.

Politics is very important and your opinions do matter, except that it doesn’t really apply when you are flirting with someone. Keep your passion for politics away from the flirting game. Indulge in healthy flirting and don’t make it a political war.

5. Do you lack subtlety?

Guys often forget that being subtle can land them the person of their dreams. Subtlety in flirting is more like an art. In the most important flirting techniques for men subtlety is one.

For instance if you are boasting then you lack subtlety to a great extent and that’s the biggest flirting mistake you are making.

You can be your own echo chamber of thoughts, but only when you are alone. Guys need to understand that talking about themselves is not very attractive. It just makes you look narcissistic and self-centred.

There’s nothing wrong in being either, but not when you are flirting. So, instead of boasting about the expensive shoes that you bought last week, talk about how they look nice in their outfit.

Flirting is definitely not a walk in the park, but guys can always stop being boastful. Because it just is very moronic.

top flirting tips
Start a friendly conversation

Top Flirting Tips For Guys

Now that we have told you why you are failing to impress the girl of your dreams, we will tell you what are the right flirting techniques for guys and what you should do.

Here are our handy flirting tips for you.

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1. Be relaxed

Yes we know she is the girl of your dreams and you feel jittery around her but she is not a monster who will eat you up. Will she?

So what’s there to be nervous and anxious? Be relaxed and just talk to her like you have connected with a long lost friend. She will feel comfortable too. Trust us.

2. Start a friendly conversation

Conversation is key to up the flirting game. If you are a good conversationalist then half your work is done. A good conversation always impresses a girl.

If you find a common ground to talk about like movies, books or even college curriculum, then great. (As told earlier steer clear of politics).

3. Be interested but not nosy

If you are looking for flirting ideas for guys then we will tell you one thing show your interest in her but to the right extent and do not be nosy.

Some guys end up making the worst flirting mistake by asking a girl about her past relationships. Before you embark on the flirting game, our top tip would be never ask a girl about her age, weight and ex boyfriends.

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4. Dress up well, smell good

Yes we know it’s not a job interview you are going to but taking care to look good is a virtue that every girl will appreciate.

If you want to impress a girl and flirt with her then ensured that you look well-groomed (read: toe-nails clipped, clean shaven, hair washed and combed and shoes sparkling). Use a good deo at all times. Women like a nice-smelling man.

5. Top flirting tip – smile always

A smile (showing pearly well-set teeth mind it) can make the world go around. If you have dimples to add to it then you have a winning combo here.

If not then only a spontaneous, hearty smile is good enough. Make eye contact with the girl you want to impress and you have your flirting chops in place.

6.Talk about yourself only when asked

You could be flirting with her in person or flirting over text talk about yourself only when she asks you too. As we told you earlier, boasting is a big no-no. It’s the worst flirting mistake you can make.

If you are looking at the best flirting techniques for men then the most important thing to learn step back and let her take the limelight. She would be attracted to you for that.

There is no end game, you either successfully woo the person or you don’t. You don’t get much time, so flirt sensibly with the time you’ve got. Look out for opportunities and definitely avoid doing any of these things. It doesn’t take away your “man badge” when you fail to flirt.

It is just part of your learning curve. Always remember to stop flirting if you feel that the other person is feeling uncomfortable. Learn to take hints; don’t be the creep that everyone despises.

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