What Holding Hands Means To A Guy – 16 Interpretations

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Updated On: January 8, 2024
What holding hands means to a guy
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Have you ever found yourself wondering what holding hands means to a guy? Imagine you are on a first date and he suddenly holds your hand while he is driving. Does this mean that there is something special cooking between you two? Or do you want to hold hands but are looking for signs a guy wants to hold your hand? Do you have someone specific in your life vis-a-vis whom you’d like to crack this mystery? Look no further!

We’re here to tell you all about what holding hands significance, covering different scenarios, stages of a relationship, and intimacy. Because it can have different connotations. For instance, the answer to what does it mean when a guy holds your hand and you are not dating isn’t the same as what it means when your boyfriend of five years holds your hand while driving. So, let’s explore what this gesture signifies and what it means for your future with this fine fella.

Broadly put, couples holding hands is a way of affirming their presence in each other’s lives. However, it could have more than a million interpretations. While decoding all of them would be impossible, let’s try to find out what it means when a guy holds your hand by looking at some common scenarios.

What Does Holding Hands Mean To A Guy? 

Intimacy comes differently to all of us. Everyone chooses to show their affection in a different way or form, and often, it’s up to us to assess, acknowledge, and decode what a gesture conveys. For instance, what does holding hands mean to a man? This is a question you may have found yourself asking, especially in those initial stages of a relationship where you don’t know where you stand and where things are going to lead.

For instance, the question of what does it mean when a guy holds your hand and you are not dating is sure to keep you up at night, as you come up with different interpretations of this fleeting but unmistakably intimate action. Holding someone’s hand is one of the mutual attraction signs. We look for the one we love, to hold onto when we’re scared or feeling low. It gives us comfort, security, and a sense of being home.

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“Can somebody tell me what holding hands means to a guy?” asked Jocelyn, a reader from Alabama. Adding, “It was just our second date, and it honestly didn’t seem like he was too interested. To my surprise, he decided to lock his fingers with mine while he was walking me home. I was left baffled, more so because it took him a day to text me after that!” You can see how understanding what it means when a guy holds your hand while interlocking fingers can get a bit confusing, especially if he throws in some mixed signals with it as well.

A simple act of a guy reaching out for your hand or even signs a guy wants to hold your hand can trigger so many questions and dilemmas. Let’s try to address them by looking at different types of hand-holding, the meaning of holding hands in different ways and what holding hands means to a guy:

1. If he holds your hand in public

Don’t we all hope for people in our lives to be proud of us and show us off to the world? We all deserve someone who screams from rooftops about their love for us. Okay, not literally, because that might be a little overboard. But you get our point, right? Getting a guy who isn’t afraid to hold your hand in public isn’t a lot to ask for.

Does couples holding hands mean anything? It sure does, especially if it’s out in public. Public display of affection can be intimidating for many people, and not everyone can or wants to engage in it. Holding the hand of the one you love publicly proclaims your love for them louder than you think. It shows other people that you’re comfortable with accepting your love and that you are confident about it.

Pro tip boys: Never let go of her hand in public, especially if she reaches out for yours!

he holds your hand in public
He holds your hand and gives it a squeeze

2. Is your guy holding your hand while driving?

Does he often reach out for your hand while he’s behind the steering wheel? That has to be one of the best feelings ever, right? Let’s delve into the holding hands significance in this scenario. If you have someone who holds your hand while driving and humming his favorite tune to himself, you’ve got yourself a keeper!

You may even count it as a sign he wants to marry you someday or at least sees you as a long-term partner. And you’re sure to be blown away by this romantic gesture. So, let him know how warm and fuzzy it makes you feel. If your guy has a habit of holding your hand while driving, the next time you go out on a drive here is what you can do:

  • Maintain a firm yet gentle grip: Show your appreciation and reciprocity by matching the guy’s hold with a firm yet comfortable grip. This conveys your engagement and willingness to share the connection while driving together
  • Provide reassuring touches: Show your affection and reciprocation by occasionally giving his hand a gentle squeeze or a light caress. These subtle touches can communicate your emotional connection and convey a sense of support and comfort
  • Offer verbal or non-verbal cues of appreciation: Express your gratitude and reciprocation by offering words of appreciation or a warm smile. Non-verbal cues such as leaning towards him or intertwining your fingers can also reinforce the bond and signify your reciprocal affection

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3. When a guy holds your hand while crossing the road…

A little extra care and love never hurt anyone, did it? Crossing busy roads can be confusing and scary but if there’s someone who holds onto your hand amidst the chaos, it feels easier. If he holds your hand while crossing the road, it tells us how much he cares for your well-being, even in confusing situations. If the vibe is right, crossing the road can also be the perfect opportunity for holding hands with someone you’re not dating.

