15 Best Places To Meet Men (Out Of Dating Apps)

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Updated On: July 16, 2022
how to meet men
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As a woman, it’s convenient to have a system and routine in place for online dating. As for me, I invite and vet all my dates at the Starbucks which is walking distance from my house, day by day. It’s close by, safe and at least I know that the coffee won’t disappoint. But if you’re wondering how to meet men outside of your set routine and aside from these apps, you may have to try to become a little more creative. 

A lot of our lives’ are practically online these days and so is the dating world. It makes it incredibly quick to find your matches, kick things off with the texting stage and then eventually go out with him once you’re convinced he’s not a serial killer. But that routine too gets boring and mundane once you get so used to it.  I mean at this point, I’m on a first name basis with the staff at Starbucks. 

How To Meet Men? 15 Best Places 

Moreover, to hit things off and really see if there is a spark or not, the setting in which you meet a potential date can make all the difference in the world. If you’re dating a shy guy, perhaps you’ll see him at his best self when you go on a walk together by the river. Or if you’re dating someone who thrives socially, a club is your best bet. 

Different locations have different things to offer and can reveal so many new sides to people. So why not use that to your advantage and make the most of it? Yes, there is that ease of swiping on Tinder and then heading out to his dorm room 30 minutes later but why not try a more old school and also thrilling way? 

If you’re confused about where to meet single men, we have you covered with this list. Take the plunge, approach a guy outside of your virtual dating world and have a blast! I hope that you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone if you are serious about how to meet men outside of dating apps. 

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1. How to meet guys without online dating? Go to a dog park 

Dog parks are a great place to chat people up and meet some really lovely pets. Pick a sunny day, put on those running shoes and head out with your furry baby. Not only is it a good time for the pooch but it can also help you find yourself a date. Who knew having a pet could affect your dating life?

If you don’t have your own furry friend, then accompany an acquaintance or a friend who has one to a dog park. The best thing about such a location is that it doesn’t matter how old or young you are. If you’re trying to figure out how to meet men in your 40s, even then this is a good place to start. 

how to meet single men
How to meet men? Go to a dog park

2. To meet guys organically, socialize at your gym 

Wondering how to meet men? Well it’s possible that you could stumble upon the love of your life at 6 am on a Tuesday morning while doing those bench rows. Not every meet-cute happens when you’re wearing your best dress in an exotic city. Sometimes you’re just sweating and scrunching your face in the gym. 

Plus, if you’re into buff men, then look no further. It’s always nice to chat up those who you see on a regular basis. At the very least, you will make a good friend with whom you can work out. So in my opinion, there’s really no losing here. 

3.  Get involved in your city

If you’re thinking of how to meet guys without online dating, then it’s important to put your best foot forward and really get out there. Whether it’s a book launch, a low-key concert or just the state fair, you can pick an event that best aligns with your tastes, say bye to your first date nerves and tell the men in the city that you’re single and ready to date. 

So stop finding excuses to spend every Friday night at home or skip out on being a +1 to your friend’s workplace Christmas party. The right guy is probably waiting for you just around the corner. The more you go out, the better is your chance to meet like-minded men. 

4. Time to hit the stands and meet men in real life 

Sporting events are a great place to socialize. Whether you’re in high school or are figuring out how to meet men in your 30s, sports events can be a great place to meet the right guy. There are all sorts of people at a game so I’m sure you will find your crowd (and your guy) eventually. 

Go watch some hockey or buy tickets to see the Cubs. Plan an evening with your friends and you won’t be disappointed. To meet someone without online dating is no big deal. All you have to do is put on a jersey, cheer on your favorite players and have a splendid time. 

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5. Where to meet single men? Go to bars 

The most obvious and common one on our list, this is a tried and tested method that is right out of a player’s handbook. Going to a bar is like swiping on a life-size dating app. The options are endless and also very varied. There’s a good chance you’ll meet somebody interesting at the very least. 

Put on your best outfit and just get ready to have a good night. Have a few girlfriends  accompany you for that moral support. Have a few rounds of drinks, play some darts and take your pick! 

6. Send someone an appetizer at a restaurant 

This might seem a little offbeat and nerve-wracking at first but hear me out. A good restaurant is always bustling with men of all age groups. If you’re figuring out how to meet men in your 40s or have just casually seen a cute guy at the cafe near your house, the next logical thing to do is make your move. 

To settle the ‘how to meet men’ dilemma, say goodbye to your dating anxiety and find ways to put yourself out there. Sending a plate of mozzarella sticks over to the next table is not only adorable but can also land you a date! 

