Compatibility test for couples

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Updated On: May 2, 2024
Compatibility test for couples

The spark is undeniable, the connection feels real, but a question lingers: Are we truly compatible? This “Compatibility Test For Couples”, created by a seasoned relationship counselor, is designed to help you explore this crucial aspect of your relationship, especially if you’re in the early stages or considering taking things to the next level.

Dhriti Bhavsar, the relationship counselor, draws on her experience with countless couples and her master’s degree in psychology to pinpoint the key ingredients of compatibility. This relationship compatibility test is not a magic formula, but rather a valuable tool grounded in relationship science. It delves into various aspects that contribute to romantic compatibility, such as shared values, communication styles, life goals, and financial outlook.

Remember, compatibility isn’t about finding someone identical to you, but rather about discovering someone who complements your strengths and supports your growth. By openly discussing the results of this compatibility quiz, you can gain a deeper understanding of each other’s needs, expectations, and aspirations, ultimately helping you decide if you’re a good match for a fulfilling and lasting relationship

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  1. How much time do the two of you spend together?
    1. As much as possible
    2. A lot of our free time
    3. Not a lot
    4. We rarely meet
  2. How well do the two of you communicate with each other?
    1. We hardly ever talk about serious things
    2. It’s hard to bring up issues
    3. We’re still a bit cautious around each other
    4. We share things with each other freely
  3. Would you enjoy being friends with your partner?
    1. Yes, they’re my best friend! –
    2. Yes, they’re fun to hang out with
    3. Probably not
    4. I wouldn’t talk to them as a friend
  4. How would you rate the physical intimacy in your relationship?
    1. 10/10
    2. 8-9/10
    3. 5-7/10
    4. 0-4/10
  5. Do you and your partner share similar opinions?
    1. Yes, we agree on almost everything
    2. We agree on the important things
    3. We have a lot of differences
    4. We mostly disagree
  6. What do you value most in relationships?
    1. Communication
    2. Trust
    3. Compromise
    4. Status
  7. Do you have any issues in your relationship?
    1. Only small disagreements
    2. Nothing major, maybe 1 or 2?
    3. I have a few complaints for my partner
    4. There’s a lot of problems in our relationship
  8. How do you feel about your partner?
    1. They’re everything to me
    2. I adore and respect them a lot
    3. They’re okay i guess
    4. They’re annoying
  9. Do you feel free in being yourself in front of your partner?
    1. Yes, they make me feel comfortable
    2. Mostly, not always
    3. My partner wants me to change a few things
    4. Never
  10. Do you think you and your partner are compatible?
    1. Yes, we’re two peas in a pod
    2. Yes, I think we work well together
    3. I don’t know
    4. It doesn’t matter

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