Achha, toh yeh baat hai! Signs that a man is sexually attracted to you

Ananyaa Bhowmik
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Is he into you, sexually?

Sexual attraction is so much different and sometimes quite bolder from physical attraction. Physical attraction is more demanding of your physical presence and also your attention, but that’s about it. It can reach certain make-out sessions or even spooning or cuddling each other. The other one though, it clearly reflects a man’s eagerness, his passion in all its crudeness. He doesn’t want it to be limited to just a few kisses.

So how would you come to know if a man is sexually attracted to you or not? Here are a few signs you can look out for if you are interested in the man as well.

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1. All the staring

All men stare when they see someone they like. However, it is a completely different story for those who look at you with a raw passion. They stare at you intently, sometimes to the extent of making you feel a little conscious of your presence. Eyes portray a lot of feelings, and they make sure they let you know that they want more than a make-out session from you.

2. Flirting

One of the many millennial things that help us convey to the other person that we like them (the time of openly declaring love is long gone) using metaphors. Men who are sexually attracted to you have their flirting game on point. They outrageously flirt with you, with no hesitation.

3. They make special plans

He makes certain plans that will lead you two to be alone. He will make the ambience overall busy. Like you, all might be going to some new club, where everyone else is used to the ways of the bar, but you are new, so he takes it upon himself to “show” you around.

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4. “Accidental” touches

Touching you is one of the clearest signs of sexual attraction. They might suddenly brush their legs against yours, touch your hair to “take something out that was stuck in it”, suddenly squeeze your shoulder on your way out. You can respond if you are interested as well, but call him out if not.

5. Edge closer to you

When you talk to him, he will try and come closer to you and actually listen to what you are saying. He might put a hand on the couch behind you. He won’t respond with “hmm okay,” he will interact so as to pique your interest in him as well.
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6. He texts you at odd hours

He doesn’t text you to know whether you are eating or drinking, he texts you after 12, saying things like “Hey, you up? Wanna come over” or “Hey, let’s binge watch Netflix together”, knowing fully well that’s not going to happen. However, remember he is going to suggest this only if there is some sexual tension between you.

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7. You are going to realise anyway

Your sixth sense, if there is anything like that, is going to be tingling. Like if a man leans in to you or tries to come on to you, you realise and begin catching these signals yourself. You don’t exactly need a guidebook for that; you can sense it. We women have a thing for realising these things anyway.

The most important thing you have to remember is that all this comes down to consent. Consider the first two points, those are generic things a man does who wants to get it on with you – those are the clearest signals. That’s the point you decide if you want to go ahead with this, but if you don’t, confront him about it or call him out. Just let him know what you like or dislike. The sensible ones will stop it there (and I hope that everyone is actually sensible).

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