If you want to test the waters and see if he’s crushing on you as hard as you’re on him, maybe try reaching for his hand the next time you’re in the middle of a busy street. If he reciprocates and clutches your hand right back, you know you’ve got yourself a love story in the offing. Of course, if he doesn’t reciprocate or initiate it, maybe you’ve got to pay a bit more attention to the question, “What does holding hands mean to a guy?”

So, what does it mean when a guy holds your hand while walking? Judy said, “I knew he was the one for me as soon as he held my hand while we walked across the road and switched sides with me to shield me from the heavy traffic. He is someone who would always be there for me as a situation goes out of hand or messy. Like the time when he held my hand at the movies. He said, “You’re so cold, put your hand in mine”.” For her, it was the ultimate declaration of love and care. But then, what does it mean when a guy squeezes your hand while holding it? Let’s see…

4. What does it mean when a guy squeezes your hand while holding it

As children, we often clung to our parents’ hands after watching a horror movie and squeezed them tight. When a guy squeezes your hand while holding it, it signifies just how much you mean to him or that he is afraid to lose you. If your man squeezes your hand while holding it, you should try asking him if everything is okay.

What does it mean when a guy holds your hand tightly? It could mean that it is his way of expressing the intensity of his love for you. Do you know the feeling when a guy grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him? This could be his way of showing that kind of passion subtly. Besides, studies suggest that holding hands with someone can decrease stress and relax a person. Needless to say, when someone gives your hand a gentle squeeze, you should return the romantic gesture if you feel the same way.

Maybe if he’s holding hands while driving and then squeezes it tightly, you can pull this hand closer and plant a kiss. It is one of the many ways to show how close you are to a person or how intimate your romantic relationship is. When your feelings for each other are genuine and intense, you don’t always need words to express love. So, the next time he holds your hand and squeezes it a bit, don’t concern yourself with questions like, “Does holding hands mean anything?” He’s clearly trying to be as cute as he can, go ahead and give his hand a little kiss. Kiss a little longer, hold hands a little longer because love is in the air.

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5. When a guy holds your hand while interlocking the fingers…

Interlocking the fingers with someone has to be the most intimate form of holding someone’s hand. If a guy holds on to your hand and interlocks the fingers, he’s all over you! If you’ve ever wondered what does it mean when a guy holds your hand while kissing, pay attention to how he’s holding it. If you’re in the midst of an intense makeout session, in all likelihood, he has his fingers interlocked with yours. This is a clear sign of passion and desire. He wants to be closer to you, and not just physically.

What does holding hands mean to a man? Well, if someone you’ve just started dating is holding your hand with your fingers interlocked, it definitely means they feel good with you and want to establish some sort of physical contact to convey that. If it’s a guy you’ve had your eyes on for a while, it’s good news. In all likelihood, the feelings are mutual. So, stop overthinking, “Does holding hands mean dating or are we just friends?”, and just talk to him about it. It is always advisable to clearly communicate your feelings so that you’re sure about what the other person wants and avoid any future awkwardness.

6. What does it mean when he would hold your hand while sleeping?

Amelia said, “He holds my hand when we sleep. I do not remember a time when John did not. I thought it would only last a couple of weeks, but it has been eight years, and here we are, he’s still doing it. ” Amelia is a lucky, lucky girl, we’d say. After all, if he holds your hand while sleeping, it can mean only one thing — you both share a deep attachment that can stand the test of time. A fact reinstated by a poll that tells us that more than 80% of people consider holding hands to be romantic. Couples also say that it’s a way of showing their partners how much they’ve missed them the entire day.

What holding hands means to a guy can be tricky to understand in certain situations but if he’d hold your hand while sleeping, it talks of his innocence and a strong need to feel connected to you even as he’s dozing off after an exhausting day. It’s a sign that you’ve successfully fostered different forms of intimacy in your relationship and you truly feel connected to one another.

7. When he holds your hand around family…

What does it mean when a guy holds your hand tightly around family? A guy holding your hand around family hits different. A lot of girls we spoke to reiterated this. A display of affection in front of our families may or may not be welcome. This puts a lot of pressure on you if you’re the one meeting his family for the first time, no? But it also gives a sense of support and validation in a foreign environment. Holding your hand in front of his family shows that he is fully committed to you and is not embarrassed to express how he feels about you. Perhaps, this means he is ready for an exclusive relationship.

