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15 signs a female co-worker likes you

The subtle signs that your female colleague wants more than help on office projects.
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Office romances are common everywhere. All those late-night assignments have a tendency of heating things up a bit. They start off as innocent emotional affairs, but soon graduate to sexual infidelity. Do you think your female colleague is into you in a romantic way? Read more to know.

Workplace affairs initiated by women

Truth be told, when it comes to workplace affairs, it is found that women are more prone to initiate such affairs. Men, being more practical in nature, focus on their work and give less importance to building personal relationships in the workplace, unless it’s about going out for drinks. Women have a tendency to form personal relationships in their workplace too because of which they get emotionally involved in their office relations and because of this, feelings crop up. Something is bound to happen when your work friend becomes your work wife.

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15 signs a female colleague likes you

At work, you may come across people who will make you wonder whether they are into you in a way more than just a co-worker is. You find a woman who might be giving you hints, but you are confused as to whether she is being friendly with everyone or is it just you she is interested in. In a case like this, it is best to clear doubts, because you don’t want to get your hopes high for something that may not even exist. Moreover, men hate getting rejected on the face. It is best to be sure when it comes to knowing whether a female co-worker likes you or not. Here are 15 subtle signs she likes you.

1. She smiles at you whenever she sees you

She might be a friendly person by nature and smiles at everyone. Notice does she smile whenever she sees people or is it just you she is smiling at? If you are the only special person she gives those twinkling looks to, then there is something cooking in her mind. As they say, “Ladki hassi toh fassi”. There could be something similar going on here.

2. She finds ways to be around you

Be it for some kind of help that she needs or some gossip she wants to share, she is always around you. Wherever you go, you somehow find her to be around. It could be some kind of a coincidence too, but if these coincidences keep occurring, then they have been planned well. You will also find her asking you for help whenever something goes wrong. You may not even be in her department, but she seeks in you her knight in shining armour.
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3. She extends a friendly relationship beyond work

Where this could again be a sign of friendliness, she could also be interested in you enough to want to know you on a personal level. She will show an interest in your life outside work and will want to hang out with you in a one-on-one outing. She wants to see how well you both gel outside work.

4. There are too many accidental touches

Notice her body language. There will be a change in your female co-worker’s body language when she likes you. At times you will find her hand accidentally touching yours or she will brush her body by your side, making it look like an accident. Be vigilant on this one. If there is enough space for you two to go past by each other, then there is no need for all these ‘accidents’ to take place. It is because she wants such accidents to happen.

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5. You catch her looking at you

Sometimes you will see her looking at you from a distance, but she will suddenly pull her gaze away. You might ignore it, but it happens on and off. You might notice that whenever she talks to you she talks with direct eye contact that does something to you. You feel as if you are assuming things, but are not sure about what is going on.

6. She flirts with you

Office co-workers often indulge in some light-hearted flirting to lessen the stress of their work pressure. Sometimes this excuse is used by some to indulge in some flirting with the person they are into. While she is flirting with you, try to see if she is giving you hints in between. If you feel that her way of flirting is different from the usual office flirting, then something is up. See the way she flirts with other co-workers, if she does.

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7. She remembers things about you

Many times you may have accidentally mentioned your likes and dislikes or your favourite food. When you are at a gathering or go out together, you will see her ordering your favourite food, leaving you astounded. It is because she remembers small things about you and she wants to make sure that you know about it. She wants to surprise you and know that she has a soft corner for you.
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8. She always talks about hanging out ‘together’

You may notice her always asking you to hang out with her. If not, she will always join the social group in which you are, so that she gets to spend more time with you. She does that because she wants to spend more one-on-one time with you and wants your relationship with her to go beyond just being co-workers.

9. She gets all dressy

All of a sudden you notice her either with more makeup or wearing more fancy clothes. It will look as if she is going out after work. Ask her if she is going somewhere after work and if her answer is no, then there is someone she is wanting to impress at work and that guy could just be you.
Is she wearing your favourite colour?

10. Everyone in the office thinks so too

Office gossip is very common, because co-workers notice you more than you think. Do other co-workers tease you with her name? If yes, then the entire office could not be wrong. If all your other friends also think that she is into you, then her hints were quite obvious and you were wasting your time in this dilemma.

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11. She seems interested in your personal life

You will find her showing a keen interest in your personal life. She will ask you personal questions that you have an emotional response to. Notice how deep she goes with these questions. She may be just a curious person or she wants to know more about you because of her interest in you. The only way to find out is by watching and observing how she behaves with other co-workers.

12. She leaves presents

You could find surprises like small notes or gifts on your desk. It is because she wants to surprise you and make you feel good. She wants to show you that she thinks about the little things and cares for you. You might find it a bit weird, but don’t you like the attention he is giving you?

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13. She compliments you off and on

There will be instances when she will compliment you or your work. She wants to show you that she notices you and appreciates your qualities. You too, if interested, can compliment her from time to time. Casual exchanging of compliments shows a healthy relationship.

14. She makes inside jokes with you

There may be instances in office where you both look at each other and start laughing. No one else gets why you two are laughing, but you both know it instantly. It is because you two are sharing some inside joke. She makes inside jokes with you because it is something she wants to share with you only and she enjoys it because she gets to be a part of it.

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15. She tells you her secrets

Women don’t go around blabbing their secrets unless they confide in you. If she shares things with you that she hasn’t shared with anyone else in the office, it means that she wants you to get to know her on a personal level. She wants you to know about her like no one else does.

If you see these signs in a female co-worker, she definitely likes you. Now the question is, what are you going to do about it? Are you interested in her the way she is or are you going to ignore her feelings and go with the flow? We know that office romances are a dangerous territory. The question is, are you willing to go through the dangerous path or just play safe?

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  1. Workplace romances can lead to long-term relationships and even marriage but they also can also result in uncomfortable situations for the people involved in the relationship, as well as their co-workers.

    One cannot say whether it is right or wrong, it just depends how you handle it. It’s also about being understanding, trustworthy and honest.

    Don’t you feel office romance could be more exciting?

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