Struggles and Scars

Will a screensaver deter him from flirting with a married woman?

She wore her wedding ring prominently but that didn’t seem to keep him away

I remember their wedding day. She was wearing an A-line peach wedding gown. The wedding was a simple gathering of close friends and family. She was trying to curtail the flow of her tears, when for the first time I noticed her ring. It was a perfect ring for the perfect day. A large black solitaire dazzling through her delicate long fingers. For a week, we heard stories of the ring and how happy it made her.

“It reminds me of him every time I look at the ring. It’s a metaphor of our love which I wear as a jewel. But it’s clearly more than a piece of jewellery for me. It defines our marriage, which started with the simple wedding.”

It’s been three years since their wedding. She still carries that ring in her heart and on her finger. Today, for the past ten minutes she was tossing the ring on and off her finger. I knew there was something disturbing her. After a few minutes, I couldn’t resist asking her if everything was fine in her married life. “I know something is bothering you. Aren’t you guys happy? Is your marriage in trouble?”

She replied that everything was going smoothly in her marriage.

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