Find out how your date of birth reveals the kind of lover you are

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That date is everything

Numbers play an important role in your life. Your date of birth can reveal everything about you. The number also impacts our sexual life. These nine numbers help you unlock what you should seek out in your sex life. By following this path, you are less likely to make bad choices in love and have great relationships, too.

Know your number

To know your number, you will have to add the numbers of your date of birth, until you reach a single digit.

For example, if your date of birth is 24th January 2001, to find your number add


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Here is what the numbers indicate.

1. The raging bull

You like to take charge of life as well as in your bedroom. You are the master and you go after what you want. You have a tendency towards supremacy and domination while being passionate and forceful. Try to be more sensitive and understanding towards your partners … it is hard for them to live up to your high expectations. Give space, let your partner take a little control sometimes. Switching roles is fun.

2. Loverboy

You are Mr Romance. You like to keep things romantic and spicy. You enjoy a lot of foreplay, cuddling, with striving to satisfy your partner physically, mentally, and emotionally. You make sure to tend to your partner’s needs, but make sure you receive satisfaction, too. You have elegance, affection and ambiguity in your personality. You tend to have mood swings, try to be emotionally independent of your partner.

3. Mr Pro

In the bedroom you are the man, you are a pro, a born lover. You surprise your lover with your theatrical sexuality and lovemaking knowledge. When it comes to sex, you are inventive and adventurous. Sex brings happiness to you. It is your childish behaviour that at times leads you to immature sexuality and sometimes grief.

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4. Made for you

You are too serious a lover and look for only long-term relationships; it’s time to be easy on you. Do not be wrapped up in your thoughts and start to overthink. While you are overthinking how to make your partner happy you are actually making your partner sad. Love is no task but an expression. You are reliable, conservative, attentive and trustworthy. You are also sensual and like to make love frequently. Stop being emotionally reserved, be flexible in your thinking and conduct, you must express your real feelings to avoid sexual blockages.

5. Go wild

For you, sex is a way to express love. You love to just go wild with your fantasies and try them out with your partner. You are a fearless lover; you are not shy or anxious in making love. You have passionate and ardent sexuality. Your physical eagerness overcomes romance or affection, you at times may get violent in temper but do keep that in check. You are not just about the act but you enjoy role play, spanking, maybe even trying out new things. Your sexual activity is stormy, varied and in strong constant need of excitement. You need a strong and stable partner who will accept your tantrums. It is important for you to find a partner, otherwise, you will find yourself in and out of relationships with unsuitable partners.

6. Lovey-dovey

For you love is a balancing act, you need everything to be perfect and in place. For you, sex is more for procreation than just enjoyment; family comes first. Once you have found the love of your life, you will make sure to keep that spark of romance alive. You like to keep everything romantic and lively. You set the mood before you go for it, love affection, and being pampered and kissed all over is what you crave. You certainly know to satisfy and spoil your partner. In bed you are no holds barred. You need to learn to accept your partner with both good and bad aspects without desiring everything perfect, as no one can be. You must lower your expectations from yourselves or your partner to avoid restrictive love.

7. The Sacred One

Number 7 is a spiritual number; therefore you kind of remain detached. You expect something more than sex from your partner. It is an intellect that attracts you. If you do not get the right person then it’s alright for you to go for self-pleasure. You conceptualise sexuality, living out hidden fantasies. A spiritual and selective being when choosing your partner. Hence you may experience long periods of single life. You need a partner who is similar to you spiritually and is sensitive. You may take time but will devote yourself and trust your partner completely. You also need to know to open up and express your feelings without fear of getting hurt.

8. The game plan

A very dynamic, practical and ambitious being with endless abilities and demands. It is this demand that makes things confusing. You are either withdrawn from sex or are wanting too much of it. Your tendencies towards sex can be very confusing and your partner may not be able to cope. Try and maintain a balance. You certainly are too crazy about sex, in spite of being rational, focused and self-controlled. You are not always gentle and soft towards your partner; instead, you are scandalous, passionate, exaggerated. For you, sex is linked to material power and success. You always have a game plan to get what you want. You must understand that expressing your feeling is not a sign of weakness and that being tough or with big ego does not lead a relationship to a positive state.

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9. The volcano

You care so deeply for your partner that you put their needs first. It’s alright to let your partner have whatever they want while you expect nothing in return. Suppressed desires may burst open like a volcano and may spoil everything. You are all about anxiety, inventiveness and experimentation. You are compassionate, generous, open-minded and with a high ability forgiving. You are loyal and stable in your relationships. You must avoid the extremist aspect of your partner. You need a partner who can realise your idealistic beliefs. This is truly a mysterious number, and the trait of this number is always an unexpected change.

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