How A Woman Should Treat A Man – 21 Ways To Do It Right

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Updated On: September 19, 2022
treat a man right

Courting is not just about men making all the moves and advances to woo women. A man too deserves to be showered with attention and affection. It is important for him to feel appreciated in a relationship. We often discuss how a man should impress a woman but never actually stop and think about how a woman should treat a man. 

Men’s needs are just as important as women’s. They deserve to be cared for and shown that they are wanted. Men have gotten so used to doing all the courting and flirting that they rarely ever assert that they need some loving too. While the “if you want to be treated like a king treat her like a queen” paradigm holds, the reverse is also equally true. So then, how should a woman treat a man?

Knowing how to treat your boyfriend right or how to make your husband feel loved is more important now than ever, given that women are asserting their right to be treated as equals in every sphere of life. With equal rights, privileges and opportunities come equal responsibility too, and yes, even in the dating space that responsibility exists. So, embrace your role as a fully functional half of the relationship by learning how to treat your man right.

How A Woman Should Treat A Man – 21 Ways To Do It Right

There are some things you can take note of to show a man that he means the world to you. If he is really important to you, you must value him and his place in your life. Relationships are all about two-way reciprocation, and you must embrace your part as a giver in the equation. 

Decoding how a woman should treat a man is really not that complicated. Steer clear from exhibiting any major dating red flags and be your authentic self with him. If you love him, then treating your man right will come naturally to you. Even so, a little bit of help from us won’t hurt. How should a woman treat a man? Here are 21 tips to get you started in the right direction:

1. Return his calls 

Oh, we cannot stress this enough. It is completely all right if you are unable to take your man’s calls at work or somewhere else. You are entitled to be as busy as you want to as long as you drop him a text that you will call him back later. If he is making the effort to check on you, the least you can do is remember to call him back. Don’t call him back after a day because that still gives the wrong impression.

You should make an effort to return his call at the earliest possible. Nobody likes to wait around and he might start to think you are ignoring him. To treat a man with respect, you simply have to make him feel like he ranks right at the top of your priorities. You can drive that message home by something as simple as returning his calls and texts and not leaving it to him to always initiate contact.

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2. Be attentive when he is talking 

Yes, having someone to listen to ranks high on the list of the needs of a man. To truly treat a man like a king, you simply have to lend him an ear and give him your undivided attention. Given that women truly can be great listeners, this should come almost naturally to you. So, make the most of your inherent instincts to make him feel like every little thing about him matters to you.

Whether he’s rambling about the new boss at work or telling you all about his favorite web series, be present with him instead of checking your phone. Ignoring your man can make him feel unimportant and he might not want to share things with you as much. To truly treat him well, you must listen to and absorb everything that he tells you. 

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3. Don’t be jealous of his friends 

How to treat a man like a man? By letting him have his personal space in the relationship because we all need it. No need to barrage him with questions every time he hangs out with a female colleague after work. And if he’s going out for a night with the boys, do not raise your eyebrows at him. Even if he is in a fully committed relationship with you, he is allowed to have fun in his own ways. Not every night at the club results in infidelity.

His friends are always going to be important to him and you should not take that away from him. Do not be a jealous girlfriend, or you will only drive him away. Instead, trust him and tell him that you want him to have a good time. And when he gets back, ask him all about it. There is no need to spur suspicion without any basis.  

4. How should a woman treat a man? Know what is important to him 

Dig deeper and get to know who your man truly is on the inside. What are his dreams and goals? What is his relationship with his family like? All this context is necessary when you are in love with someone. Developing respect in a relationship is important. To do this, you must be aware of who he is and where he wants to go. Then you can hold his hand and be there by his side every step of the way.

If you want to be treated like a queen, you need to treat your man like a king. This is why the answer to how a woman should treat a man she’s in love with is as simple as making an effort to know him like the back of your hand. Once you do, building a strong relationship with him will become a cakewalk.

5. Pick up on the hints he is giving you

Men’s moods and feelings are usually easy to read. If he’s had a rough day, is pensive about something serious, or is feeling anxious, he will give out lots of hints to you. As a woman who loves him, you must pick up on these and ask him what is going on. Let him know that you are there for him and that no matter what he might be going through, he is not alone.

