How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman – 13 Peculiar Ways

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how does a Leo man test a woman
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“How does a Leo man test a woman? Do you think my Leo man is trying to make me jealous to see how I’d react?” A friend asked me this recently because she just couldn’t figure out what was going on inside her partner’s head – which is ironic because Leos are pretty straightforward about their feelings. Yep, people born between July 23 and August 22 are known prominently for their outrightness. However, when a Leo man is serious about a woman, he may do a bit of evaluation to ensure she’s right for him. 

Don’t take it personally. It’s not about you not being up to his standards, it’s about him being completely sure before he takes the plunge. Leo men, pretty much like the lion that represents their zodiac, are wild. They’re extravagant, passionate, and demand absolute adoration from their partner. And these are only some of the few qualities a Leo man expects from a woman.

How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman – 13 Odd/Peculiar Ways

Before you’re led to believe that Leo men are too hard on their partners, you must consider why a Leo man tests you. Leos are known for their loyalty. In fact, a Leo man is more likely to try to work on a dead-end relationship than to move on. Due to this tendency to fiercely stick to commitments, Leo men do not like to be in situations that may not work out later. So a Leo man tests a woman as a way of getting rid of this uncertainty. Let’s see what he may do:

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1. He sets a task for you

What he wants to check: If you’re passionate

Leos are passionate. They’re great leaders and powerful motivators. They like it if their partners can reciprocate their zeal. So he’ll ask questions like what you do in life, what you want to do, and what you do for recreation. Or he’ll set you a task, like planning a birthday for a mutual friend. Through this, he’s looking for these indicators:

  • If you just follow instructions or like to take control 
  • If you like to be the best in everything or settle for less
  • If you expect the worst in every situation

If you’re someone who likes to plan well, do spreadsheets, and create mood boards, you’re going to make a mark on him. Leo men love people who take themselves seriously and constantly try to improve themselves. However, if you’re someone who does things just to get them done, you might not have much of a chance. The same goes if you’re constantly doubtful of yourself. Leos are optimistic people who love to take risks. If you have a cynical and pessimistic outlook, it won’t float his bloat.

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2. He catfishes you

What he wants to check: if you’re loyal

One of the most important reason for which a Leo man tests a woman is a loyal relationship. This is because they’re fiercely loyal to anyone close to them. So it’s not rare for a Leo man to pretend to be someone else on social media and try to flirt with you. What he wants to know is:

  • If you’ll flirt with someone other than him
  • If you’re honest about dating him
  • If you gossip about him

A Leo man is prone to jealousy and a harmless, flirty message may not sit well with them. Not only will he be deeply hurt, but it may also leave your relationship in limbo. He will also take into consideration how open you are about displaying your relationship. For him, a very public social media display of your adoration toward him is proof of utmost loyalty.

3. Leo man’s love language – receiving attention

What he wants to check: if you will pamper him

Remember lions are just big cats. And Leos, like cats, demand complete attention. So he’ll tell you that he’s hungry/sick/bored in the middle of the night. What he wants to see is:

  • If you’ll prioritize him over everything
  • If you’ll pamper him like a small child
  • If you’ll make him feel special

If a Leo man doesn’t get the attention he thinks he deserves from you, he’ll move on to someone else who can make him feel like he’s the only man in the world. It’s not a surprise since their ruling planet is the sun, and like the sun they want to feel like the center of your universe. This is what makes Leo and Sagittarius one of the most compatible zodiac sign pairs because Sagittarius can provide Leo with all the attention they need.

4. He doesn’t contact you for a while and then asks to meet immediately

What he wants to check: if you’re seeking a low-maintenance relationship

Leos live by “Go big, or go home”. This reflects in their love lives as well. They like big gestures of love. PDA and dramatic expressions of love are common when a Leo man is serious about you. So he may go radio silent for days and demand a meeting out of the blue. What he’s trying to know is:

  • If you will contact him during this time
  • If you’ll complain about him not being in touch
  • If you’ll put an effort into your appearance for this meeting

Leos are obsessive about their appearance and praise a person who looks put together. If you’re completely nonchalant about him not calling you and meet him in pajamas, he is likely to scoot away. Leos expect complete adoration from their partners. So if you call him as soon as you realize that it’s been 2 hours since he last called you, or scream at him for not calling you for 3 days, you’ll make an impression.