  • Symbol of commitment and seriousness: Holding hands in front of family members signifies a guy’s intention to showcase a committed and serious relationship. It demonstrates his desire to openly acknowledge the bond and declare the importance of the relationship in a familial context
  • Integration of partner into the family: It showcases his desire to create a sense of unity and acceptance, signaling to his family members that his partner is an important part of his life
  • Display of respect and honor: It signifies the guy’s regard for both his partner and his family, displaying his intention to uphold and honor the relationship within the family unit
  • Communication of long-term commitment: It signifies his willingness to build a future together and indicates a sense of stability and permanence in the relationship
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8. What does it mean when a guy holds your hand on the first date?

It isn’t uncommon for people to hold hands the first time they meet. It isn’t the 1950s! When he holds your hand on the first date, it’s an indicator of the potential a romantic connection holds. Holding hands is a gesture of welcoming someone into your personal space. Studies suggest that holding hands with someone can help reduce any nervousness or anxiety. So, if he’s the kind who is suffering from first-date nerves, he could be holding your hand to calm himself down.

Does holding hands mean dating? Though you need to have a conversation with the guy to ascertain the relationship status, holding hands is definitely a good sign. Some people find the act of holding hands more intimate than anything else. When a guy holds your hand on the first date, it signifies his comfort with physical touch. It tells you that he is a confident individual, who is not afraid of showing affection.

9. What it means when he holds your hand and rubs his thumb…

When he holds your hand and rubs his thumb, girl, allow your heart to skip a beat. This is usually when the guy you’re with cares about you deeply and wants you to know that he’s there for you. Ruby, who has been with her boyfriend for over 5 years said, “When Daniel held my hand and gently rubbed his thumb on our second date, I was elated. The chemistry felt electric. He got me there.” Holding hands with someone you’re not dating or have just begun dating is without a doubt a sure-fire way to speed things along.  

What does it mean when a guy holds your hand while walking and rubs his thumb? It’s a clear way of showing that he cares about you and that he wanted to communicate that via physical touch. Enjoy it to the fullest, holding hands with someone is criminally underrated, we’d say.

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10. The symbolic gesture: placing hand on top of hand

Placing a hand on top of hand is a gesture that holds profound meaning for many guys. It symbolizes the strength of a connection and communicates their intentions and emotions. When a guy places his hand on top of his partner’s hand, it signifies his desire to be a source of strength and security for his SO.

  • Symbol of protection and support: The act of placing a hand on top signifies a guy’s desire to provide strength, security, and reassurance to their partner, reflecting a deep emotional connection
  • Assertiveness and leadership: This gesture can also convey a sense of assertiveness, indicating the guy’s willingness to take charge and put in the effort to steer the relationship in the right direction
  • Display of care and responsibility: By taking the upper hand, a guy may demonstrate his commitment to taking care of his partner’s well-being, both on a physical and emotional level and assuming an active role in shaping their shared journey

11. The arm-draped combination

This particular handhold style involves one person draping their arm over their partner’s arm while holding hands. We like to call it the intertwined hands. It represents a strong sense of affection, protection, and a deep connection between the two individuals. The arm-draped combo is a gesture that often symbolizes a desire to provide comfort and support to one’s partner.

Intertwined hands convey a sense of shelter and a willingness to shield them from harm. It also signifies a sense of unity and a shared journey, where both partners can lean on each other for emotional support and stability. Imagine you are at home Netflix and chillin’, and he slowly pulls you closer and puts his arm around you. He gently holds your hand while caressing your arm. Tell us if you don’t already feel the warmth and comfort. And this eventually turns into cuddling and holding hands in bed. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

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12. What does it mean when a guy holds both of your hands

By holding both of your hands, the guy is conveying a sense of devotion and commitment. It symbolizes his desire to be fully present and engaged in the relationship, embracing a sense of togetherness and partnership. This gesture often signifies a deep level of trust and vulnerability, as it allows for a close and intimate relationship.

What does it mean when a guy holds both of your hands? It signifies a sense of protection and support, as he seeks to offer comfort and stability in your shared journey. It showcases his willingness to be there for you, to provide strength, and to navigate life’s challenges as a team. This is the ultimate hand-holding gesture when you guys are having an important discussion.

13. Over-the-shoulder hand holding

Picture this: you and your partner strolling down the street, hand in hand, but wait! It’s not just ordinary hand-holding. It’s a PDA cuddle walk! This move takes your street game to a whole new level of adorable (or absurd, depending on your stance on PDA). When people see you guys holding hands like that, they’d know that this is a rock-solid couple, right there!

