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Alpha Male

An alpha male is someone who is at the top of the pecking order. All males want to be him and all females want to date him. He is a walking-talking Tom Cruise (aka Godlike.) But all good things come at a price, and attracting an alpha male is no walk in the park. But don’t worry, I’ve got you! I’m going to tell you all the things an alpha male likes in a woman. 

“What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?” is the billion-dollar question. You need to play your cards just right to attract an alpha male. An alpha male is like your favorite cocktail, if made right, it tastes delicious, but too much or too little of any ingredient can ruin the whole cocktail. 

An alpha male is someone who has his life together. He is confident, domineering, capable, and is likely to earn very well. He knows he’s the best in the room, which is why it is a little difficult to get an alpha male to commit. You need to have the gift of the gab to make an alpha male chase you. 

Unfortunately for us females, Christian Grey’s don’t just show up at our door. Neither can you order them on Amazon (trust me, I checked). But if you do happen to catch the fancy of one, there will be clear signs an Alpha male likes you. All you have to do is follow my tips to make an alpha male chase you. 

What Makes Alpha Males Fall In Love?

For alpha males to fall in love, you really need to make them chase you. Believe it or not, it is equally difficult for them to find someone. You must be thinking, “What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?” They need someone who can balance their strong personality. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t want a girl who is submissive and gives in to their (sometimes) controlling nature. Instead, they looking for a woman who knows how to deal with an alpha male.  

So, the answer to what do alpha males want in a relationship is that they seek a woman who is strong and opinionated.  They search for someone who can arouse them sexually but also challenge them intellectually. Just like us women, they need time to fall in love, but once they do, they will remain loyal to you. All you must do is be patient and loyal because these are things alpha males like in a woman. 

signs an alpha male likes you
Alpha males are women who are strong and opinionated

You need to keep the relationship interesting. He clearly won’t fall in love with someone who is the exact opposite of his personality. Instead, you should be very confident to make an alpha male pursue you. He needs someone with gumption! 

What type of a woman is an alpha male attracted to? A mature one! Generally, all alphas are very mature, and they have a clear path for their life. They love when women who are mature. This also means having the internal strength to overcome problems in your life. To get alpha males to commit, you shouldn’t give into your insecurities too much, and have a positive outlook on life. 

If he opens the car door for you, takes care of the little things, is loyal to you, takes time out of his schedule to spend quality time with you, then these are signs an alpha male likes you. If you do all the things an alpha male likes in a woman, he will melt for you and your charms. Having said all this, let’s take a deeper look and discuss what type of woman is an alpha male attracted to.

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What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To 

They are very picky when it comes to finding their one true love. As for what do alpha males want in a relationship? They want what most people want – stability, security, love and peace. However, it is the way that they go about finding it which can make it difficult to attain. To find the man of your dreams, you need to understand what type of woman is an alpha male attracted to and identify the signs an alpha male likes you. 

Consider it an achievement if you can get his attention. Usually, alphas are continuously surrounded by hordes of women pining to get his attention. So, you need to stand out but still be approachable. If you find that sweet spot, you can easily make an alpha male pursue you. So let’s look at the 10 things alpha males like in women: 

1. Sheer confidence

As we discussed above, all alphas have strong personalities. Hence, they appreciate when they come across a woman who knows exactly what she wants. They look for a woman who stands out in a crowd and complements their (sometimes) flamboyant and over-ambitious attitude. Some things that alpha males like in a woman are guts, gumption, and the ability to command a room as soon as they enter.

They often fantasize about being one half of a power couple, and therefore, look for alpha women. So, if you want to get the man of your dreams, you better put on your big girl shoes and get ready to conquer the world. 

2. Alpha males look for a career-oriented woman

For alphas, their career is of utmost importance. They are usually very successful and good at what they do. They always have a plan for the future and don’t stop till they achieve that particular goal. So naturally, they’d expect that the woman they’re about to fall in love with is career-oriented and has a niche she specializes in. The also seek a partner who knows how to be independent in a romantic relationship.

To get an alpha male to commit, you’d have to commit to not only them but their future as well. You should be willing to help them in their career growth while still doing something that you love. What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to begins and ends with her having a strong personality and the drive to strive for a better future emotionally as well as monetarily. 

3. Loyalty

There are no two ways of saying this; they require someone who is loyal to them and their goals. Believe it or not, it is challenging for alphas to trust a woman. Since they are continuously surrounded by women, it is hard for them to recognize someone who loves them for their personality, not just for their looks, social status, and money.