7. Go volunteering to meet like-minded men 

I understand that volunteering should be heartfelt and your motive  to do the same should be to make the world a better place and not how to meet men. But trust me when I say that it can work! To meet men in real life, sometimes you have to venture into new places and taking up a volunteer opportunity can be a great idea. 

It could be community service for the city or even some kind of program created by your church. It’s a nice way to meet someone who might have a similar thought process as you. If you’re serious about finding someone who is kind and compassionate, then this is the first place that you should look in. 

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8. Hope for a meet-cute at the airport 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t text my best friend, ‘I hope I meet a cute guy here’, every time I went to the airport. Let’s be honest. Rom-coms have ruined us completely, so it’s only natural to want to find a good man and meet the love of your life at the airport.  

Sadly, I haven’t gotten lucky at an airport yet but you can. When you’re waiting for your flight, looking for places to charge your phone or are still recovering from the exorbitant price you had to pay for lunch, on the plus side, remember that it is always a good place to meet a man. 

meet men in real life
To meet men in real life, socialize at the airport

9. Sign up for a trivia night

Where to go to meet single guys? Well, have you tried Trivia night? It could be at a bar in the city or even at the local high school in your region. Either way, a trivia night is great fun and a lovely way to spend an evening meeting new people. 

The snacks are good, the fun is endless and from what I’ve heard, it’s always full of cute guys. Especially if you’re a bit of a nerd, then this is the place you should look. How to meet men in your 30s just got way easier. Or any other age really. Trivia night is for everyone! 

10. Find someone in the comments’ section 

I did say that this list will help you meet someone without online dating. But Instagram and Twitter don’t technically qualify as online dating. So those are still mediums that can come to your rescue. 

Sliding into DMs is the most obvious way of sending flirty texts across. But why not get into a little banter or discussion with somebody in the comments section of a post you both feel strongly about? It could just be a common friend or something posted by a celebrity or a news site. 

11. How to meet guys without online dating? Have a friend set you up 

Give it that blind date twist or not, but at least with a friend in common, you two will have something to talk about right off the bat. A close friend of yours probably knows you well enough to know what you might be looking for in a guy. And if they don’t, then hand them a list of pointers. 

But if you’ve never tried this before, there is no harm in giving it a go. It’s always interesting to meet and go out with someone in a similar circle as you. So, if you’re tired of finding ways to meet men organically, then hand over the reins to your bestie. Use these at home date night ideas to make your plans!

12. How to meet men? Join a study group 

If you’re looking to start dating in college or in school, then this is the one for you. Who knew there could be a reason for you to actually look forward to those study sessions in the library? If you’ve watched the show Community, you know how wholesome that whole experience can be. 

Yes, it is literally that simple to meet guys organically. So if you’ve been single for far too long and are ready to jump out there and start dating, it’s time to kill two birds with one stone. While actually being productive on one hand and getting your studying done, you can actually solve your problem of how to meet men.

stories about dating

13. Run a marathon 

You don’t have to be super fit or an actual runner to join a marathon for a cause. You can always walk a 5k to support something local around you and actually end up meeting the man of your dreams. I know, if you’re not someone who likes to stay physically active, you’re going to think that this answer to how to meet guys without online dating seems dreadful but do consider it. 

There’s no good reason to not go for a long walk, at the very least. It’s great for your health and you may actually meet somebody wonderful and wholesome along the way.

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14. To meet someone without online dating, join a recreational class 

A cooking class, morning yoga sessions or even a pottery class, it’s all on the table. Just think about what activity you enjoy and would love to nurture more and sign up for it without a second thought. Not only is it a great way to meet like-minded men, but it also helps you put your energies into something constructive. 

Who knows you might even end up dating an artist who is super cool! I know I’d like that very much. Keep your options and your mind open. Let yourself be surprised by whoever is supposed to come into your life and sweep you off your feet. 

15. Where to go to meet single guys? Expand your horizons at work

How to meet men? If you’re still asking this question, I have a counter for you: are you sure you’ve looked around properly? Because the love of your life could indeed be lurking in the very next cubicle. I mean, you wouldn’t know that Nelson from HR is actually a total catch unless you strike a conversation with him, right? 

Dating in the workplace has its pros and cons but is certainly not off limits. Chat up a new group of people during lunch or go to a different floor of your office, even only to just get some eye candy. After all, you cannot rule out the possibility of it being the beginning of something wonderful. 

Clearly, how to meet guys without online dating isn’t all that hard when you allow yourself to be more social. The common denominator in all these pointers is that you need to let go of any inhibitions and actually be willing to make the first move. Time and place become secondary.

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