Sex and Passion

What men want from women

Don’t fall into a rut of familiarity; keep up the mystery.
Head over Heels

Do we even care to find out what men want?

I’ve encountered many articles, blogs, discussions, talk shows, movies and even stand-up comedy routines on ‘What Women Want’, but hardly anything that touches on ‘What Men Want’. I guess what men want from women is considered too obvious to warrant even cursory attention, and too predictable and pedestrian for magazines to waste column space on.

The art of knowing, understanding and enjoying each other’s company, establishing a mental connection and celebrating each other’s sensual physicality is alien to most people today. The joint family system earlier and conflicting work timings, stress and career pursuits today preclude the time and exclusivity that such intimate moments deserve.

Sex is now a rushed act

Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am! And when procreation results, the euphoria glosses over all the missing aspects of the intimate union. The world is none the wiser and the couple don’t know any better.

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Here’s what men want in bedroom, and no it’s not what you think!

Proof that men still don’t know what they are looking for in a woman


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  1. Nice article.
    But not applicable to all..
    Perception matters..
    Both man and woman should understand and love each other equally.. Though, it’s easy to say and very hard to follow..
    But a proper understanding can always bring happiness in the Married life😊

    Otherwise.. Nice to see an articlelike this..
    I do have my website , keep enlighting me 😊

  2. Great article.. Seriously I liked it very much.. Felt awesome as I was looking for it.. Eagerly.. You are an excellent writer. I have started my website pls guide me too.. ❤️❤️ thank you BTW for superb article

  3. Make sure that your woman isnt overworked, deprived and hasnt had to kill her little joys for pleasing your family. Keep her well rested, fulfilled and then she will happily be the seductress.

  4. If you are a married man make sure the wife is treated well and made to feel like she is the queen of your world… not just taken for granted part of your life. You do that and see, she’ll do all it takes to keep up the charade that you are expecting. It’s not necessary that she’s always ready to fulfil your fantasy. If you were to take time to appeal to her sensual side you’d probably have seen wonders. I believe it a mutual thing between the couple to understand each other and keep the spark going rather than quietly expecting the other to display certain level of passion and mystery. Tell her what you expect, talk about it and watch how she’ll respond.

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