Hence, once they commit, they expect the utmost level of loyalty. He doesn’t need someone who plays games with his heart. A mature man like him demands a mature woman. 

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4. Unpredictability and mysteriousness

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to? The answer to this question can be summed up in two words: unique and unpredictable. Alphas are very smart and generally know women well (because alphas are surrounded by them often). They take pride in knowing how a woman is going to react. But if you show them that you can be unpredictable and mysterious, they will see you as a breath of fresh air.

Keep him on his toes, and soon you will see the signs he is ready to settle down with you. This doesn’t mean that you start acting fake but try to keep things interesting to make an alpha male chase you. If you continuously change things up, he will start spending more time with you, take you on dates, spoil you, and treat you like his best friend; these are signs an alpha male likes you. 

5. Emotional and cognitive intelligence

Brainy is the new sexy! Alphas are not just looking for someone who is pretty; they want women who are intelligent and mature. These Greek Gods look for someone who is smart and knows what she is doing. Since these men tend to be very smart and intelligent, they need a partner they can have intellectual conversations with. Otherwise, they get very bored and don’t pursue the relationship. 

You need to show him that you don’t just love him for his money and social status. And a way of doing that is to be a successful and strong woman who can handle whatever life throws at her. Intelligence and street smartness are things an alpha male likes and appreciates in a woman. 

6. Control

Control excites alphas more than anything else. They are extremely attracted to a woman who has control over herself and her life. All alphas have a very controlling nature. They like to be in control of their life and surroundings. But they also want someone who challenges them and is confident in her ability to deal with a controlling partner – a tendency alphas inevitably exhibit in their relationships.

They get excited when a woman has just as much control over her life as they do over theirs. They easily get attracted to her and are very interested in her life. Alphas see their followers as a part of the pack. So, he isn’t interested in a woman that blindly follows him. He loves a woman who can be a leader and protector like he is.

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7. Alpha males want a woman who is patient and compassionate

While there are a lot of pros of dating an Alpha, one of the cons is that they can be very difficult to deal with. They are moody and sometimes get egoistical. Therefore, they need someone to balance all their moods. You need to be patient with them for the relationship to work.

Take things slow and deal with their mood swings until they become comfortable enough to be vulnerable with you.They also need a woman with compassion. Like every other human being, they also need to feel loved and wanted. So don’t play too hard to get and show them the love and respect they deserve. 

8. A woman who is classy

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to? Someone who is classy. Alphas often lead all the major social circles. They are in constant contact with other famous and influential people and hence they need someone who is classy and mature to accompany them to these gatherings. If you behave like a high school girlfriend, they are likely to break up with you. They need a woman who knows how to hold her own in high-class social events. 

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9. A woman who has pride instead of ego

One of the things alpha males like in a woman is pride. You should be confident and take pride in your work for an alpha to be interested in you. As we discussed earlier, you should be the leader of the pack instead of being just a follower. But it is very easy to confuse pride with ego.

You should be very careful not to be egoistic. Since alphas are already so egoistic, their ego will clash with yours and your relationship will come to a disastrous end. Hence you should balance their egoistic nature with class and pride. Only then will you be able to foster mutual respect in your relationship with an alpha male.

10. Strong-headed and assertive

The quote ‘opposites attract’ only holds true to an extent. If you are submissive and a follower, it is likely for an alpha male to ignore you. They find women who are stubborn and opinionated very sexy. To make an alpha male pursue you, you need to be quick on your feet and know a way to get things done. You need to be the Donna to his Harvey Specter. The Amy to his Jake. The Anastasia to his Christian Grey (need I say more?) 

How Does An Alpha Male Treat His Girlfriend 

You might be thinking, “How do Alpha males treat a woman?” Once they commit, alpha males are obsessed with their women. They love them for who they are and remain loyal to them. If they find ‘the one’, they will do everything in their power to keep them happy and content. They will spend quality time with you, they will take you out on dates, you will go on lavish vacations, he will continuously spoil you with gifts, he will remember the little things (and all the important dates 😉).

How do alpha males treat their girlfriends? It also depends on how invested they are in the relationship. It might take them some time, but they will fall head over heels in love with you when they decide you’re their partner. You need to be patient and wait for the right man of your dreams. If you follow the tips given above, you will never have to wonder ‘How do alpha males treat a woman?’ because you will slowly find out in your relationship that he will treat you like a Queen.

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