5 Odd Signs That He Loves You

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Updated On: July 28, 2023
5 odd signs that he loves you

If you’ve stumbled upon this list of ‘5 odd signs that he loves you’, you’re in for a treat today. If the guy you’ve been seeing or the boy you have a crush on has been giving you mixed signals lately, trust me when I say that I know how annoying it can be. But don’t worry, here we are, your friends and guides for all things relationship related. 

Men don’t always reveal their feelings in the most conventional ways. They take their time to open up, revealing their innermost feelings for you, page by page. 

And if you’re dating a shy guy? Oh, that’s an even longer road. Don’t be disheartened hearing this or give up too quickly. Just understand that you will be spending a majority of your time trying to figure out if things are going to move on to the next level with him. You could go on millions of dates with him and you may still never understand if he wants to make you his girlfriend or not. 

That’s where these 5 odd signs that he loves you, come in. These signs exist pretty much all the time, but are often hard to spot as a woman. To really make out if he loves you, especially if your relationship is nascent, you will have to read between the lines of all your interactions with him. And with this list, consider that done. 

The 5 Odd Signs That He Loves You 

So on your last date together, he did give you a peck on the forehead but didn’t walk you all the way to your car. The night before that when you were sending flirty texts, he told you that he really cares about you, but went straight to bed without sending you a ‘Goodnight’ text. These confusing signs he loves you or not can leave you feeling frustrated, to say the very least. 

At this point, you don’t know if he’s playing hard to get or is expressing disinterest. As a woman, either of those things can start to make you feel very glum. That’s why, we’ve conjured 5 odd signs that he loves you that are slightly different from the obvious signs that a man is pursuing you.

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1. Body language signs he has completely fallen for you 

Before you start psychoanalyzing him, let’s also consider some of the more outwardly signs he has strong feelings for you. 

Staring at you deeply 

Went out to a coffee shop with him and caught him staring right at you when you were placing your order? We don’t mean to make this sound creepy and straight out of an episode of ‘You’, but men are infamous for making their feelings quite obvious in this manner. Men do indeed find moments to stare at you when you’re not looking.

So the next time you feel like he was looking right at you, it’s probably not be because there was something stuck between your front teeth, rather, one of true signs that he loves you.

Leaning over you 

Men usually do this thing subconsciously where they tend to stand closer to you and even lean over you sometimes. They don’t do it on purpose but because they are so in love, they are just drawn towards you and want to feel a sense of closeness. That combined with all those pheromones at work, this is one of the 5 odd signs that he loves you that is rather unmissable. 

confusing signs he loves you
Being close to you is one of the signs he has completely fallen in love with you

There’s something different about the way he touches you 

This might be one of the confusing signs he loves you, so do pay close attention the next time he puts his arm around you, or his hand brushes your shoulder or if a guy holds your hand. There’s a sense of comfort, of ease, but also frivolity when a friend touches you dotingly.

But the way a man touches you when he loves you is far different from that. The touch might look the same on the outside, but the energies are all different. If you know, you know! 

2. The way he keeps in touch with you could be one of the secret signs a man loves you 

When a man is falling deep and hard for you, a simple notification or phone call from you is going to light up his whole world.  Maybe even make him want to pirouette in his cubicle at work or make his heart skip a beat, you get the idea. With that kind of excitement and sheer joy inside of him, it’s hard to conceal the same when he’s talking to you. 

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Double texting, more often than not 

Perhaps he responded to a picture of your morning bagel with a “Looks delish!” to which you forgot to respond. It’s now 4pm and you still haven’t texted him back which naturally sends a wave of anxiety through him. It’s been two more hours since and he finally hits send on a “You are not going to believe what I saw on the subway today…” text, starting a conversation again simply because he just cannot get enough of you. 

He never misses a call 

One of the signs he has completely fallen for you is if he always picks up your call and it seems like he’s in the most jolly mood ever! Even if you ring him up in the middle of the night, he will sound heavy-eyed but regardless, it will still sound like he is happy to hear from you.

On top of that, he will never have reasons to end the call and will continue to make conversation. It’s usually you that hangs up first. Fact is, he is simply happy to hear your voice – all day and all night. 

His responses don’t bore you 

Not only is he prompt at texting you, but he also does it well. He can sense what’s in your tone and tries to match his with yours. If you’re in a playful mood, he will banter with you and send across a stream of funny snapchats.

If you’ve got something serious to say, he will hold off on the silly GIFs and be all ears for you. Whatever it may be, he knows how to talk to you. 

3. His topics of conversation could have hidden signs a man is falling in love with you 

Out of the 5 odd signs that he loves you, this one is usually a little harder to tell. Men don’t normally go around revealing their feelings to every person they meet or share deeper parts of their lives with others. They take a little bit of time usually but with you, it comes more naturally.

