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Another day, another suicide – A mental health crisis enveloping our country?

A young techie in Bangalore took his life, allegedly over a bad review of his performance at work. A few weeks ago, it was the Burari mass suicides by a family of 11 that shook the nation. A mental health crisis is enveloping India and we can no longer afford to ignore India’s mental health crisis.
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Another day, another suicide. Yet another round of discussions and debates over mental illness and the need for awareness to increase. But then, it’s back to square one, until the next incident comes along, that shakes us out of our stupor. This time, it’s the case of a young techie in Bangalore who took his life, allegedly over a bad review of his performance at work. A few weeks ago, it was the case of mass suicide by a family of 11 that shook the nation and once again, put the focus on questions regarding mental health, belief, faith et al.

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However, despite mental health becoming a major talking point now in the media (at least as compared to earlier), why are the cases or suicides increasing? Or did these things always happen but are being reported much more now? Whatever be the case, fact is that not much is being done about tackling the demons of the mind. Talking about depression is fine but what are the concrete measures being taken to help people going through them?

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Addressing mental health problems

If there is a silver lining in the dark clouds of depression it’s that people are less hesitant to seek help. The long queues outside psychologists’ clinics, the rising number of influencers and celebrities coming out with their own problems and the lengthy discussions each of these episodes spawn, are indicative that Indians are finally recognising the need to address mental health issues and are not as squeamish about it.
But perhaps, as with every other issue, it’s the sheer volume and number of people going through problems that’s staggering. And let’s face it, our medical infrastructure is just not enough to cope with the magnitude.

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Depression: A silent killer

Depression, overt or covert, is a real problem and it can manifest in many ways. The pressures of life in India, especially urban India, these days is immense. Rising costs, bewildering consumerism, huge disparity between the haves and have-nots, the utter lack of a work-life balance, social media and external pressures have resulted in increased stress and imbalance. You need to have the proverbial nerves of steel to stay sane amidst the insanity. You may turn to yoga, meditation, alternative healing therapies etc. but at best, these are tools to fight mental health problems, and how effective these are, depends on your willingness and sincerity in using them. Depression is a cumulative result of deeply held beliefs – about self and the world – and treatment cannot be as easy as popping a pill or taking a few deep breaths.

A need to review our belief systems

What is needed perhaps is a huge overhaul of our belief systems – beginning with our attitude towards success and career, love and marriage. For instance, the techie who committed suicide just because he couldn’t perform as well as he would have expected to, was perhaps depressed because he couldn’t meet the high standards which had been set by others. He wasn’t probably living for himself, he was striving to meet goals defined by others.

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The Burari family, on the other hand, was living by strange rules and beliefs they had set for themselves. According to reports, the suicide was a planned effort led by one of the sons who believed his dead father was instructing him to do so. He influenced other members. Some investigations have also revealed the family members were under the influence of some tantric rituals. Simply put, in this case, deep faith in their twisted beliefs led to deep superstition that clouded any shred of rational thought. Changing these beliefs requires work, a lot of hard work.

Start young

Wish one could give a one word or 10-point solutions to these grave issues. What can be done, however, is to introduce concepts of mental health early on in schools. Catch them early, begin young. Including chapters in the regular curriculum shouldn’t really be difficult for the government. Conduct regular talks in corporates, schools and colleges. Make it as vital as any other subject. Mental health problems are often the result of years of conditioning and ignoring small signs. Therefore it’s all the more imperative to create awareness right from childhood.

The path to change has to be multi-pronged, beginning with the way we look at life. The biggest lesson that needs to be drummed is – IT’S OKAY TO LEAD A LIFE OF YOUR OWN! It’s okay if you are not the highest ranking performer in your office. It’s okay if the marriage is not up to your expectations. There are always second, third and fourth chances in life.

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