5 Types Of Fathers And What To Expect When They Are Expecting

Types Of Fathers

Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience. Despite the hormonal changes, the emotional upheaval, the sometimes-depressive thoughts, the sleepless nights and more; motherhood is wonderful; especially so when you see your baby’s adorable face. What about becoming a father? What does the father go through? Are all fathers automatically attracted to, attached to and bond with their baby? There are actually different types of fathers. Like the mothers are somewhat the same sorts in the initial years – protective and involved – fathers come in different types.

5 Types Of Fathers 

What kind of a dad are you? If this question is asked to a father he might scratch his head for some time before he could answer. But ask a mother and she would instantly tell you what kind of a father her husband is. We spoke to a few new mothers and came back with five types of individuals and their reactions to fatherhood. We got some really interesting information on the types of fathers – especially the ones who are expecting the baby. We share those with you.

1. The enthusiastic, ‘all-hands-on-deck’ kind

These are the men who have been waiting to become fathers
These are the men who have been waiting to become father

These are the men who have been waiting to become fathers just as enthusiastically as their wives/partners have been waiting to become mothers. From the word go they are reading up about the stages of pregnancy, what to expect when you are expecting, finding out and procuring what the pregnant women can eat, planning the baby nursery, the baby clothes, baby names and more.

These are the kind of men who you would find telling everyone (even strangers) that they are going to be a father.

2. The worried, ‘how will I manage?’ kind

These are the men who get worried as soon as they hear that their partners are pregnant. They are the kind who wonder how they are going to manage the finances, the pressure, the family and so much more. For such individuals, becoming a father is more of pressure than a joy. The nine months of pregnancy is a stressful time for them and the responsibility of becoming the provider scares them. These types of fathers fret a lot and become rather nervous and stressed after the arrival of the baby.

3. The unaffected, ‘I know my duty, she should know hers’

Man talking with wife
They will remain the one who goes out for work

Such type of men are happy to know that their wife is pregnant, but also make it clear that becoming a father would not change their life at all. They will remain the one who goes out for work, brings home the money and help buy things for the baby’s care; but they will have no role in caring for the baby, looking after it, feeding it and such.

Caring for the baby and looking after it is the responsibility of the mother.

4. The Trophy displayer, ‘I want my wife looking fab’ kind

For these kinds of men, being a father makes no difference. They love their child and adore it; unfortunately, they adore their arm candy wives more. They want a trophy wife, whom they can show off to the world by their side. So, for them the pregnancy is just a hindrance. They want the baby out and their wife looking just as slim and trim and beautiful as before, as soon as possible. Yes, different kinds of fathers exist and this is definitely a kind.

5. The reluctant father, ‘I don’t want a family or a marriage’ kind

man thinking
Sad man carrying baby and thinking

These are the kind of men who do not want to get married in the first place. Reasons could be different – maybe he is a homosexual, maybe he is a loner, maybe he does not believe in marriages or a family. Such men often get forced into marriage and consequently parenthood without their will. Such men will remain unhappy, detached and distant from their families, their child and their wife. It is most unfortunate for these kinds of men and their families. But this types of fathers do exist.

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience in both the man and the woman’s life and knowing the consequences and understanding the implications before getting pregnant or during the nine months of gestation is very important.

Your child should be an extension of you, a joy to your family and the reason for you becoming a family. So be a great father figure and enjoy your fatherhood.

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