Now is this just plain friendship or could it be hidden signs a man is falling in love with you? Believe you me, more often than not, it’s the latter.

Talking about past relationships with you 

Whether it’s about how good they were or how bad they were, does not make much of a difference. What matters is that he cared about you enough to let you in on a big part of his life. Some may call this one of the biggest relationship red flags (which it absolutely could be), but some might see it as letting your guard down. If he talks to you openly about his old girlfriends, it’s because he is starting to trust you. And a big part of that trust could indeed be coming from a place of love. 

Calling you at the end of a long day 

Whether it’s a fight with his mom or a face-off at the workplace, it’s you who he calls when he needs somebody to talk to. He might not jump right into it or call you with that being the first thing on his mind, but you’ll sense that that phone call is more than just you two catching up. Clearly, he needed someone and that someone is you. Confiding in someone is a big thing and it only happens when two people are really evolving in their relationship. 

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Making fun of you (a lot)

Playing around, calling you ‘annoying’ way too many times or finding reasons to bring up anything embarrassing you’ve ever done – these are all secret signs a man loves you deeply. It’s because he’s so madly in love with your quirks that he can’t help but bring them up. It may seem like he is using them against you but that’s just the way he is tacitly admiring you. 

4. He’s possessive about you but doesn’t want to show it 

Since he doesn’t want to make it obvious that he is falling deeply in love with you, this is one of the 5 odd signs that he loves you and it is actually quite odd. He’s got a tsunami of feelings inside him that he is simply trying to hide from you, and it will make him act so strangely

. From disinterest to silence to maybe even ignoring you or your text, it will seem like he’s deliberately pushing you away, but the real reason is that he’s trying to come to term with his feelings for you.

Getting annoyed without a real reason 

Maybe you’ve been texting him all about your day and he acts disinterested in the things you’re saying. He quickly cuts the conversation and says he will speak with you later, leaving you completely dumbfounded and without a clue as to what really happened. At this point, he’s probably feeling ignored by you which is why he’s been acting this way. This is him just acting out because he wants attention from you. 

signs he has completely fallen for you
Out of the 5 odd signs that he loves you, this is a very obvious one

Acting pricey with you 

Men sometimes play a game of push and pull when they’re unsure whether you like him back or not. He doesn’t want to show you that he’s pining over you which is why he might start ignoring you or acting aloof to seem like he is not all that interested in you.

This weird game of reverse psychology usually yields no real benefits and yet people seem to do it anyway. That being said, it still may turn out to be one of the true signs he loves you. 

Deliberately acting like he doesn’t care when you mention other guys 

That and maybe even teasing you or cheering you on to date other guys can be considered one of the hidden signs a man is falling in love with you. “Oh, so you met with Mike last night! You two lovebirds can’t get enough of each other, can you?” is a euphemism for “I absolutely hate that guy, I can’t believe you actually went out with him and not me.”

Check out whether the smile reaches his eyes as he says this, or whether there’s a slight flaring of the nostrils. He’s clearly jealous, but wants you to think that it doesn’t bother him at all. 

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5. He’s always going the extra mile for you 

Bringing you a hot chocolate because the coffee shop was on his way to you is one thing. But going all the way to the other side of town to grab you one and then driving all the way back to you is certainly one of the 5 odd signs that he loves you. A man who is passionately in love grabs every opportunity to make you feel special. 

He’s always willing to splurge

Anything you want or even think you want, all you have to do is name it and he will get it for you. Even if he doesn’t have enough money, it does not matter to him at that moment. All that he wants to do is spend some quality time with you and he will do anything to make that time special. As annoying as it can be to go out with a man who always insists on paying for you, this is also one of the signs he has strong feelings for you. 

boyfriend stories

He lets you change his mind about things 

Going the extra mile does not just translate in terms of romantic gestures or obvious advances of love. A lot of it is also mental and how he shifts his perspectives and ideas for you. From tiny opinions like which ice cream add-ons are the best to how one feels about the new mayor in town – he has his own, definite opinions, but is always happy to incorporate yours too. He doesn’t do this on purpose to get you to like him back. He does it because he’s so in love that he just can’t help but agree with you! 

Your problems are his problems 

No matter how big or small, he treats your problems just like he would treat his own. Forgetting the dry-cleaning, misplacing your watch or anything else under the sun – he treats your issue as if it is his own mess to clean. With this, you really don’t need to look for more signs he has completely fallen for you. He is irrevocably smitten and there is no denying it!

With that, we end this list of 5 odd signs that he loves you. The reason we call these signs ‘odd’ is because they’re not as obvious as bringing you flowers on a date or kissing you passionately. These signs are so interwoven in your everyday interactions, that it’s easy to miss them. However, they are still true signs he loves you.

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