Wrong Things Men Think & Believe About Women

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Updated On: July 18, 2022
What men think

Have you ever wondered what men think about women and whether they still believe in those age-old stereotypes that typecast women as ‘helpless damsels’ who can’t do things for themselves? Men have a curious mind, and we would love to dive deep and see what lies in their imagination.

So if you want to know what do men think about when they like a woman or just their female friends in general, this article’s for you.

Odd Things Men Think About Women

Are you tired of entitled men talking about gender superiority and how they like to be an echo chamber of their own misdemeanors? So am I. The whole prospect of having a less toxic environment for women goes away the moment a man says something sexist. Sometimes it feels like the world revolves around what men think.

Sexism amongst men is very common. From ‘women can’t do math’ to ‘women use their sexuality to get ahead’, some men can say the most tone-deaf thing without even realizing how offensive they can be. If called out for being sexist, they will come up with justifications so splendid that it would make a certain President look good.

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Odd Things Men Think About Women

Some of them should really leave their current aspirations and pursue a career in generalizing women. It is infuriating and frustrating to realize that misogyny is the widely accepted token for being cool in an exclusive men’s circle.

The little boys’ clubs aren’t so innocent after all since misogyny is harbored in the name of men’s conditioning. Which begs the question, what do guys think of their female friends and what ancient stereotypes do they still believe in?

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Women are irrational

What men think is that women ‘talk rubbish’ or behave ‘irrationally’ when they want something, and expect her to throw a temper tantrum at the drop of a hat.

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Men think is that women “talk rubbish” or behave irrationally

If you’re dating an independent woman, just know she can be pretty self-sufficient in every aspect of life. This category of men needs to be called out from time to time and given a serious reality check about the world we live in. And honestly, their assumptions are not even funny, how some men think about women is downright insulting.

“So, you are a gamer?”

Some of them will still cringe at the very idea of women talking about fandoms or gaming since the general idea of ‘women aren’t into gaming’ automatically pings like the notification on your phone.

It is probably hard for men to swallow the fact that women are gamers too. Why and how do men think that someone’s love for gaming depends on their gender? Well, news flash: quite a few women enjoy gaming and are really good at what they do.

Sexism in the gaming scene is contagious and it can get embarrassing for men when they start mansplaining things to women. Sorry to burst your bubble, but women can not only game and can also nail it like a boss.

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It is probably hard for men to swallow the fact that women are gamers too

Girls are needy

Less needy than an entire generation of men craving attention! Everyone in this world needs something, but given the entitlement that most men have, girls could use some of their privileges.

The irony is that these men belong to the same crowd who believe that we live in a progressive society. But who will burst their bubble? Probably no one, because women are done mothering these ‘sad boys’ and reducing their lives to catering to their every need.

These men need to be educated about the prevailing rape cases, dowry fights, lack of girl’s education, and all the sexism women face at the workplace every day.

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Women like to experiment

Sure as hell they do but not because they have to live up to men’s “fetishization” of women being “bi”. Men would fetishize women to the point that they deem these fetishes as facts but in reality, they are yet to discover the map to the G-spot.

young sexy couple
Women like to experiment with their sexuality

Like most myths, the G-spot doesn’t exist for a man, but a life of disappointing sex and sexual frustration does, where they will repeatedly seek validation on how they performed since women get to mark them on the basis of how good they were.

But mind you, you can never score them badly because that would crumble that man’s ego faster than a stale empire of cakes. How men think about women with other women is just a portrayal of their perpetual horniness and lack of respect in the bedroom.

Women complain to seek attention

Yes, they should, since every second is a battle for a woman in this patriarchal society. Attention needs to be drawn when you are demanding equal rights because, unlike men, women aren’t born with privileges.

The inability to provide equal space for women has made situations dire where they even have to fight for the simplest of things. Things like safe space in public transport, free sanitary pad vending machines and much more.

How men think about women and their need for attention can be frustrating for women who feel sick and tired of constantly boosting a man’s ego and witnessing them get everything they want at the snap of a finger.

Women are craving to be committed

What men think

Yes, they are, but probably not to you. We all crave to find stability through commitment and so are women. If you think that women are craving commitment, then don’t date a woman.

But no, you are going to date a woman, complain about how she wants a stable relationship and then act like an entitled prick. If men know women look for stability and comfort in a relationship, then why do they commit in the first place?

Stop using women for your sexual desires and then throwing them away when you’re bored. And if you’re insecure about the power struggle in a relationship, why not deal with it like a man?

Yes, I fear that these little boys’ clubs are not going to last for long, since women are hardworking, independent, and successful, and what men think doesn’t matter to them anymore. Women don’t need anyone, and now have the power to live life on their own terms.


1. What do men like about women?

Men like the social status that comes with dating a woman. They like the sex, and they like the company, but when it comes to commitment, they run faster than a cheetah in the woods.

2. What do men need to know about women?

Men need to understand that women today are modern, hardworking, independent, and strong, and they don’t need to settle with a man to make a life for themselves.

3. What do men look for in a wife?

Men look for someone who is willing to give up their career to stay back home and look after the kids. They don’t care about the sacrifice, just as long as they are content with their lifestyle.

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