Send some sweet text messages to cheer your bae. Do not be oblivious to his behaviors because men truly give away more through their actions than words. To treat a man like a king, you need to channel your intuitive streak to assess what he may be going through and then reach out to let him know that you’re there for him.  

6. What keeps a man happy in a relationship? Going out on dates

How a woman should treat a man is all about making him feel like a special snowflake! Do not wait for him to plan all the dates. You can plan some fun dates or double dates too. Or even consider surprising him with some takeout and dessert at his doorstep. Take him out to dinner, the movies, or any other activities that you enjoy as a couple. These are the things that keep romance alive in any relationship.

This will show him that you are invested in him and enjoy his company. You can treat a man like a king by pampering him the same way that you expect to be pampered in the relationship. Take the lead and make him feel special every once in a while and he will be over the moon to have you in his life.  

7. If you want to treat a good man well, then pay him compliments 

A man likes words of adoration just as much as a woman does. Compliment his new shirt, haircut, or anything else that you like about him. A man wants to feel desired by his partner, and you can make that happen by saying a few nice things to him.

Given that you’re with him, there must be so much you adore and appreciate about him. So, make it a point to let him know that. You can also take this a notch further and use kind words for your man. Use words of respect for your husband/boyfriend to show him what you love about him. Tell him that you like his work ethic, his cooking skills, or that you thrive on his humor. 

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8. Send him flowers 

As we said, just the way “if you want to be treated like a king, treat her like a queen” holds true, so does the reverse: if you want to be treated like a queen, treat him like a king. So, break free from the stereotypes and make some romantic gestures to win his heart, over and over again.

What keeps a man happy in a relationship? Well, consider something sweet and simple that is straight out of the movies. Why not flowers? Who said only men can send flowers to women? To truly treat your man like a king and show him that you value his presence in your life, send him flowers every now and then.

You can send him a bouquet over the weekend or surprise him at work. Add a cute note telling him that you cannot wait to see him soon. That is sure to turn around his day and make him feel like he is on top of the world. This will certainly also make him miss you.

9. Tell him that you like him in bed

How to treat your boyfriend right? How to make your husband feel loved? By being an equal participant in your moments of intimacy. Men typically like to give pleasure to their partners. Your SO could use the validation that he is doing things right and well. If you think he is sexy and enjoy your moments of intimacy with him, it’s a good idea to verbalize it. 

Men feel truly great and energized when they know they can please a woman. Tell him you feel pure sexual bliss with him. Make him feel sexy and he will surely return the favor. Not only will this foster more love in your relationship but it will also make the sex so much better.

Infographic on Simple ways to treat your man right
Simple ways to treat your man right

10. Respect his concerns 

And that’s really not asking for a lot. To treat a man with respect, create room in the relationship for him to voice his thoughts without inhibitions. If your man has concerns about you or the relationship, you should at least hear him out. These could be about your friends, your habits, your routine, or your behavior. You do not have to agree or change yourself completely but you can be receptive to his advice and suggestions. 

This is one of the characteristics of a healthy relationship. When you love someone, you must also respect the criticism that they throw your way. They are not doing this to bring you down but only because they expect better from you. Instead of throwing a tantrum, you should hear him out and process his opinion. 

11. How should a woman treat a man? Give him his space 

Loving and treating a man right is all about keeping him happy. As a person, he is entitled to his own space and time alone. Space in a relationship is necessary. Just because you love him does not mean that you need to be with him all the time. He needs his “me time” just as you do.

People are better individuals and better partners when they have enough time to focus on their own needs. How to appreciate a man is not about overcrowding him with your presence. Time off from each other is essential for any healthy relationship.

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12. Be his shoulder to cry on 

How to treat a man like a man? When you ponder over this question, chances are your natural instinct will tell you to treat him in a way that bolsters his sense of machismo. But that isn’t necessarily true. You can also treat him like a man by becoming his support system without denting his self-esteem. This is the right approach when you think about how should a woman treat a man she loves.

