Flirting Tips For Beginners – For Men And For Women

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Updated On: March 22, 2024
Ranbir and deepika in yeh jawani hai diwani. This film had all the flirting tips for beginners

Few artists have made a mark in my own life and your story might be different. Many out there believe that flirting is behaving and they unlike others need to learn how not to send out signals. The prodigies must be hailed and forgotten before reading this article. Today we shall be talking about the basics of smoothly sliding into DM! For everyone who did not get that, I meant confident flirting techniques. Flirting tips for beginners, both men and women. This article is written only for beginners, juggler of words you shall have to refer to the advanced course of Flirting 2.0 coming soon. Let’s proceed, shall we?

Flirting is behaving like you are sexually attracted to someone but in a very harmless way.  That sideways look, that loaded text, that hand going to the hair are flirting signs that can’t be missed (but some men still miss it though.) Not everyone is cut out for flirting but if you want to learn the art of flirting then maybe you can check our flirting tips for beginners.   

Flirting Tips For Beginners – Men

How men flirt is a bit different from how women flirt. Women often focus more on looks and dressing and men focus on their charm, put on that extra bit of confidence and yes, sometimes a bit of hair gel to add to the effect. Here are 6 flirting tips for beginners who are men. These are actually the easiest steps to flirt.   

1. Keep it simple and sexy!

Definitely open with a line, just do not dip it in cheese. Women generally have a bank of experience with the infamous one-liners parading as flirtation. Be it “Aren’t you exhausted? Blah blah! Cause you have been running in my mind yada yada…” or the classic puke-trigger ‘Hi! How was heaven when you left it?”, these timeless pickup lines are not the way to go anymore.

My dear men, my message would be to open your line with a “Hi” and a clear confession of your interest. Nothing floors her more than a confident declaration. Keep it simple and clean. Give a straight compliment and trash that flouncy talk. Even when you are indulging in casual flirting or flirting over text just keep it simple and most importantly decent. It will work. 

ayushman in vicky donor. Whjat are the flirting tips for beginners?

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2. Keep eye contact

Yes, it is as important as it is rumoured to be. Keep eye contact while you are speaking. It is unimaginably off-putting when the man seems to be sending signals but keeps straying with his eyes. The lady wants him to look in her eyes when talking about mundane things like the temperature of the coffee.

It does not matter what exactly you are talking about. Your eyes make the primary weapon that helps you flirt with the most ease and effect.

3. Smile can go a mile

And a little more flirting is showing your pleasure at the presence of another person. Smiling is the easiest means to flirt. Do not try to ape the crow’s feet or curse yourself for not having that defective muscle strain that could give you that priceless dimple.

Especially do not try to go the Eugene way of a smoulder, because in all probability you will look constipated rather than dazzle your Rapunzel. Just keep it genuine and make your smile look like a bloom in the presence of sunshine. Yes, cheesy right? A little bit of cheese never hurts.

when women take the lead these are the flirting tips for beginners.

4. Respect the lady

However much you put on your charm keep in mind that you have to have deep respect for the lady. No matter how suave and handsome you look women are wary of strangers and before you begin flirting you have to get their attention and trust even. 

Women really worry about their safety and looks at everyone as a potential stalker. They also hate it when they spot disrespect of any kind. So keep that in mind as you proceed. This is our most important tip in our flirting guide. 

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5. Have confidence 

She could be ravishing, full of oomph and you are thinking twice before walking up to her. Every time you look at her you really lack the confidence to approach her. 

But that should not stop you from approaching her. Start walking towards her faking the confidence, start talking and it will come back. Don’t let your shaky confidence mar the possibilities, if you have it, it will not desert you.  

6. Practice

This flirting tip is actually more applicable to shy guys. As we know practice makes anything perfect, in case of flirting it is the same.

Keep approaching women and never fear rejection. If thy accept you it’s fine, if they don’t you don’t lose anything either. But there is no harm in keeping on practising. But if she reciprocates your attempts and starts flirting with  a guy like you then look out for these signs she is interested.

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Flirting Tips For Beginners – For Women

Women flirt a bit differently than men. They approach in a bit of a round about way and often end up giving mixed signals because they are more scared of rejection. They neither would keep practising with every guy possible but if they really like a guy they would make the extra effort. So if we are talking about flirting tips for beginners, here are what we feel women should do. 

1. Be confident about your own body image

Most women have issues about their own body image. They either feel they need to lose weight or are too thin or they would look better with wavy hair and the lips should be a bit more fat. Just chuck that. 

Tell yourself you look great and see how you actually look. Your confidence and looks depend on what you actually believe about yourself. If you think you are attractive, it will make a difference when you look at the handsome hunk you like. 

2. Have a natural body language

Any flirting tip list will have you twirling your hair and turning your body towards the person. I would suggest you don’t force set flirting gestures upon yourself. You might not be the hair twirling kind, instead, you rub your neck, or doodle suggestive bits on café napkins (this is fictional I swear!).

I don’t know! It does not matter what, try to relax when you flirt. Let your natural body language express itself. Do not load yourself with enlisted postures and gestures. It will make things awkward and silly in no time.

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3. Break the monotony

The biggest challenge of flirting is to work against the technicalities and make it a natural exchange. Flirting has been treated as a superpower for years now. You do not have to spend your time uttering the rule book in your mind. Try your best to not get worked up and mess up the motions.

If a little clumsy is your way and your interest is at all in sync with you, then my friend, it is going to happen. Do take care of the silence that comes in between technicalities. The awkward hush will definitely reverse the positive atmosphere your flirting hopefully had created. Avoid that and keep it easy and light.

sushant and vani

4. Stroke that ego a bit

If you are telling us to give you some flirting tips for women this is the most important one. When you are having a conversation with a man then try to show a lot of interest in the things he does. If he is wearing a calorie calculator on his wrist ask him what’s his way to stay fit. 

Be observant and you will find conversation starters all over his physical self. Just keep stroking his ego a bit gently and you will have all his attention. Complimenting him would be a great idea too. 

5. Hang out with the girls

You get yourself noticed better if you are with a gang of good-looking women. Men do notice a group of girls and chances are you will feel more confident about approaching that guy when you have your friends around. 

The easiest steps to flirt are to have friends with you. You will feel more safe too. 

6. What if he turns out to be a creep?

Sometimes the most attractive guy could turn out to be creep. What do you do then? Our flirting tip to women would be to keep your exit strategy ready.

Ask a friend to make an emergency call, or if a friend is around just text them to save you. 

Hope our flirting tips for beginners turned out to be helpful. Just follow our flirting guide and have the time of your life.

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