Dating A Younger Man At Work – An Office Romance With The Intern

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Updated On: August 25, 2023
A married woman an intern and their office romance
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May-December couples continue to raise eyebrows, attract quizzical gazes, and of course, concerned questions and counsel from family and friends. This tendency augments manifold when it’s the case of an older woman dating a younger man. If it is a workplace affair, you can only imagine the kind of raise hell that follows.

The Curious Tale Of An Accomplished Woman Dating A Younger Man At Work

I guess I turned into a cougar due to my misfortunes in life, but I seemed to have touched the trigger for many women who were seeking an outlet in their own lives. While I was a forlorn widow aching for sex and a companion, these were entitled women living posh lifestyles with gorgeous husbands and lovely families.

But who am I to judge? Each person thinks that only their problems are important. One must try to walk in shoes that pinch to know the pain. If dating a younger man in your 40’s is what you need to add a little spice to your life, then so be it!

Pratibha was an amazing woman

She was Pratibha, an eye-turner, and the most attractive girl in my team. Not too young, touching 40 and extremely efficient at work, and a sight for all that sought beauty. She soon became popular in the team and we had a great time whenever she cracked her jokes – they made our boring office hours a little more bearable.

Many guys tried to hit on her, but she acted in a manner that suggested she didn’t understand their subtle pick-up lines. But she knew. The blush on her cheeks and her charming giggle gave it away.

It tickled us pink just to hear her use the word sex used so lightly and we all laughed heartily. She knew she was the light of the party and she owned it. Soon, she occupied a soft spot in all of our hearts, and we couldn’t imagine going to work daily without her there.

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The story of her marriage

She fell in love and dated a guy in college and though they belonged to different communities, they soon got married with the blessings of both families. Within the year they settled down well and her intelligent husband, who was also a handsome hunk, soon rose to the position of the country head.

Although they were somewhat of a power couple, their marriage soon turned loveless. After having a child they both got too busy for each other. She was preoccupied looking after their son. Her husband became distant from his family in order to earn and provide for them.

The common grain among CEOs is that they work so hard that they have no time for anything else in life. That is why Pratibha started working after her son turned 11. Slowly, her relationship got too boring, and she felt claustrophobic being stuck with that man.

Her husband returned home from work way past midnight and was too tired to do anything but sleep. Slowly but steadily, sex had was gone from their lives.

But she was not going to sit around and mope about it all day. She was a woman with needs, and sooner or later, she was determined to get what she wants, and deserves.

Pratibha started flirting with the intern

In the team, we were very aware that she was extremely attractive but we were not prepared for what happened next. During a team outing, we found ourselves doing some dirty dancing, in the Purple Haze pub, and that’s when the unexpected happened.

Pratibha was flirting with the intern who had just joined a week ago. And as the extravagance of the booze, the music, and the dancing hit the ceiling, we knew – “the heat was on”.

Soon, the harmless flirting turned into a full-blown make-out session, and everyone was shocked. This was the first time something like this was happening between people from our workplace.

When a married woman hits on a younger guy, everyone knows it’s all about sex. Maybe the love will breeze in later, but the urgency is for physical gratification. We knew this all too well, that’s why we weren’t surprised by the events that followed.

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Dating a younger man
She started flirting with the intern

I was not judgmental about them

Soon, they became the talk of the office, but everyone was hesitant and too awkward to bring it up in front of them. They too seemed too involved in each other to care about the whispers behind their backs.

One day over our daily morning gossip session, Veena asked me what I thought of their “casual relationship.” As usual, I made some casual remarks like ‘good for them’ and ‘let’s see what happens.’ I was okay about it since I was a cougar myself and I had no right to judge them.

But all the married folks were up in arms. They maligned her and nicknamed him “the stud”. According to them, dating a younger man in your 40’s was inappropriate. Soon, the gossip soon spread like wildfire, and everyone had something to say about this new development in the office.

The new intern was cocky and immature – everyone knew he wasn’t thinking about the consequences of his actions. For now, he was just enjoying all the attention and not looking for a relationship.

The private investigator was in

In the workplace they were quite discreet – but in a full elevator there were always telltale giggles from the couple and that further enraged the goody-goodies among us. I knew the whole ‘dating a younger man on the side while still being married’ routine was not going to end well. Soon, we got to know that the husband had hired a PI (Private Investigator).

A whole new conversation ensued and CEO promised to spend more time with his wife. He realized his mistakes, and so did she. They took some efficient decisions and decided to implement them without any delay.

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She chose to be transferred to another office and continued to be the exemplary employee that she was. The stud, meanwhile, succumbed to a marriage proposal and got hitched. He was pressured by his parents into getting married and starting a family.

A year later I met them separately, at an alumni meet, and noticed that the stud had settled into married life and grown fat! She was still pretty and happy – after all, it was just for a little sex. She was still determined, strong, and always got what she wanted.

Here are some do’s and dont’s of dating a younger man:

Be clear on your intentions: He may be looking for something serious and you are not. Discuss with him what you are looking for from this relationship, and make your intentions crystal clear. Get impatient: Remember every relationship, no matter how serious or casual, has its highs and lows. You just have to be patient with your partner and don’t shrug off his suggestions and opinions. Just because he’s younger doesn’t mean his ideas aren’t valid.
Understand his level of maturity: If he is young, he may not be experienced as you are. You don’t want to get stuck with someone who is clingy and is emotionally immature. Be well informed before you get into dating someone younger than you. Be disrespectful: Age is just a number. His age is not a reason for you to disrespect him. Every relationship requires trust and respect.
Think about the consequences: If you’re dating a younger man while married or in a committed relationship, think long and hard about the consequences. In case, the affair comes to light, it can cost you a permanent, stable partnership. Is that something you’re prepared for? Leave a digital trail: Nothing ever gets deleted from the virtual world. While dating a younger man can be exciting and may make you want to get experimental, don’t throw all caution to the wind. Before you do down the path of sexting or sharing nudes, think about the consequences of these contents becoming public.

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