There may be times when things in his life may be awry, he may question himself, go through a rough patch, or just be feeling anxious about a job interview. Whatever it might be, at a point like this, you need to step in and be a better partner for a better relationship. You do not have to solve his problems or ‘fix him’ but you must assure him that you are with him. A little support can truly go a long way and show your man how much you care about him.

13. Be spontaneous with him 

“Today we are driving to Chicago to watch Hamilton!” or “I baked cinnamon cookies for us today” can make even the most mundane days so much more exciting. These random and spontaneous ideas will make him realize that you are happy with him. Coming up with new things to do or making adventurous plans will make your man feel like you truly enjoy spending time with him.

It will also egg him on to take more initiative to keep your life as a couple hot and happening. Simple acts of reciprocation or taking initiative to infuse new energy into the relationship can go a long way in ensuring that your man feels well-treated in the relationship.

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14. Value his advice 

What keeps a man happy in a relationship? It is a woman who respects his opinion and decision. At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you want to take his advice or not. However, it is important to show him that you are considering it and that you at least respect where he is coming from. From choosing your party outfits to where you should invest your money, you should discuss all decisions – big and small – with your man. 

Even if he knows nothing about women’s shoes or has always given terrible advice on the stock market, you can take a few jibes at him but never make him feel like his opinion is useless. When your man feels like he is adding value to your life, it elevates his confidence. This makes him feel more tied to you and can pave the way for big relationship milestones.

15. Just do the little things to treat your boyfriend like a prince

You can treat a man like a king by doing the little things that make him feel loved and cherished. Make him dinner after he has had a long day or bring him soup when he is sick. To treat your man right, you must show him that you are observant of his needs. Don’t be oblivious to his tiny demands or remarks. 

There are times when he will need you badly but is unable to say it. If you love a man with low self-esteem, you must care for him immensely. In his moments of self-doubt, it is up to you to support him. 

16. Try out his hobbies 

To treat your boyfriend right or your husband well, you need to be open to embracing the things that matter the most to him. Yes, even if that means going fishing or spending Monday night watching football in a bar. One of the things a woman should do for a man is to be open to sharing his interests.

You do not have to be good at everything or love everything that he does. For instance, if you are dating an artist, paint for him. All you have to do is show him that you are willing to try. Moreover, you don’t even need to accompany him every single time. Just be with him a few times so he knows you are happy to be involved. 

17. Tell him that you are grateful for him 

How should a woman treat a man? By truly taking the time out to tell him how much he means to her. Verbal expressions play an important role in making someone feel special. By telling your partner that you are grateful for him being in your life, you can really lift his spirits. There are so many romantic things to say that you can try.

Appreciation does not have to be an over-the-top effort or mean sacrificing yourself all for the sake of your relationship. Sometimes a few concise kind words can just do the trick. Words, and by words, we mean well-chosen words, can be your best ally if you want to treat a man with respect.

18. Don’t be on your phone around him to treat your man properly

When you are on your phone constantly around anybody, it might make them think that they are uninteresting or they are boring you. If you want to treat a man right, you never want him to feel this way. Restrict your phone activity on dates unless it is really important.

This will also improve communication between you two. Pay more attention to him when he is around you. Do not appear distracted because that might irritate him. Giving him your undivided attention will not only foster greater emotional intimacy in the relationship but also make your man feel like he matters.

19. Show him that you think of him 

Stock up your fridge with his favorite beers or buy him that shaving cream he had been planning on getting but could not find at the drugstore. These little gestures go a long way in showing him that you are thoughtful, concerned, and attentive to his needs, likes, and dislikes. How should a woman treat a man she loves? Simply think of him.

“I was driving by Dairy Queen and I thought you’d like their sundae so I brought you some” will light up his entire evening. One loves to feel appreciated and this will certainly also make your relationship stronger. 

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20. Trust him 

One of the biggest things you can do if you’re thinking about how a woman should treat a man is to trust him wholeheartedly. A man feels more confident and happier when he knows you have faith in him. If you keep doubting him, checking his phone, or accusing him of lying, he will become uncomfortable.