This hand-holding style can be seen as a public display of how proud he is to have you in his life. By holding your hand over his shoulder, he is visually claiming you as his partner and showing others that you are his source of true love and affection. It represents a sense of exclusivity and a desire to show the world that you are a couple. You can see it in his body language when he’s with you. However, it’s essential to ensure that both partners feel comfortable with this level of public display and to communicate openly about personal boundaries and preferences. Many men refrain from PDA, so if your man is not, you’ve got yourself a rare gem.

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14. What loose grip hand holding in a relationship means to a guy

When a guy holds your hand with a loose grip in a relationship, it can carry different meanings, depending on the context and individual dynamics. Generally, a loose grip suggests a sense of comfort, ease, and trust between the two of you. It signifies a relaxed and confident deeper connection, complete with a sense of emotional safety in the relationship.

  • Comfort and ease: A loose grip suggests a sense of comfort and ease between the guy and his partner, reflecting a relaxed and confident connection
  • Respect for personal space: Holding hands with a loose grip can indicate respect for personal space and individuality within the relationship, allowing both partners to maintain a sense of independence
  • Non-demanding affection: This handhold style signifies a non-demanding form of affection, showing that the guy values his partner’s autonomy and appreciates their presence without asserting control

15. What does it mean when a man kisses your hand

Kissing your hand is a sign of reverence and a demonstration of his admiration toward you. It is a gesture commonly associated with old-fashioned charm and politeness, reflecting his desire to treat you with utmost respect and care. This intimate act can create a sense of connection and closeness, make you feel valued and special, and exhibits his interest in pursuing a deeper emotional connection with you.

But it’s important to consider the cultural context and individual preferences, as hand-kissing can have different interpretations and meanings in different societies. His eyes won’t lie though, so just maintain eye contact when he kisses your hand and you’ll know what it means to him.

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16. Holding onto your hand tightly

The tight grip indicates a need to establish a physical and emotional closeness. It shows that he wants to hold you firmly. Holding your hand tightly is a way for him to convey his feelings of devotion and support as well as a desire to be there for you in both joyful and challenging moments.

Besides, holding hands tightly can also serve as a form of reassurance and a way to communicate his possessiveness and exclusivity. It represents a claim of your love and affection, showcasing to the world that you are his partner. However, it’s important to ensure that the level of tightness is comfortable for both partners and that open communication is maintained regarding personal boundaries and preferences.

Key Pointers

  • For a guy, holding hands with his partner represents a deep emotional connection and intimacy. It signifies a bond that goes beyond words and communicates a sense of closeness and trust
  • Holding hands allows a guy to show his protective and supportive nature toward his partner
  • Holding hands is a physical expression of affection and love. It allows a guy to show his feelings non-verbally, conveying his care, admiration, and commitment to his partner
  • It can also be a public display of pride and exclusivity. It signifies that the guy is proud to have his partner
  • It represents a sense of unity and togetherness in a relationship and symbolizes the idea of facing life’s journey hand in hand, sharing experiences, and supporting each other through thick and thin

See how simple and easy that was? We hope we have solved the question of what holding hands means to a guy for you. So the next time he starts grazing his hand over yours or slips his fingers between your hand, you will know exactly what is going on in his mind and heart. There is no one else for him, just you.

This article was updated in May, 2023


1. Why do guys want to hold hands? 

What do you think when you see people holding hands? It is romantic, right? Holding hands is the first step of physical intimacy and holds different meanings for everyone. It can be considered one of the most common gestures to let someone know that you’re there for them. Guys generally do not engage in holding hands as much as girls do. If a guy usually reaches out for your hand, it could signify less of a platonic and more romantic relationship.

2. Is holding hands a sign of love?

What holding hands means to a guy can be subjective and a little personal. However, not all forms of hand-holding can be taken to be a sign of love. You can hold hands with just a friend in a platonic way. Therefore, it is not advisable to assume that holding hands with someone means that they’re in love with you and neither is holding hands cheating.

3. Does holding hands mean you’re in a relationship?

No, merely holding hands with someone does not guarantee or give birth to the tag of a serious relationship. It might be the start of something wonderful or be purely platonic. The best thing to do in such situations is to communicate with the person and figure out your feelings for each other.

4. How to tell when holding hands means more?

If your relationship is that of something more than friends or if you’ve just started dating this person, holding hands can mean something more than just the mere act of holding hands. It may signify care, affection and a desire to get physically closer to you.

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