5. He singles you out at a party

What he wants to check: if you’re confident

How does a Leo man test a woman at parties, you may wonder? Leos are confident and love attention. They’re the heart and soul of parties. And they don’t settle for anything less in their partners. So he’ll put you under a spotlight at get-togethers. What he’s looking for:

  • How well can you handle the spotlight?
  • If you can get a guy’s attention
  • Are you well-liked?
  • Are you scared to show your interest in him publicly?

To answer the question, “What qualities does a Leo man look for in a woman?”, you need to understand the Leo man first. He has high self-confidence and likes to be popular. He doesn’t want to be with someone who can’t be in the center, for that’s where he always is. If you can’t handle the attention

he’s going to sigh and move on. However, if you’re charismatic, and hold on to the crowd really well, you’d make him weak in the knees in no time. Bonus points if you flirt openly with him.

Does he like me and more

6. He takes you on an extravagant first date

What he wants to check: if you like challenges

Leos love to challenge themselves. Normal is boring for them and they have a flair for drama. So don’t be surprised if he takes you not on a cute and fun first date, but kayaking or hand-gliding. He wants to see:

  • How well can you keep up with an unusual idea?
  • Does a challenge intimidate you?
  • Do you challenge him?

If you’re someone who loves to try new things, this will be an amazing experience for both of you. When a Leo man is serious about a woman, he expects her to welcome challenges. If you’re at sea, suggest skinny-dipping (only if you’re comfortable). If he suggests a helicopter ride, suggest skydiving. If you don’t like to face your fears, then this man is not going to have any respect for you. 

7. He asks what you plan on doing on the weekend

What he wants to check: if you can be mysterious

Leos can get bored very easily, which is why they hate routine. They love doing new things, especially stuff that pushes them beyond their boundaries. So it’s possible that he may ask you what you two could do over the weekend. Here’s what a Leo man is testing you for:

  • If you like to plan your trips or expect others to do it for you
  • If you go for comfort or challenge
  • If you’re unpredictable

Leo belongs to the House of Children in many astrological traditions. Hence they love taking risks. With Leos, you constantly have to work at keeping that spark alive. A great way to do it is to keep planning new things for you to do together. When you ask him to be ready with a tent and climbing boots, he’s already brimming with excitement.

8. He makes you wonder, “Is this Leo man trying to make me jealous?”

What he wants to check: if you’re mature

Leo men get jealous if you talk to other men but want you to be mature if they flirt with someone else. It sounds hypocritical. You may start to think, “This Leo man is confusing me to no end.” But this is due to their constant need for security. So they’ll notice:

  • If you fly into a rage or handle it maturely
  • If you start flirting with someone else to give them a taste of their own medicine
  • If you start playing mind games to punish them

Leos don’t believe in love at first sight. For them, the relationship has to mature over time for them to call it love. A major sign of a mature relationship is when you do not make a fuss about your partner talking to someone else. The worst would be if you try to make him jealous. If you don’t like him flirting with others, tell him that outright. Leos appreciate honesty. Moreover, he’ll be thrilled to know you feel possessive about him.

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9. He invites you to a trekking trip at the last minute

What he wants to check: if you’re spontaneous

You don’t expect a lion to not love adventure. It’s in their nature to seek thrill and abhor anything routine. He’ll ask you for a trip at the very last minute. Or take you to meet his parents, a different sort of adventure. What he wants to see is:

  • If you can adapt easily to atypical conditions
  • If you can function independently in these situations
  • If you can make it memorable for him

What he’s trying to know is what he can expect from a woman if he throws a curveball at her. Not everybody can handle the pressures of being in wildlife or meeting potential in-laws. If you can meet his challenges head-on, adapting according to the situations, it’s definitely going to be a long run for you. However, if you make it a bumpy ride complaining of this and that, don’t expect him to keep in touch.

10. He likes to hold you in front of other people

What he wants to check: if you can handle his attention

When a Leo man is serious about you, you will get showered with attention, dramatic displays of affection, and general physical touch to show others that you belong to him. It can feel stuffy to a few. But what he’s looking for is:

  • If you can embrace his possessiveness
  • If you can display your feelings for him openly

Leos are territorial and lean toward physical touch love language. And it extends to the people around them. If you are uncomfortable with his possessiveness, he may take it as rejection. And Leos are notorious for passive-aggressive behavior. So better share that with him before it fires back.

