15 Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

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signs a female coworker likes you
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Office romances are common everywhere. But workplace flings are often more complicated than other romantic alliances. There is always a risk of misinterpreting someone’s politeness for flirting. This is where learning about the signs a female coworker likes you can come in handy.

You might have been spending a lot of time with a female coworker recently. All those late-night assignments have a tendency of heating things up a bit. Sharing hours together can lead to an innocent sharing of minute details of your life. This sets the stage for feeling emotional intimacy with a person.

But what if your female colleague is not really interested in you “like that”? How can you be sure she’s interested in you romantically? The answer usually lies in the small details. If you’re wondering how to tell if a female coworker likes you or is just being friendly, all you have to do is pay attention to these details.

15 Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

Workplace interactions can lead to mixed signals. You may be left wondering whether your relationship with a coworker is strictly professional, bordering on friendship, or something more. “Does my coworker like me?” This is a common dilemma people face when deciding whether or not to make a move on someone they work with. After all, you want to steer clear of a dressing down by the HR department.

In such a situation, it is best to clear your doubts because you don’t want to needlessly get your hopes up and feel heartbroken. Nor do you want to come across as a needy coworker. At the same time, if a female coworker secretly likes you and you like her back, letting an opportunity pass just because you’re scared to approach her would be a shame too. To help you out of your conundrum, let’s take a closer look at the signs a female coworker likes you:

Note: While these signs can be a strong indicator of someone’s feelings, it’s best to have a conversation upfront to avoid the tricky territory of workplace harassment. If someone tells you they are NOT interested in you, no matter how many signs you notice or hints she gives, you must step back. Active consent is a must, irrespective of the setting.

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1. She smiles whenever she sees you

She smiles at you

A female coworker’s body language when she likes you is where you should start looking for distinct signs of her interest in you. Her smile is usually the first giveaway. You must observe whether she smiles at everyone or if it is just at you. Even if she is friendly and smiles at every coworker she talks to, there are ways you can tell whether there is something special in the way her lips curve for you.

Changes in body language are among the most telling signs of romantic interest. If you notice an unmistakable twinkle in her eyes when she smiles at you, then you definitely make her heart skip a beat. Read her eyes, are they smiling too? This is one of the signs a shy female coworker likes you and is trying to draw your attention to her.

2. She finds ways to be around you

Be it for some help that she needs or sharing the hottest office gossip, she always finds reasons to be around you. How to know if a coworker likes you? Wherever you go, you somehow run into her. If these run-ins happen more often than not, you can be sure that these are no coincidences.

A 24-year-old anonymous male in a Reddit thread speaks of his intense attraction to a work associate – 25, female. He talks about their interaction and wonders if she likes him back. In his comment, he says, “The other day when she first got into the office, she asked me to walk with her while she got coffee. I obliged. We ended up walking around for 15 minutes.”

These two may work together and work late nights, but if you’re not even in the same department and she still seeks you out to spend time with or as her knight in shining armor, she really might be into you. Wondering how to tell if a female coworker likes you or is just being friendly? This dead giveaway should settle your dilemma.

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3. She extends a friendly relationship beyond work

One of the most obvious signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it is that she will drop hints that she wants to be your girlfriend. Now, these hints may be so subtle that you can blink and miss them altogether. But if she has even in the most tangential ways talked about a possible relationship between you two, then it’s pretty clear she has feelings for you.

Extending a friendly hand can seem vague and feel like mixed signals. But if she wants something more than just friendship and has a secret crush on you, the desire to get to know you on a personal level will come out in different ways:

  • She will show an interest in your life outside work and will want to hang out with you in a one-on-one setting
  • She will inquire about your family
  • She will want to know more about your likes and dislikes
  • She will ask you questions about your love life

She perhaps wants to see how well you two will gel outside of work. These are sure-shot signs a female coworker likes you but is hesitant in telling you so directly.

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4. There are too many accidental touches

People express as much through their gestures and expressions as they do with their words. So, pay attention. Your female coworker’s body language will change in line with her feelings for you. Constant physical touch is an obvious work crush sign. Some of the most prominent signs a woman has a work crush on you can be decoded by noticing her body language.

