10 insane relationships questions on Quora that will make you go, “Really?!”

Finding girlfriends on Quora

The Internet is a crazy place. Sometimes, half an hour on YouTube can take you from watching “How to set up an Internet connection” to “Did dinosaurs really like eating apples?”

The Internet, therefore, has become a place for all of us to ask all sorts of questions – from Classical Art History to Relationship Advice. Especially, Relationship Advice! And sometimes, the stupidity of the questions will bother you so much that you’ll want to pull your hair out.


We’ve compiled 10 such insanely funny questions related to relationships from Quora which will make you wonder why they were asked in the first place:

1.  Introducing, Boy Genius!


2. When you want to know if she’s worth it.


3. Because raising kids is like raising cattle, right?


4. Wait! What? Mermaids are REAL?


5. Is that even legal?


6. He’s a real player, isn’t he?


7. Because Wiki knows everything.


8. The Indian Problem


9. The Other Indian Problem

910. Basic Instinct



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