11. When you feel ready, he would love to initiate sex with you

What he wants to check: if you have intense sexual chemistry with him

How does a Leo man test a woman for sexual compatibility? Like everything else, sex with Leo is intense and wild. Don’t be surprised if he suggests orgies or having sex in public places. Their suggestions can be unique and may include role plays. What he really wants to know is:

  • If you’re dominant or submissive in bed
  • How wild you can get

The Leo man likes to be dominant in the bed, so he’d love it if you let him take the lead. At the same time, Leo also loves to make the experience joyful for their partner and is careful about their needs. This makes Libra and Leo compatibility exciting. 

12. He checks if you consult him

What he wants to check: if you’d let him be the king in the relationship

Leo men like to be spontaneous, but they’ll not appreciate it if you make decisions for both of them. Remember, a Leo man likes to be the alpha, which is why they don’t get along with authority figures. So if you RSVP to a wedding without consulting him, he won’t be happy about it. How does a Leo man test a woman? Here’s how:

  • He checks if you consult him on important things even if he may not have technical knowledge about it
  • He notes if you assert that he has no technical knowledge of the subject
  • He observes if you make changes in his space without telling him

Never do anything that involves the two of you without asking for his opinion. Leos like to believe they’re the kings and everyone else are their subjects. Though it’s not true, when you treat him like a king, you make him feel like one. Don’t think of it as stroking his ego, think of it as giving him an assurance that he is special to you. 

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13. He refuses to accept his mistakes

What he wants to check: if you can handle his flaws

Leos tend to get very opinionated, to the point of being one of the most toxic zodiac signs. This is why they never accept their mistakes publicly, even when they know it. This zodiac has a fixed modality which makes Leo highly willful and resistant to changes. It takes a very patient and diplomatic person to explain to them why they’ve been wrong without offending them. What he wants to see is:

  • If you correct him again and again, especially publicly
  • If you try to resolve any issues caused because of him, before anyone notices
  • If you will bring it up later

It can go wrong for you if you keep bringing up his mistakes. Since a Leo man expects loyalty from you, he’ll appreciate it if you try to cover them up or try to resolve them. The tendency of not accepting that they can be wrong can be disastrous, but if you’re patient and loving, then you can help him accept his flaws.

More on zodiac

When Would A Leo Guy Test You

The short answer is: all the time. At least until he’s completely sure about you. These are the scenarios in which he’ll test you:

  • They’ll test you when they’re falling for you: Leo men are high on dramatic gestures, so they’ll pamper you one day and forget about you the next. They are testing how you react to their absence and these tests may happen so often that you may start thinking “This Leo man is confusing me”. But remember, love is not a game for Leo and unfolds after much consideration
  • They’ll test you even when you’ve been dating for a while: It’s possible that you may be going out with your Leo guy for some time but it’s not a sure-shot sign that your casual relationship is getting serious. So they’ll test you until they are sure of you
  • They’ll test you when you least expect it: Instead of trying to impress him on dates, focus on your everyday behavior. That’s where he’s observing you subconsciously to see how well you fit into his idea of a soulmate
  • They’ll test you on the first day itself: These ‘tests’ will start from the first day you meet him, even if it’s not on a date. As your relationship progresses, he’ll keep doing more odd things to check your response. Once he realizes that you’re his true soulmate he won’t hesitate to say so

Key Pointers

  • Leo men test their partners since they’re looking for a long-term commitment
  • Loyalty, passion, confidence, and love for adventure are the qualities a Leo man looks for in a woman
  • The ideal relationship for a Leo man is one where he’s constantly pampered and made to feel special

The trick to winning a Leo man’s heart is to be your best version. After all, you’re pining for a lion, wouldn’t you rather be a lioness?


1. How do you know if a Leo man is testing you?

You should look for indicators such as him trying to pull you to the middle of the dance floor, inviting you to an overwhelming event, and exhibiting hot-and-cold behavior.

2. How do you know if a Leo man is playing you?

A Leo man’s love language is giving and receiving attention. If he continues to have sex with you but doesn’t try to attract your attention or challenge you in any way, then it is an early sign he’s a player and is not serious about you.

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