  • You may find her hand ‘accidentally’ grazing yours
  • She may brush her body against yours, making it look like an accident
  • This happens often even when there is enough space for you two to go past each other
  • She touches your shoulder or your upper arm while talking to you

On the flip side, beware that physical touch is a tricky and dangerous territory. You must make sure there are ample other signs the girl at work likes you. In fact, it is best to ask a person of their interest before taking a drastic step like touching them back or making claims that they have been intentionally dropping hints by touching you. This can backfire when your colleague feels offended by your assumptions.

Accidental touches could mean your female colleague likes you

5. You catch her looking at you

How to tell a coworker likes you? Her gaze! When you look from the corner of your eye, do you find her looking at you from a distance? Does she suddenly pull her gaze away when she realizes you’ve noticed? Well, she is flirting with her eyes. You may have been intrigued by this frequent pair of eyes on you, wondering “My female coworker stares at me, what does it mean?” If you’re interested in her too and want to learn how to flirt with a female coworker but only with your eyes, do the following:

  • Make a mental note of how often you find her looking when she thinks no one is noticing
  • Smile at her if you both hold direct eye contact and see if she smiles back
  • If this happens often, gather the courage to wave at her or say, “hello” or “good morning”
  • Once you have more courage, you could gesture and invite yourself over to her desk to have some small talk with her

6. She flirts with you

Office coworkers often indulge in some light-hearted flirting. More often than not, it is just a way to blow off some steam. But sometimes the person engaging in this innocuous banter may really be into you. If the way she flirts with you crosses the harmless flirting realm and begins to seem more loaded, it is among the signs your female coworker has feelings for you. But, how to tell if a female coworker is flirting with you?

  • Light flirting can include playful banter or pulling each other’s leg and teasing each other
  • Her body language can be flirtatious, such as playing with her hair, or biting her lip when talking to you
  • She leans toward you when you talk
  • She often stops by your desk to chat
  • You give each other nicknames
  • She texts you outside of work hours

While she is flirting with you, see if she’s dropping subtle signs she likes you. The way she interacts with you may be more intense and forthcoming than that with other colleagues. Or you may notice that she has stopped flirting with others altogether and all her attention is reserved for you. It couldn’t be more obvious that she’s into you.

7. She remembers things about you

You may have mentioned your likes and dislikes to her, casually, at some point. But she makes a mental note of it. And when you’re hanging out, she orders your favorite food or go-to drink, without even having to ask you about it. It may leave you astounded, but that’s just what women do when they really care about someone.

Unless your work crush does not have special feelings for you, there is no reason for her to be this thoughtful. So, quit second-guessing if there’s something brewing between you two by constantly wondering, “Does my female coworker like me?” Her feelings couldn’t get any clearer.

This move is just her way of making sure you feel special and notice that she remembers the little things about you and has a soft corner for you. If you’ve experienced any of this firsthand, you can be certain that the “I think a girl at work likes me” feeling is not misplaced.

8. She always talks about hanging out ‘together’

You say, “My coworker asked me out for drinks. How should I read this?” A surefire indication that a female coworker is attracted to you is her persistent interest in hanging out with you. That’s simply because she likes having you around and spending time with you. If that’s not a good sign of her interest in you, we don’t know what would be. Yes, sir, these are all signs your coworker has feelings for you.

  • She will ask you whether you want to get a drink over the weekend or if you want to grab a coffee after work
  • When you do hang out, she may bring up date ideas or suggest more stuff that you both can do together
  • She will tell you about the new places to hang out at such as a coffee shop she wants to explore with you or the new retail store that has opened up, or an upcoming gig or a movie
  • Even during work hours, she will seek out your company. She will ask you if you want to take a little coffee break
  • She will look for you during lunch breaks or for a visit to the water cooler

9. She gets all dressy

If your lady colleague in question usually dressed very casually, but, all of a sudden, has started putting a lot of thought and effort into her appearance, this could be a hint. More makeup, fancier clothes, new hairstyle, blow-dried hair, and exotic perfumes could be her way of grabbing your eyeballs and holding your undivided attention. It’s not wrong to wonder, “Is she trying to get noticed by me?”

But you can’t be presumptuous and assume it is all meant for you. So what do you do? Ask her whether she’s going out somewhere after work considering she looks all dressed up. If she says no and then blushes, you have your answer. This work “friend” is displaying subtle signs she likes you. In case you like her too, just act on it already.