Doubting him unnecessarily or being suspicious will annoy him. He cannot always be doing everything to please you and make you feel secure. Now that you’re in love and in a relationship with this person, start by taking small leaps of faith and believe him when he tells you something.

trust him
Trust your man to be there for you

21. Give him a massage 

If you want to be treated like a queen, you need to treat your man like a king. Men – or most people for that matter – love a good massage at the end of a long day. To treat your man like a king, pamper him with a nice massage after his day at work. This sensual activity will bring the two of you closer and strengthen your connection. Maybe try asking each other some bonding questions as well so the two of you can feel even more intimate. He will definitely be super thankful for this one.

5 Things You Should Never Do If You Love Your Man

Now that we have already covered how should a woman treat a man to make him feel loved and appreciated in a relationship, it is time to move on to the other side of the spectrum. What are some things that one should NOT do in a relationship? If you want to treat a good man correctly, keep in mind these pointers on behaviors you should avoid:

1. Don’t put words in his mouth

During relationship arguments, it is possible to get carried away and start making wrongful accusations and assumptions about the other person. When you are fuming with anger, you only see the negative side of things and it is difficult to try to collect yourself and understand the other person.

While fights are unavoidable and feeling angry and frustrated in a relationship is natural, what you can do to be a good partner is avoid jumping to conclusions and making up scenarios. In any case, do not put words in his mouth.

2. Do not belittle him

Even jokingly. A few jokes peppered here and there are okay but do not make a running joke of his habits or personality traits, especially if it belittles your man. If there’s a joke you’ve been cracking where you often call him a 7-year-old because of the way he looks when he eats his chips, it will only be funny the first few times. Over time, it may begin to trigger and annoy him.

3. Comparing your partner to others

This is surely going to upset him very much. How should a woman treat a man? Like he means the world to her and he is the only one for her in her life. Not like he has a long line of men to compete with for her love and attention. While comparing your partner with others is definitely a bad thing, it is even worse if you compare your boyfriend/husband to your exes.

Leave your past relationships behind and do not let them get in the way of your present. Reminiscing about an ex or appreciating them is okay. But don’t do it in the presence of your partner, and especially not with the intent of comparing him to that ex.

4. Holding onto grudges

If he was truly in the wrong and he has apologized for it, it is time to move on. As bad as you may have felt, the only way a relationship can move forward is if the two people are willing to leave the problems in the past and strive to be better in the future. So when the deed is done, the conversation has taken place and the issue is resolved, there is no point bringing it up with your partner again and holding onto a grudge.

5. Dominate him

Yes, dominate is a strong word but it is important to keep this in mind when you want to treat a man that you love well. If he’s an easygoing person who always accepts his faults, never indulges in any blame-shifting, and apologizes first, that is indeed sweet. And while you’re lucky that a man loves you so much, it’s vital that you do not end up taking him for granted and then dominating him. The intent here is not to villainize you; this is just something to be mindful of.

Key Pointers

  • Making him feel heard and letting him know that you can be his shoulder to cry on are very important ways of showing your man how much you love him
  • Sweet, sudden surprises go a long way. Try to plan fun dates with him every now and then
  • Share his interests and explore the things that he likes 
  • In arguments, do not say things you cannot take back and try to understand his perspective
  • If he often compromises for you, do not take him for granted

You don’t need grand gestures to make your man feel loved, cherished and valued in the relationship. A touch of kindness and thoughtfulness in how you handle the relationship and your equation with him can drive home the message, loud and clear. So now that you’ve read all about how to and how not to treat your man, what are you waiting for? Go out there and be the best girlfriend you can ever be.


1. How do I treat my man?

Treat him with respect, care, lots of understanding and trust him. Treat him like he means the world to you and that his presence makes your world a better place.

2. How does a woman take care of her man?

By being alert around him and watching out for any signs that he is disturbed. Moreover, you can do little things like making him soup when he is sick or taking him out if he needs a good time. 

3. How to show a man respect and appreciation?

To show him respect, you should value his opinions and respect his advice. You should also tell him that you are grateful to have him in your life.

4. What are some things a woman should do for her man?

A woman should take him out, plan spontaneous dates, hold his hand when he needs her and listen to him attentively. 

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