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10. Everyone in the office thinks so too

What are the signs a coworker likes you but is hiding it, you ask? Pay attention to what you’re hearing through the office grapevine. Office gossip is often acutely accurate. If she’s interested in you and you spend time together, exchange looks, and joke around, your coworkers will notice – even if neither of you has admitted to all the feelings and sexual tension brewing under the surface!

Have they begun teasing you with her name or vice versa? If yes, then there is definitely something brewing here that you may be oblivious to. As they say, there is no smoke without fire. If your friends outside of work also think that she is into you, then the hints she’s dropping are no longer subtle. We think you can make your move.

11. She shows interest in your life

Female coworker secretly likes you

When a woman at work has a crush on you, she will invariably take a keen interest in your life. If you notice her delving deep into who you are and what makes you so, it is undoubtedly because of her interest in you. There is little doubt that this female coworker secretly likes you.

  • Does she ask you personal questions that evoke an emotional response?
  • Does she ask you questions that will help her know you better – questions about your childhood, your interests, your hobbies, and your future plans?
  • Does she show interest in your past relationships?
  • Does she seem keen to know your friends and family?
  • She may even go ahead and say sweet things about you to other friends and work associates

Perhaps, she’s keeping her feelings under wraps because she’s unsure of how you feel about her or maybe she’s waiting for you to make the first move. To be really sure, just observe how she is with other coworkers and the difference in the way she feels about you versus the others will become apparent.

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12. She leaves you cute little surprises

You walk to your desk and find a note saying, “Thank you for a great time last night” or “Missed you at the office party”. Or there is a gift sitting on your desk and you open it to find something that you’ve wanted for a long time. These cute little surprises are her way of showing her feelings without saying a word.

The signs your coworker has feelings for you can’t get more apparent than that. Even if you’re embarrassed by this public display of her affection or annoyed at the thought of being at the receiving end of jokes and jibes from other work associates, you can’t deny that all this attention is melting your heart. If you are on the same page as her, just reciprocate.

13. She compliments you

You wear a new shirt to work, and she compliments you as soon as she sees you. Or if you give a good presentation, she’s the first one to let you know how brilliant you were. It’s her way of showing that she notices you and appreciates your qualities. The fact she thinks highly of you, appreciates you for who you are, and finds you physically attractive are all signs your female coworker has feelings for you. If you too are interested in her, reciprocate by complimenting her from time to time. Casual exchanging of compliments can help build a healthy relationship.

14. She shares inside jokes with you

If your female colleague likes you, she will share the inside jokes with you. And if you like her back, you’d get them instantly. That’s how chemistry works. And that also holds the answer to how to tell if a female coworker is attracted to you. There may be instances when you both look at each other and start laughing.

No one else gets why you two are laughing, but you both know it instantly. Sharing inside jokes is a hallmark of intimacy between two people. If you’ve attained that comfort level with each other, there is little room for ambiguity that you both want to take the relationship to the next level.

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15. She lets you in on her secrets

Women don’t let their deepest secrets be known to a person unless there is absolute trust. If she lets you in on her secrets and shares intimate details about her life with only you, you’ve definitely earned a special place in her heart.

In the case of “my female coworker likes me but has a boyfriend”, or if it is a married female coworker who likes you, it can be a tricky proposition to navigate the strong emotional connection building between you two with her existing relationship looming large. It’s clear she leans on you for emotional support and confides in you about her relationship issues. In this situation, it’s best to be upfront and talk to her about what she wants.

Key Pointers

  • Signs a woman likes you at work can often be subtle and you need attention to detail to spot them
  • Making “accidental” physical contact, smiling at you, flirting with you, and wanting to have a deeper connection with you than the work relationship are some of these signs
  • Other signs a female coworker has a crush on you include sharing such a close bond that you are practically her work husband and she your work wife
  • Everyone else at your workplace begins to recognize you as dating coworkers
  • A female friend at work might be genuinely interested in a romantic relationship with you if she is hyper focused on learning more about your personal life
  • However, to maintain a healthy work environment and avoid harassment charges you should have a conversation with her before making a move

If you notice these signs, you can rest assured that she likes you. She may play hard to get or feel hesitant about putting her feelings out there. Remember, an office romance can be tricky. It’s ultimately up to you to take a call on whether you want to take the risk or play it safe.

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